Chapter 459:

Chapter 459: Putting Out A Flame

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 459: Putting Out A Flame

Narrator: The Dark Matter Clan members continue to fight against the fire-blasting deity, Jet.

*Jet chases after Alaina in an attempt to get his portable barrier back. He releases a bunch of fire jet streams at Alaina but she jumps high and onto the roof of a small building*

Jet: I will get that back!

*Raider hops toward Jet while having the features of a grasshopper. Raider tries to kick Jet but Jet blocks with his arm. Jet’s legs are then wrapped in a spider web shot out from a giant spider that Raider created*

*Easia tries to do a downwards vertical kick on Jet from the other side of him but he blocks that kick with his other arm. Jet starts to feel frustrated and releases fire all around his body. It burns Easia and Raider which forces them to jump back and also burns the spider web*

Jet: Enough!

Easia: We can’t get close to him.

*Jet starts getting hit by bursts of dark matter. The dark matter is being shot from the 3 Dark Matter Underworld natives by them*

*Jet aims his flame jets at the natives and releases the fire*

*Gice jumps in front of the fire to protect the natives, and despite getting burned, he rushes in and punches Jet with his spiked arm. Jet is knocked back a bit*

*Gice has a lot of burns on him and he falls to his knees in exhaustion*

Gice: *huff huff* I won’t let you hurt them. They aren’t really combatants. They are just doing what they can to help.

*Kennedy shows up with his Gorilla Mask still on*

Kennedy: Leave this to me. With his portable barrier gone. I can handle him.

Jet: What happened to Flow?

Kennedy: I defeated her of course.

Jet: You? A mortal? Defeat a deity? Impossible.

Kennedy: You know, some of you divine beings can be quite arrogant. Without your portable barrier, you are going to get weaker and weaker. Our clan has rid ourselves of this weakness. Maybe you should have too before joining someone that plans to heavily use dark matter in his plans.

Jet: Shut up!

*Jet releases a powerful fire jet stream at Kennedy*

Jet: That will shut you up!

*Jet is then shocked as he sees Kennedy to the side. Kennedy now has the Cheetah Mask on*

Kennedy: You missed.

*Kennedy starts running around as Jet tries to blast him with fire but keeps missing due to Kennedy’s speed. Kennedy starts using the same hit-and-run tactics that he used against Flow. However, Jet eventually lands a punch and knocks Kennedy back*

Kennedy: I can tell. Your attacks are hurting less than they were when you had the portable barrier. Why don’t I try my own flames?

*Kennedy takes off the Cheetah Mask and underneath is the Dragon Mask. Kennedy starts breathing out flames through the Dragon Mask while Jet releases his own fire. Their flames collide*

Jet: It’s a tie!?

Kennedy: That is the negative effects that the dark matter is having on you. Normally, my flames would stand no chance.

*Because of the tie, they both stop using their flames. Kennedy takes off the Dragon Mask and underneath is the Zotun Demon Mask*

Kennedy: I’m going to defeat you using my favorite mask.

*Jet launches toward Kennedy and punches him hard in the face as he is being pushed back. Kennedy immediately responds by grabbing onto Jet’s face and slamming him down on the ground*

*The eyes of the mask shoot out yellow lasers and hit Jet’s eyes directly. Jet releases a bunch of fire everywhere, causing Kennedy to jump away*

*Jet stands up, covering his eyes with his right hand*

Jet: My eyes! Damn you!

*Jet just starts randomly releasing fire everywhere*

*Kennedy puts his hands together and then thrusts them forwards to release a barrage of black energy projectiles at Jet. The projectiles hit and stun him for a bit. He then shoots out a bunch of needles from the mouth of the mask. Jet gets pierced in multiple places of his body, damaging him more*

*Kennedy then punches Jet against a wall. Knocked against the wall, Jet is finally able to open his eyes to the point that he can actually see*

Jet: You are a pain…

Kennedy: You’ve lost. Your arrogance was your downfall.

Jet: Don’t talk down to me mort—!

*Kennedy punches Jet hard in the face*

*Jet is now bleeding badly from his mouth and nose*

Jet: Don’t look down on me!!

*Kennedy starts rapidly punching Jet in the face and does one final strong punch that destroys the building wall that Jet was leaning against*

*Jet is left lying unconscious and is defeated*

*The other Dark Matter Clan members walk up to Kennedy*

Kennedy: We are done here. Let’s get moving.

Narrator: The DMC has defeated their opponents and is ready to move on.

Chapter 459 END

To be Continued in Chapter 460: The Terrifying Ghost and Headless One