Chapter 448:

Chapter 448: Plan to Invade the Dimension of Dark Matter

Beyond The Stars

Author’s Note: This is the start of the 17th arc. This is the Dark Matter Chronicles: Deity of The End Arc. This is the last arc in the "Dark Matter Chronicles" series of arcs.

Chapter 448: Plan to Invade the Dimension of Dark Matter

Narrator: A day has passed since the Reaper corruption incident and it is now June 6th, Year 162.

*In Heaven, Zeth sits in a doctor’s room. His shirt is off while the doctor checks his abdomen. Harmona and Sasha are also in the room*

Male Angel Doctor: My Goddess, you are correct about the condition.

Harmona: Do you have any further analysis on it?

Male Angel Doctor: Yes. It’s not just that remnants of Sasha’s power remain in him, it’s that the power is sticking to him.

Zeth: Sticking?

Male Angel Doctor: Instead of simply flowing through your body, it latches onto it.

Harmona: What do you suggest we do about it?

Male Angel Doctor: There are two options. The first is to do nothing and see if it does eventually run its course and drain.

Harmona: And the second?

Male Angel Doctor: The other option is to surgically remove it from his body.

Zeth: Surgery? Really?

Male Angel Doctor: Yes.

Zeth: What would the recovery be like?

Male Angel Doctor: It would take many months at least to fully recover. You wouldn’t be going anywhere or fighting anyone for that whole time.

*Zeth looks like he is panicking*

Zeth: I can’t do that! Not when the threat of Zenos still remains!

Harmona: There are consequences to doing dangerous things. You have to accept that reality.

*Sasha looks like she feels very bad about this*

Sasha: I’m sorry. This is my fault! I don’t understand why my power went into him when it was him trying to save me!

Male Angel Doctor: I have a possible explanation for that. This is the second time Zeth has received your power, correct?

Sasha: Yes.

Male Angel Doctor: When Zeth started letting his power flow into you, it opened a channel between you two. After the first time, it became likely that your power took a liking to his body so to speak, and with the channel open, it flowed into his body.

Zeth: You know, I have a question. Is there really any reason this is so bad? I could use Dark Star whenever I want with this.

*This angers Harmona*

Harmona: Are you kidding!? Of course, there is! Please explain it to him, doctor.

Male Angel Doctor: Zeth, with that power in you, you risk rapidly advancing through your Blood Forms.

Harmona: And you remember what I told you about Stage 5, don’t you?

*Zeth has a flashback to when Harmona said “Once you become Stage 5, there is no turning back”*1

*Zeth looks sad*

Zeth: Yes…

Harmona: Good.

Zeth: Can we at least go for option one right now? I want to help take down Zenos.

Harmona: Maybe…

*She looks at the doctor*

Male Angel Doctor: You can if you don’t use Dark Star. Don’t get too angry either as that will trigger it too. If it still remains in you after a week, you will have to get the surgery.

Harmona: You better remember that.

Zeth: I will.


Narrator: Two days later. It is now June 8th, Year 162.

*Harmona, her four advisors, Zaydra, and the heroes all gather in Harmona’s meeting room. their monitors connect with the Dark Matter Underworld so that they can converse with the Dark Matter Clan. All of the clan members are gathered, including Raider and Easia*

Commander Moss: Greetings, Light Goddess Harmona.

Harmona: You can just call me Harmona. No need to be formal.

Commander Moss: I was informed by Kennedy that you are ready to invade the Dimension of Dark Matter.

Harmona: That is correct. We need to be the ones that decide what happens next rather than just react to what Zenos does.

Commander Moss: So, do you have a plan in mind?

Harmona: From what I have been told, your clan has the ability to fight in Dark Matter without being weakened in it.

Commander Moss: That is indeed the case.

Harmona: Right now, my R&D department is making portable barriers that my troops and I can use.

Commander Moss: How much longer do you think they will take?

Harmona: Very soon. I don’t have a precise time though. Here is what I was thinking. Your clan, including Zeth’s group, will lead a first-wave invasion of the dimension. Then, once the portable barriers are ready, a second wave led by me will invade.

Commander Moss: I like that plan. It might even be better than all of us going in at once as Zenos will underestimate the threat. We’ll do it.

Harmona: Then it’s settled.

Kurt: You can add one more to that first wave.

*Everyone in the room looks at Kurt*

*Kurt confidently smiles*

Kurt: I have finished my training.

*The heroes look super happy*

Zeth: That’s great! It will be just like old times!

Joe: I can tell you how happy I am to have you back!

Harmona: You have my permission to be a part of the first wave offense. While the R&D department finishes the portable barriers, there is someone I need to go see in the Dimension of Deities.

Zeth: Really? Who would that be?

*Harmona gets up and starts to leave the room*

Harmona: None of you know him. I will say that much.

Emily: Before we go, I need to get packed up on more blood.


Narrator: Later.

*The heroes meet the Dark Matter Clan in the Dark Matter Underworld*

Major Smithy: It took a lot of work but I can now use our portal to send you to the Dimension of Dark Matter, comrades.

Major Tarres: The portal turned out to be a better asset than we originally thought it would be.

Commander Moss: Good luck, everyone.

Zeth: Right! We can do this!

*All of the heroes go into the portal*


Narrator: Back with Hamura’s team in the Dimension of Dark Matter.

*Hamura’s team walks by a giant lake*

Grom: We took almost two weeks to get here and now have been here for almost a week. We should have started closer to the lair.

Gentorious: Blame Ebo. He’s the one who made the portal.

Korobu: I think it’s better that we didn’t start right in the middle of enemy territory.

*The water in the lake starts to rumble*

*A giant monster jumps out of the lake. It looks like a monstrous salamander and it gets in the way of Hamura’s team. It looks at them hostilely*

Hamura: You got size, monster. But we have the power.

*The monstrous salamander roars*

Narrator: The plan is in motion! The heroes will invade the Dimension of Dark Matter! Who is it that Harmona is going to see? Will the salamander monster be a threat to Hamura’s team?

Chapter 448 END

To be Continued in Chapter 449: A Father’s Concern