Chapter 3:

Mission School

I Turned Into A Boy


Lily: Hey! Jessie calm down…I'm Lil---

Now she is completely conscious...So she stopped at Lil

Jessie: Who are you!? And how do you know my name?

Wait let me call lily I can’t see her! I will call the police.

Jessie calls lily…

Buzz…buzz…buzz… Vibrating below lily’s pillow.

Sahisha getting into self-defense mode…is guarding the door.

Now lily is back to her senses…With a deep voice.

Lily: Wait girls…Calm down, I’m Lily rose’s cousin…”Lil Meddler”…Actually lily went out of the station. And she told me about you guys…And that’s how I know you guys.

Jessie: Oh…Sorry to disturb you…We will leave now. Tell her to call.

Both Jessie and sahisha left.

Oh…God…That was close, Now how I’m going to face them”. Let’s see that tomorrow. Anyhow I will sleep now.

At Jeremiah's home.

“What happened to lily…Huh”, in a very low tone…he sighs and goes to sleep.

Next day morning…

Lil gets off his bed and washes his face.

“I think this is how I'm going to stay, Even though I’m a boy now I didn’t feel anything, When I met Jessie and sahisha but it's cause they are not that good-looking, Huh!...

But I think I still feel the same about Jeremiah…I can’t sneak in every day…

Hmmm…hmm…what should I do…What should I do…

Yeah, I can join the school like Lil Meddler!

Yeah! Let me think of a name for this mission! Code…IwantToSeeJeremiahSoBadImMakingFakeCertificatesToJoinIntoTheSchool.

Wait for a second…To join the school I need to get

Fake 10th certificate

Fake Bonafide Certificate

Fake Transfer certificate.

But getting a fake 10th class certificate is not that easy, But how I'm going to get into the school…

Let me search online.”

After searching online...

“Wait! What’s this “NIOS” examination?

NIOS- National Institute of open school…An examination for students who get education from home, And we can write these examinations whenever we want! Nice! In a week I can get a 10th certificate and no need for a bonafide and transfer certificate as I did my schooling from home. Once I get my 10th certificate, I can join the school.

Need to get money from Atm and apply for this exam…And get a few reference books.”

A week of exams has passed.

“I wrote those exams twice in less than 3 months, …But I got my certificate, it’s pretty fast.

A message from Jessie popped up on lily’s phone.. “hey!! When are you going to come? It is almost a week!”

“Should I take t.c. for lily, Anyways the whole year's fee was paid, I still remember even though my parents died 4 years ago, Mr.Kruger always helped…I don’t think it's because of me, But Mr. Kruger and my parents had some connection. Let me ask him about my admission and about lily not coming.

10 days have passed since Lily turned into a boy.

Jessie and sahisha sitting in the classroom talking to each other…

“I don’t think she will come, Today”…Jessie said

Sahisha: “Yeah…It's been 10 days…what happened to her…”

Mr. Kruger comes into the class…

Good morning sir…Everyone wished!

Mr. Kruger: I have two pieces of news to tell you today...The first one is Lily rose won't be attending school cause of a few family issues…She went out of the station

And the second news is, We got a new admission, “Lil meddler, Welcome him to our class 11b”

Meddler walks and sits completely! Lil meddler enters the classroom… with a smile on his face…

Meddler: “YES! Mission completed”

It all happened as I didn’t plan…

A Day Before Yesterday... Kruger didn’t even consider my application form for admission, But yesterday…When I met him and told both lily and how I'm related to lily, He allowed me admission without thinking…He said something about how my parents helped…

It’s because of lily’s parents I was able to save someone really special for me that day.”

He said this and I didn’t understand anything…Somehow I made it here!

Lil meddler: I'm Lil Meddler…Nice to meet you all… *while standing near the teacher's table”

Jessie: Hey! Isn’t that guy who was in lily’s house?

Sahisha: Yeah…Once let's ask him, what happened to lily during the break

Kruger: Jeremiah! Is anyone sitting beside you?

Jeremiah: “No…Sir”

Krugers tells Meddler...

“you can have your sit there!”

Meddler: “Hey! Wait…I'm going to sit beside Jeremiah! What...Is this going to be something I always wanted but never thought I will sit beside him, Wait if I sit beside him I won't be a virgin anymore right(she doesn’t know how virginity works)…I'm scared, happy, and excited as well. I'm going to do something I just imagined till now, Wait I need to walk to the last bench, This boy’s form also has its advantages…Shit, I came to his face, First I need to keep my bag down and sit quietly…yes, I didn’t screw this up, I sat now…What should I do now, Should I say “Hi, Hello” or something…It's something I can't do on my own…Wait I don’t even have books…Let me just sit with notes.

Hey, We can share books with me”…Jeremiah said

Meddler: “What!? Did he just say hey? Does that mean he wants to marry me…Wait I'm not lily, I'm a Lil meddler I need to say something to him…I cant look into those beautiful eyes…I would just shake my head”

Meddler Nods his face...Jeremiah gets a bit closer to Meddler…

Meddler: Wait! His shoulder is touching mine…Wait his soft shoulder is touching my shoulder…My body temperature is going up, My heart is beating faster…I don’t want to move my shoulder anymore.

Wow…since 20mins I'm touching his shoulder…I never actually talked or got close to Jeremiah…And I directly confessed to him…I never knew he crews pencils…I never knew he shakes his legs while writing…I never knew he does drawing behind his book…This is sooo much fun…

*bell rings*

Mr. Kruger: This is enough for today we are going to continue tomorrow…

Meddler: Shit the class is over…

If you want notes from the first day I can WhatsApp you meddler”…Jeremiah said