Chapter 7:

The immortals

Dreams of Reality

       Dressed in black, we were all sitting in a car. Me, my mother and my father. We were all silent. I was thinking about how will today go. I have never been to a funeral. How long will it take? I didn't even know how many people will be there. My family has a big circle of people they know. 

       But I barely know any of them because they keep them away from my life. We turned right and I saw the place where it will take place. A massive church with a lot of towers and things buildings like this have. I have never been to it, even though It's not that far away from my home.

       I tried to come up with a reason why would I go there but surprisingly I couldn't think of anything.  What would a person like me do there anyway? The car stopped, and we got off. A formally dressed man approached us and said that he will guide us. I started wondering how much a funeral costs. 

       We went through like four rooms until we got where we were supposed to. The main hall was huge. It looked much bigger from the inside than from the outside. But there were only a few seats because most of the main hall was inaccessible. If you look around, all you could see are pictures and other old stuff.

       I guess most of this church is now a museum. We sat like three lines from the coffins. I would prefer if we sat farther. I tried to count the people without getting noticed. Around 30 probably. Honestly, I expected a little more. But I am not complaining, I think this amount of people is fine.

       Someone came in and stood next to the microphone. Everyone went dead silent and when that happened, the man in black robes started his speech. He was talking about how they live happily now, can have all their wishes fulfilled, and how they will never experience sadness again in the afterlife.

       It's hard to believe that such things wait for us after we die. Sometimes I think about what is at the end of everything, but I haven't found the answer yet. Is it what that man is saying? Or that after you die, you reincarnate into another living being?

       Or is there just nothing more when your heart stops beating? These 3 are the most believable for me. I've read other theories too like you will be sent to a paradise island, but that sounds pretty stupid. It's frustrating to search for an answer to something you know that no one will be able to give you the answer you want. 

       After he finished, a new face came in front of the microphone, an older woman. I guess some people want to give their own speech too. I hope I won't have to go there also. She was speaking about very similar things, but more emotional. Probably because she actually knew my grandparents, unlike that first guy. 

       But it's his job, so I am not mad at him. Everyone needs money. Apparently more people that I anticipate had something to say. I was getting bored with how all of them try so hard to talk about it differently but end up quoting each other.

       I am going to miss them or how I wished I would spend more time they were here, and things like that. I was getting sleepy and hoped that it will end soon. From what I am thinking and my reactions here, you must think that I didn't like my grandparents or something.

       I liked them, and I have great memories with them, and mainly thanks to them. I mourned their passing but I feel like I already moved on. After the tenth person poured his heart out to us, the funeral ended and I was told that the next thing is a dinner for everyone that attended.

       I am not very happy about sitting with strangers at the same table. We were led out of the church by the same guy back to our car. I wasn't sure about what to do, but my parents hopped into the car, and so did I. We arrived pretty quickly at the restaurant. 

       I think I've heard about it only once. I am interested in what the food is going to be like because bad food will kill the entire day. As we entered in, I noticed that the tables were for four people, but we are only three, so someone I don't know will have to sit with us. 

       As we were sitting there, I was anxiously waiting for that one person who will sit with us. I was relieved when no one came even after the food began to be distributed. For some reason, I felt very uncomfortable. 

       The atmosphere was very tense at our table. I looked at my mother, sitting right in front of me. She noticed me and smiled at me like she was reassuring me that everything was alright. It was one of those fake smiles. My father also looked gloomy. I guess they did not get over it yet.

       I mean, they were my mom's parents, so it's not that surprising. I don't think I can do much about it, so I will just try not to be in their way for a while and hope that time will solve it.