Chapter 462:

Chapter 462: Moving Forward

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 462: Moving Forward

Narrator: In Heaven.

*Harmona and Apollo have returned from the Dimension of Deities. Harmona is approached by Diamond and Clora*

Diamond: My Goddess, we are here to inform you that our R&D team has finished making the portable barriers that we need to invade the Dimension of Dark Matter.

Harmona: Excellent. We will leave shortly. Before we do, I need to talk to Sonzen.


Narrator: A little bit later.

*In Sonzen’s chamber which is the highest point of Heaven’s structures, Harmona meets with Sonzen*

Sonzen: So, you are ready to attack? I see.

Harmona: Have you thought of a plan yet?

Sonzen: I’m still working on it. Just don’t try and fight Zenos directly. There is no way you can win.

Harmona: I’m aware.

Sonzen: When I have finished coming up with a plan, I will go straight to the Dimension of Dark Matter.

*Harmona starts to leave the room*

Harmona: Hopefully, you will have something figured out soon. It will be bad if Zenos decides to come to me instead of the other way around.


Narrator: Later.

*Harmona, Apollo, Zaydra, and Zaydra’s team are in the Dark Matter Underworld, ready to use the clan’s portal to head to the Dimension of Dark Matter*

*Commander Moss is setting up the portal*

Harmona: So about the deities that went to join Zenos… Do you know how strong they are in general?

Apollo: They were all Low-Class and Middle-Class divine beings. I doubt any High-Class would want to serve under someone.

Harmona: That should make things easier for us then. Well, other than Zenos himself.

Commander Moss: The portal is set. You may enter now. We have the dimension somewhat mapped out now so we will set it close to the city that the others are currently in.

*Harmona, Apollo, Zaydra, and Zaydra’s team go into the portal*

*They arrive in the Dimension of Dark Matter near the City of Darkness*

*Harmona looks out in the distance for a moment before she opens her eyes wide*

Harmona: I can detect Zenfaro’s life force. However, even though you taught me how to detect life forces, I never was able to be able to detect where it was coming from as you can.

Apollo: It’s alright because I can tell where it’s coming from.

*Apollo points to the left*

Apollo: It’s coming from out in that direction.

Harmona: Then we need to head there immediately.


Narrator: Elsewhere in the Dimension of Dark Matter.

*Another portal opens and Miranda comes out of it. She looks around*

Miranda: This place is every bit as terrible as I imagined it would be. There is no need for it when the Dark Matter Underworld already exists.


Narrator: Everyone in the city has defeated their opponents and moves forward.

*Scythe is currently in section R2 and starts moving toward section R1. As he does, Sherra, Kopmon, and Kogen catch up to him*

Scythe: You did good in defeating your foes. We’re almost through this wretched city.


*Hamura’s team is currently in section L2 and starts moving toward section L1*

Korobu: Hopefully, we can get to the lair before we encounter any more foolish deities.

Hamura: Don’t get your hopes up. I for one welcome destroying anyone who gets in our way.


*Sasha’s team is in section L4 and starts moving toward section L3*

Keith: We searched this whole area but the others are just gone. We even found evidence of their battle.

Sasha: Maybe they decided to move ahead so I guess we will do the same.


*Zeth and Kurt have started moving from section L4 toward section M3 which is why Sasha’s team missed them*

Zeth: My biggest worry is that enemies got to Emily before we do.

Kurt: I’m confident that Emily can hold her own until we get there to help.

Zeth: I’m confident too but these are deities we are talking about. Let’s hurry.


*The Dark Matter Clan is still in section M4 and prepares to move on*

Kennedy: We need to be ready for a battle at any moment.

Alaina: As prepared as we are to fight in dark matter, we aren’t going to have the stamina for continuous fights.

Gice: Hopefully, splitting up from the others will balance out the enemies we have to face.

Easia: (Thinking) I hope Kurt is alright.


Narrator: Meanwhile in the Dimension of Deities.

*Deep underground, thousands of zombies rise from the ground. They are being overlooked from above by someone who kind of looks like a zombie himself. That man has a puke green-colored gemstone on his forehead in the shape of a hand poking out of the ground*

Narrator: Deity of Undead – Husk.

*Husk continues to watch over them until he is disturbed when the dead body of one of his minions lands right beside him. He turns around to see Zonbi*

Husk: Who are you? And how did you find this place?

*Zonbi smiles*

Zonbi: My name is Zonbi. I am the Queen of Undead. I got here by interrogating your minions.

*Husk looks angry*

Husk: What is your business here?

Zonbi: My business? I’m here to kill you. I will become the new Deity of Undead.

Husk: How arrogant. You come to my lair and think you can just simply kill me? On the contrary, it will be you who dies. You will become a part of my undead army when I’m finished with you.

*Zonbi smiles again*

Zonbi: Now look who is being arrogant.

Narrator: Everyone is moving on. Zonbi confronts Husk, the Deity of Undead, with the intention to kill him.

Chapter 462 END

To be Continued in Chapter 463: Zonbi vs Husk