Chapter 4:

I'm Stupid

I Turned Into A Boy

If you want notes from the first day I can WhatsApp you, Meddler.”…Jeremiah said

While leaving the class

Meddler (Lil): I think I heard it correctly…Right!? This means I can get his number, How should I react…I don’t think I can handle this think…First I need to calm my nerves and stand in my place keep my books and calmly say…

No…It's fine, I will---

What am I even saying, I want to take his number…But how can I say No”

--Take from others.”

Jeremiah: Okay then, Bye…Need to have lunch.

Jeremiah leaves with his bag to have lunch and Meddler is packing his bag.

Meddler: “So now it's lunch break and then we have more 4 classes left.”


A voice from the background comes

“Heyy!! I need to talk to you.”…Jessie says

Meddler: “Yeah, we talk on the way to the canteen…By the way, did you guys get your lunch?”

Jessie: Yeah…I just wanted to know about lily…She is not lifting her calls.”

Sahisha beside Jessie nodded her head.

Meddler, Jessie, and Sahisha walk their way to the canteen.

Meddler: “Yeah, I’m using her phone and it’s with me.”

Jessie: “What happened to Jessie?”

Meddler: “She went out of station…Some family issues.”

( Lily rose who is now Lil meddler is fully under control.)

Meddler: I think here we will separate…

Looks into Jessie’s eyes and says this.


*Jessie starts blushing*

Goes into the canteen, eats, and sees Jeremiah there…But kind of ignores him and goes back to the classroom…

Enters the classroom.

Lil Meddler: “Wait! Where should I sit now, should I sit beside Jeremiah? I mean that’s my place…As sir gave it to me, but I'm privileged to sit beside him. Should I be happy with what I got, I spent this much time with him…I think I had enough.”

*And sits in the place beside Jeremiah.*

But I want to spend more and more and more and more moreeee moreee time with him…It's silly of me, It’s stupid but yes I won’t miss this chance…After all, I’m the most ballsy girl in this whole class…LITERALLY.”

*Jeremiah enters the class*

Let me do some work so that he doesn’t notice me…But what should I do…Ok, let me read this book.

“Yeah…He crossed the 1st bench, Now the 2nd bench, Now the 3rd bench…Okay, he is coming, Yeah he came…Okay, let me read it…

Hey…Meddler…You're holding the book upside down”…Jeremiah said with a smile on his face

Lil Meddler: “Shit! I’m embarrassed…But his smile…It’s so cute.

I'm kinda shy…But tell me to laugh along with him”

*Meddler also Laughs*

*Jeremiah sits beside meddler*

“OHhhhhhhh Gawdddd….That's what I need…”

Mission ISatWithHimAndStoleHimEvenThoughThereWhereNoCompetitionForHimButIWillBeSuperHappy


{ *AUTHOR’S NOTE* Wait, Lily! How can you make your missions without even telling the author?

Lily rose: Oh shit! I will inform you from now on!}

Lil Meddler(Lily rose): But I missed my chance to get his number…How can I get his number now? He offered me and I can’t even take it. I will try to ask him…Somehow…Yeah, I will ask for notes. That's the best thing I can do and he won't be suspicious as I'm a Boy now! It’s what friends do…Shit, I can’t believe I'm friends with him.

*4 classes have passed lily rose stared at him 1048 times and tried to copy him 140 times…*

That’s how today …15th may 2038 became one of my favorite days…And that’s how today ends I guess…But before leaving I will ask for his number.”

Jeremiah goes out of the class

Lil meddler runs towards him,

Hey! Jeremiah… About the notes, Can you please send me notes,”

“Sure…Take my number.”

He is so sweet, No wonder I love him.

Yes…I will write it down.”

“^($@)^($@)” {can't reveal numbers right but some code which you can decode)

Lily Meddler: Wait for a second…I don’t know what his full name is. I just know Jeremiah…And then…What’s his surname? I think for that I need to make a new mission…This time I will make this mission name short.

Mission IWantToKnowJeremiah’sFullNameBecauseIDontKnowWhatsHisFullNameTillNow…

Just write Jeremiah and leaves

Lil meddler: “If I deeply think about it I actually Don’t know anything about Jeremiah…Today I got to know more about Jeremiah, Thanks, god…Today I had fun!”

Jessie and sasisha run towards Lil meddler…

Jessie: Wait…Meddler wait…Lily has my dress…So if possible can I get it back…

Meddler: Yeah sure…You can get it…Come with me, I will return it

Jessie pulls sahisha with her “Let’s go…Just come with me.” That’s what she said.

Jessie stares at Meddler’s eyes…

Aren’t those beautiful?

While going to lily’s house…Sahisha takes out 3 bananas…

Jessie asks Lil meddler: “Do you want a banana?”

Lil meddler: “No! No wayyy…I’m eating bananas…Sorry…I don’t want them.”

The 3 reach her house,

“Okay…You 2 stay here, I will get your dress”

*Lil meddler goes inside and gets Jessie's dress.*

Jessie: How did you know…This was my dress?

Lil meddler: Shit…I forgot that point, Okay I will say it was because she told me before leaving…

Lily told me before leaving. About this dress.

Okay…then Bye!”

Shuts the door and goes inside.

“Huh! That was close.”

Jessie and sahisha standing outside.

Jessie: “I think I love him.”(Says it out loud)

Sahisha is shocked and they both leave.

A few hours have passed and lily is sleeping on her bed.

“Today was fun…I had fun, But I need to get my own body back or else I won't be able to do this perfectly, But I'm getting to know him more, and also why didn’t he send notes to me till now I waited holding my phone in my hand for 4 hrs…Wait for a second! I took his number so…He doesn’t have my number how can he send me! SHIT ~ _~ how can I miss this logic…Wait let me send him a message…What should I send, I might some meme or joke…Wait I can start with the ancient method of flirting I will send…

HI”… and we get married…Hhahahhaahaaaa!! I can’t get over this madness…Okay, I'm sending it now!

“Hi//” sent at 8:43 pm

Shit! I got a typo…What can I do now… I will now use my only hope…The only weapon…Popularly known as the

INTERNET ERASER --> ‘*’ a star mark

“Hi*8” sent at 8:44pm

Shit!!! I messed it up again!

My lord he is ONLINE !!!