Chapter 463:

Chapter 463: Zonbi vs Husk

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 463: Zonbi vs Husk

Narrator: Zonbi prepares herself to fight the Deity of Undead, Husk.

*Zonbi picks up a pebble off the ground. Husk gets in a fighting stance*

*Zonbi flicks the pebble with her index finger. The pebble has so much momentum and speed that it hits Husk in the forehead hard enough that it knocks him back into the pit he was overlooking*

*Zonbi launches herself down into the pit after him and punches him with enough force to knock him down onto the ground where his zombie army is being formed*

*Zonbi lands down there too but Husk digs himself underground*

*Zonbi tries to figure out where he will come out. She feels rumbling beneath her and jumps away but finds out he is coming out from below her new location*

*Husk lands a punch on Zonbi to knock her up and out of the pit*

*Husk goes back underground*

Zonbi: That was a nice hit. Let’s see if you can keep it up.

*Zonbi picks up some more pebbles. She starts to feel more rumbling below her so she jumps up*

*Husk launches at her from below ground. Zonbi flicks the pebbles at Husk which pound into him to knock him down to the ground*

*Zonbi lands by stomping on his gut which makes him cough up blood. Zonbi attempts to do another stomp but is blown off Husk as he charges up his magic*

*Husk stands up*

Husk: It should be impossible for someone who is only “Queen of Undead” to push the “Deity of Undead” to go full strength!

Zonbi: Maybe you’ve been slacking.

*This angers Husk and he dashes toward Zonbi and starts trying to rapidly punch her. His new speed takes her by surprise but she is able to dodge the punches just barely. Eventually, Husk does land a punch that slightly damages Zonbi. He tries to punch her again but the next punch is then blocked by Zonbi’s own punch*

*With their punches connected, Zonbi points her index finger forward and shoots her nail at Husk. He moves his head to the side a bit but the nail still scrapes his cheek*

*Husk kicks Zonbi back*

*Zonbi rebalances herself and starts rushing toward Husk. He leans his head back and then vomits a gross green substance at Zonbi. She tries to slide as she notices but her right arm still gets somewhat covered in it. She feels a lot of pain and jumps to the side. Her arm is fidgeting*

*The ground that got covered in substance starts to look like it’s rotting*

Husk: How do you like my puke?

Zonbi: It’s gross.

Husk: What a shame. This is something the Queen of Undead should like. Anything it touches starts to rot. The effect is temporary but…

*Zonbi’s right arm starts to rot*

Husk: …losing the use of an arm even temporarily can be a major setback in any fight.

Zonbi: Don’t get cocky. I have workarounds.

*Zonbi charges her left hand with magic*

*Zombies start rising from underground around Zonbi*

*Husk goes underground while the zombies try to attack Zonbi. Zonbi starts kicking the zombies to knock them back*

*Husk jumps out from behind the direction Zonbi is facing and starts to vomit again*

*Zonbi was ready and quickly turns around and blows air on the magic in her hand. A straight line of explosions happens that stops the puke from getting to her and destroys some of the zombies. Husk is also caught in it*

*After taking a good amount of damage, Husk jumps away but he doesn’t see Zonbi*

Husk: Where did she go!?

*Suddenly, a zombie’s body slams hard into him as a projectile from the side and it knocks him toward a wall*

*Zonbi launches in and punches him into the wall with her left hand*

*Zonbi jumps back as Husk tries to vomit on her again*

Husk: How do you keep doing that!?

Zonbi: It’s my Momentum Magic. I can give just about any object a ton of forward momentum, even if it’s one of your zombies.

Husk: I will defy that power then! Come forth my dragon!

*The ground starts to rumble and then a zombie dragon comes out of the ground. It is about 30 feet in height*

Husk: This dragon was once Hell’s dragon until it died and was then replaced by the current dragon. But as a zombie, this dragon suits me just fine! So how do you like it!?

*Zonbi smiles with extreme excitement*

Zonbi: Yes! I love it! It will serve me greatly when I become the Deity of Undead!

Husk: Shut up!! Kill her, my dragon!!

*The dragon charges magic in its mouth and releases a beam of energy*

*Zonbi jumps to dodge*

*She tries to get around the dragon to attack Husk but is hit by the dragon swiping its tail, knocking her back*

Husk: You can’t simply avoid the dragon! It will destroy you!

*The dragon releases another beam of energy at Zonbi as she is knocked back*

*Back in the distance, there is a big explosion*

*Zonbi gets back. She took a good amount of damage and is bleeding in many places*

Zonbi: Luckily, I was only hit by the outer part of the blast. I will kill Husk with my next attack.

*She charges a ton of magic into her left hand and launches herself back into the fight*

*The dragon prepares another attack*

*Zonbi starts jumping around as the dragon tries to swipe at her with its claws and tail*

Zonbi: (Thinking) Just need to take my time. I’m getting closer and closer to him.

*Soon, Zonbi is able to jump on top of the dragon’s head. It ends up hitting itself in the head with its own tail as Zonbi jumps off*

*Zonbi launches down toward Husk*

Zonbi: I’ve got you.

*Husk is shocked*

*Zonbi puts her left hand, which is charged with magic, against Husk’s chest and blows on it to do a Momentum Blast. The explosions blow right through him*

*With a hole blown through his chest, Husk falls on his back dead*

*The dragon becomes unresponsive*

*Zonbi walks up to Husk’s head*

Zonbi: You don’t deserve to be the Deity of Undead. That’s a title fit for me.

*Zonbi rips the gemstone off his forehead and looks at it*

Zonbi: This is something that should belong to me.

*Zonbi puts the gemstone on her forehead*

Zonbi: Watch out, Dark Goddess. You’re not the only one building an army using outside sources. Heaven just got a major asset.

Narrator: Zonbi has killed Husk and became the new Deity of Undead!

Chapter 463 END

To be Continued in Chapter 464: Encountering New Opponents