Chapter 24:

Cap 23 - Resilience

Eyes of the Mind

In frontof the creature, Haruka was still still still, his eyes stared at that strange entity that still held the man by the neck.

"... What about this guy over there?

"This human, he is responsible for all my suffering, at the time we met, I'm sure he's dead, it's a shame... I wish I could break his personal neck.

The creature then squeezed the man's neck so tightly that that illusion evaporated with the same smoke that had put Haruka in that test.

" Dirt on the world... If it wasn't for that damn sword and those wretched traitors, that inferior race would have been wiped off the earth a long time ago.

" ...

The words of that creature left Haruka puzzled at the same time as it scared her, that strange monster emanating an aura full of darkness and negativity, realizing that Haruka couldn't help but keep her guard high.

"This place where we meet... It's the back of our mind, isn't it? "I asked the creature.

" ... I don't know, since you're in the mood to talk, could you tell me now who you are?

"Who am I? The question that should really be asked here is... Who are you.

What are you talking about?

" I don't need to waste my time on this, nor do you, because I'm going to erase your existence here and now.

The creature then raised her hand slowly going against Haruka's neck, at that moment the girl was so afraid she could not even move, her arms and legs did not move even with the girl struggling to make any movement.

" ... Didn't you say we were going to meet her again? "It said a soft voice inside the girl's mind.

Haruka then felt her arms being touched by hands, she then turned her eyes back and saw an almost invisible silhouette of her leaning on her back.

"We're not going to let anyone stop us now, are we?

" ... Yes, nothing else will stand in our way!

The girl then held the creature's arm before it reached its neck.

" ... Why are you resisting?

"You will not choose my destiny for me... You have no right whatsoever about my life. "Haruka said with a determined gaze.

"Scum, who do you think you are to deny me?!

"Get out of my way.

Haruka then let go of the creature's arm, she slowly turned to the side and began to turn the creature toward the light.

"Where do you think you're going?! "The creature said as he tried to hold the girl's arm.

" I'm leaving this limbo." " Said Haruka after slapping his hand with the back of his hand on the creature's hand.

After denying the creature's influence, Haruka turned his face forward as he walked toward the light, meanwhile, the creature only stared at her with a negative aura that expanded even more than before as she watched with extreme hatred the girl leaving.

Coming close to her goal, the girl was bathed in light, the glare fully covered her view, all that clarity seemed to enter inside Haruka putting her in a state of intense peace.

Almost like a dream, Haruka opened her eyes and came across the room where she had begun the test with Sebastian, she then turned her eyes to her hands and saw the pot again sealed with the papers that had regenerated themselves.

"That..." means I passed? "I asked Haruka without understanding anything.

The girl then got up leaving the pot on the floor and began walking through Sebastian's house, she passed through the empty and traditional corridors of her master's house paying attention to the details while searching for her master, she then found a black bookcase with two photos, one was of a woman and the other of a girl who resembled a little with Haruka, the girl calmly watched the photos with a curious look.

"They must have been very close to the old man," Haruka said as she walked away from the shelf.

Turning her eyes around her Haruka found a closet that there were a series of pictures with pictures, she slowly went towards the totally curious photos, she saw pictures of Sebastian from when he was younger, while passing by the pictures the girl found a picture of him with the same woman and the girl who were on the black shelf.

" ... Could that be?

"What are you doing here girl?

"Old?! Since when are you there?

"I arrived a few minutes ago, when did you manage to return to consciousness?

" ... It's been half an hour, somehow I feel a lot lighter.

" ...

"If I may ask, who are these people?

Sebastian after hearing the question of the girl ended up lowering her head and turning her back.

"No one you need to worry about, let's go back to the room.

" ... I understand.

Haruka then began to follow Sebastian towards the room where they had begun the test, after returning to the room Sebastian sat on the floor, Haruka quickly sat in front of him as he watched him calmly.

"You have returned... this means that you have managed to complete your mental challenges.

"I believe so...

" ... All right, girl, I'm proud of you, what do you intend to do now?

"We're closer to that mission, I'm not prepared enough, I need to get stronger, so...

The girl then lowered her head slowly toward the ground in a dogesa position.

"Old... No, master, please help me get stronger!

Listening to the girl's request, Sebastian sighed deep as he scratched his eyes.

"I'm not going to put up with a lack of commitment or anything like that anymore.

"No need to worry, I'll do my best.

" ... We'll start tomorrow so for today you're dismissed, tomorrow you should come back here, be prepared.

" Thank you, master, I swear I won't let you down.

Haruka then got up and headed for the exit, quickly the girl left Sebastian's house and left, Sebastian then got up while thinking about what had just happened.

"What do you think? "Sebastian asked.

"She got out of mind control from that damn pot in 15 minutes... That's pretty weird, even it took me almost four hours to escape that illusion. " Emi said.

"To be honest, she has a lot of potential, but I don't know if I can cut that potential.

" ... Why don't you send her to another hunter then?

"I saw something different in her... his eyes had a gleam of determination that I had never seen before, I can't tell what I really felt.

Emi then walked up to the front of her master, she stopped in front of him and pointed myfinger at Sebastian's chest.

"She is strange Sebastian, among all his apprentices, she is the weirdest, even G was a controlled person and with great potentials, yet he became that.

"I know that...

"I won't let you fail, I'll give her a week.

Hearing those words Sebastian was surprised, he quickly turned his eyes to Emi's eyes.

"What do you mean a week?

"If I think she's not ready, I'm going to get in touch with the elders and find a way to get her off this mission, I'm not going to risk compromising our goal or having another G out there.

"What influence do you plan to make your words bigger than mine regarding the girl?

" Apollo doesn't go much with her face, you may have noticed it, I've been watching the hunters lately, after everything that happened if Speack had any basic sense she could have already made that girl be expelled from the hunters, yet she passed a cloth for everything she saw, I don't know what goes on in her head, But I'm sure I can get the elders to rethink sending her on this mission with a direct report.

"I do not allow you to do this Emi.

"You have a week to train her master, after that I will challenge her, if I win, she is out of this mission, it is nothing personal ... at least not with you.

Emi then walked away from Sebastian and headed to the exit, Sebastian in half could only feel an immense tiredness on his back.