Chapter 457:

Chapter 457: Who is the Storm Lord?

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 457: Who is the Storm Lord?

Narrator: Watt is about to reveal just who or what the Storm Lord is.

Watt: The Storm Lord is a mortal that possesses magic capabilities on the level of a High-Class Divine Being.

Joe: High-Class Divine Being?

Watt: Examples of High-Class Divine Beings are the Light Goddess and Dark Goddess. They belong to the top bloodlines of divine beings that originate in the Divine World. High-Class Divine Beings naturally grow stronger and faster than other divine beings. They also have the top deity abilities. While I am the Deity of Lightning, there is a High-Class counterpart that is the Deity of Storms. Low-Class Divine Beings are those like the angel and demon grunts that Heaven and Hell use. Middle-Class Divine Beings are those like me or those that would be some kind of commander in the forces of Heaven or Hell. A divine being that is middle or even low class can be stronger than one that is of High-Class, but they have to work harder and are usually much older than the High-Class. How did a mortal obtain a High-Class’s ability you ask? Deities can pass out curses based on their power so the theory is that the Deity of Storms performed a ritual with a mortal. How exactly that came to happen is unknown. That’s not to say that the mortal is as strong as a High-Class Divine Being. It’s more like the mortal has access to the extreme precision of their magic.

Joe: Hmm. Interesting. But who is the mortal that is the Storm Lord? It can’t be me because I haven’t been in any rituals.

Watt: I don’t know the exact identity of the Storm Lord. Supposedly, the Storm Lord lives in a structure beneath the ocean on Earth. As to why you have Storm Lord eyes… Curses can be passed on to decedents. Perhaps you are related to the Storm Lord.

*This possibility makes Joe look shocked*

Joe: Related?

Watt: Now, I am interested in learning more about this. I really am, but I have a duty to do.

*Watt looks at Sasha*

Watt: Sasha, you may be a High-Class Divine Being, but I will still defeat you. It’s time to get back to the fight.


*Keith finds himself trying to dodge Grit’s punches. Keith tries his own punch but Grit turns into a stone and is left unaffected by the punch*

Grit: You’re not going to hurt me like that.

*Keith gets back a little and opens a portal in front of him*

Grit: Don’t you have any new tricks?

Keith: You bet I do.

*Keith punches into the portal. A bunch of portals stacked within each other open in front of Grit and a very powerful punch comes out of the stacked portals (Author’s Note: It’s like the force of multiple punches coming out at once). Grit turns to stone as this happens. Despite that, the attack cracks into his stone and damages him*

Grit: What did you just do!?

Keith: That was a new technique I developed recently. Creating linked portals allows me to multiply the force of my attacks.

*Grit is angered by the damage and launches toward Keith. He turns to stone on the way*

*Keith charges magic into his hands and then releases a Demonic Burial Cannon at Grit. Grit is hit directly by the red beam of energy and is blown back into a building*

Keith: I wonder how much damage that did to him?

*Grit walks out of the blown hole in the building. He is damaged but not terribly so*

Grit: That hurt but you will need more than that to do critical damage when I turn to stone.


*Watt releases a barrage of lightning strikes from his hands at Sasha and Joe but Joe strikes them down with his own lightning without moving a muscle*

Joe: Sasha, let me handle this. I don’t know how long until my Storm Lord eyes go back to normal so I need to make the most of this now.

*Sasha steps back*

Watt: You are showing precise control of lightning using only your eyes just as the Deity of Storms is capable of. If there was any doubt before, those really are Storm Lord eyes that you have. You’ve made this more difficult but you are still inexperienced with that power.

*Joe keeps his right eye concentrated on Watt’s lightning strikes while his left eye focuses on Watt himself*

*Watt realizes that lightning is starting to strike him so he tries to jump away but his left arm is struck which does a lot of damage to it. Watt looks surprised*

Watt: You were able to focus on something different with each eye. I can’t believe you are able to do that already.

Joe: It’s not something I tried to do… It felt like… instinct.

*Watt jumps away and puts his hands close together and starts creating a ball of lightning. He dodges a lightning strike from Joe and then throws the ball of lightning up in the air*

Watt: Here’s something for you.

Joe: What will it do!?

*It causes many cloud-to-ground lightning strikes all around them. Sasha and Joe both get struck by lightning and take a good amount of damage*

Sasha: I hate this guy’s lightning!

*They both get up*

Joe: I’ve got something I would like to try as well.

*Joe charges wind onto his left arm and razor hail onto his right arm. He releases both of his powers at once*

Joe: Razor Derecho!

*A powerful gust of wind full of razor hail heads toward Watt. Watt prepares to dodge but stone Grit is knocked into him. They both then take a direct hit from the Razor Derecho. The combined force of the Derecho with the Razor Hail absolutely tears into them. Grit’s stone ability is not able to protect him*

Sasha: I don’t know if that was just luck but what great timing!

*Grit took critical damage and is defeated. Watt is pretty bloody himself and is barely hanging onto consciousness*

Watt: Defeated because Grit couldn’t handle his opponent… great…

*Watt looks at Joe*

Watt: For a mortal, you are pretty damn powerful. I will give you that. If I were you, I would give up on this quest to stop Zenos and go seek the Storm Lord while you still have the chance. No one wants to meet their end while still having regrets…

*He falls unconscious*

*Joe’s Storm Lord eyes end and return to normal. Keith joins back with them*

Sasha: We have to stop Zenos. We will see what is up about the Storm Lord after that.

Keith: What was that about?

Joe: We need to keep moving but I can tell you while we do.

Narrator: Sasha, Joe, and Keith have defeated their opponents and are ready to move ahead! Will Joe get the chance to meet the Storm Lord in the future?

Chapter 457 END

To be Continued in Chapter 458: A Thief’s Power