Chapter 458:

Chapter 458: A Thief’s Power

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 458: A Thief’s Power

Narrator: The heroes have defeated their opponents, but the Dark Matter Clan is still dealing with theirs.

*Gice, with spikes formed on his leg, tries to kick Jet. Jet steps back to avoid it and then forms a ring of fire around Gice to burn him*

*Kennedy is wearing a Bull Mask and rams into Jet to knock him back and end the fire that burns Gice*

Gice: Thanks!

*Flow starts flying through the wind and grabs Kennedy. She then slams him into a building wall*

Flow: I guess you forgot about me. You must have a short memory. Hehe.

*Kennedy takes off the Bull Mask and underneath is the Gorilla Mask*

Kennedy: I did not.

*Kennedy’s muscles become big and he punches Flow away from him. He lands back on the ground*

Kennedy: (Thinking) Her attacks are starting to hurt me less and less. Is she being negatively affected by the Dark Matter in the atmosphere?

*Kennedy looks as Gice and three of the Dark Matter Underworld natives fight Jet*

*Kennedy then looks at Alaina, Easia, Raider, and the other three Dark Matter Underworld natives by him*

Kennedy: I have a plan. Alaina, Raider, Easia. It heavily involves the three of you.

*Flow starts flying back toward them*

Kennedy: Hit her with projectiles while I explain the plan!

Flow: You can’t stop me!

*The three Dark Matter Underworld natives release powerful bursts of dark matter energy from the palms of their hands. Any hit Flow takes knocks her back a bit*

Kennedy: Have you noticed that Flow’s attacks are feeling weaker every time?

Alaina: Yes.

Kennedy: She is becoming less of a problem but Jet still remains a big problem. Jet is using a portable barrier. If we can get rid of it, we can shift this battle in our favor.

Alaina: I think I know what you’re getting at. But his speed will be too quick for me to pull it off.

*Kennedy looks at Raider and Easia*

Kennedy: She will need your help.

*The Dark Matter Underworld natives continue to fire off at Flow but she finally breaks through their attacks and punches all of them as she flies through*

*Flow does a U-turn and starts to head back but is knocked out of her wind as a large burst of dark matter energy hits her. The attack was released from one of the natives*

*Kennedy focuses his attention on Flow as Alaina, Raider, and Easia head toward Jet*

Kennedy: Impressive, isn’t it? The suits that they wear were developed by Major Tarres and Major Smithy. They allow a Dark Matter Underworld native to not only absorb and contain dark matter but also convert it into powerful energy releases.

*The three natives fighting Jet are blasted away by a wave of fire. Jet then slams Gice onto the ground and prepares to scorch him*

Jet: You will pay the price for even daring to challenge me, mortal.

Gice: (Thinking) This deity really is too much. I can’t win!

*Raider arrives and tries to punch Jet. Jet notices and grabs Raider’s fist and starts to release fire onto it which burns Raider’s hand*

Raider: Aaahherrrr!! It burns!

*Easia jumps down from above and starts releasing her fairy dust on Jet. Jet lets go of Raider and tries to jump away but his movements are highly slowed*

*Alaina jumps down from a different side and gets within point-blank range of Jet. She then runs right past him. The barrier covering Jet’s body disappears*

Jet: What just happened!?

*He turns around to look at Alaina. She is holding the small circular device that creates the portable barrier*

Alaina: Looking for this?

Jet: How did you—!? That was attached to my body via my own magic!

Alaina: I use Thief Magic. It’s my specialty. If I can reach it, I can steal it.

Jet: Give it back!

*Jet starts to slowly release a jet of fire at her but he is kicked by Gice’s spiked leg to stop the attack*

Gice: You’ve got all of us to deal with!

*Kennedy confronts Flow*

Kennedy: It seems you haven’t realized what Jet realized. This dark matter is weakening you. Your attacks have been doing less and less damage to us as this battle has gone on. Jet was smart and used a portable barrier.

Flow: And what about you? I don’t see any of you using one.

*Kennedy starts to chuckle as he removes his Gorilla Mask and reveals the Cheetah Mask under it. His muscles go back to normal size*

Kennedy: We have trained to withstand the weakening effects of dark matter.

*Kennedy starts rushing toward Flow with great speed thanks to the Cheetah Mask. Once he reaches her, he starts rapidly punching her using continuous hit-and-run attacks. She is unable to retaliate due to his great speed so she hops back into her wind and flies around*

*Flow moves at a high speed in her wind and tries to kick Kennedy but he easily blocks it with his arm which shocks her*

Kennedy: Perhaps you didn’t take my information seriously.

*Kennedy takes off his Cheetah Mask and underneath is the Cyclops Demons Mask. His hands become gigantic and each has an eye on the palm. He thrusts his hands forward which lands a direct hit on Flow, knocking her back hard into a wall of a building*

Flow: *coughing* Those are some big hands that you got but I’m not finished yet.

*When Flow comes out, Kennedy is ready and claps his hands together which smashes Flow between them, doing a lot of damage*

*Kennedy takes off the Cyclops Demons Mask and underneath is the Gorilla Mask again. His hands return to normal size but his muscles get bigger again*

Kennedy: You’re finished.

*Kennedy starts rapidly punching Flow and then charges up magic for one final strong punch. He hits her and she is knocked back into a building so hard that it becomes mostly destroyed. Flow is defeated*

Narrator: The DMC has defeated Flow but Jet still remains.

Chapter 458 END

To be Continued in Chapter 459: Putting Out A Flame