Chapter 461:

Chapter 461: Higher on the Food Chain

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 461: Higher on the Food Chain

Narrator: Back when the heroes were still fighting their opponents. Back to Hamura’s, Korobu’s, Gentorious’s, and Grom’s battle against Lane, Wintry, Catila, and Krayn.

*Hamura’s team finds themselves in a predicament. Gen was slammed against a wall due to Lane’s gravity. Krayn has Grom pinned down. Korobu’s legs got buried in Wintry’s snow, and Hamura has been pierced in the shoulder by Catila’s mosquito proboscis*

Krayn: Surrender. You can’t defeat us.

Grom: Do you really think you have me stopped?

*Suddenly, Grom starts to grow another pair of arms, making him a four-armed person*

Krayn: What!?

*Grom uses the new arms to grab onto Krayn and throws him off*

Krayn: How did you just suddenly get new arms?

Grom: When your power is all about using your fists, it’s always nice to make sure you have more than everyone else. Both the Enigmus program and Hell have given me nice upgrades. Perhaps you would even want me to demonstrate the kind of power that four fists give me.

Krayn: Shut up and die!

*Krayn tries to punch and slash with his mohawk to attack Grom but Grom blocks the punches with his own punches and dodges the mohawk slashes. Grom starts rapidly punching Krayn with his four fists*

*Krayn is unable to counter the barrage of four fists rapidly striking him. Grom then pounds all four of his fists together while charging magic and then thrusts them all forward at the same time to release a fiery magic giant fist at Krayn. The magic fist blows Krayn against a building wall and destroys that part of the building*

*Krayn is knocked out and his body is scorched*


*Korobu’s legs are still covered in snow as Wintry releases a barrage of exploding snowflakes at him*

Korobu: Enough of this. Partial Abyss Mode.

*The white parts of Korobu’s eyes vanish and nothing is left of his eyes except a black abyss and his red-colored skull-shaped irises. Korobu charges himself with power and breaks free of the snow. He punches Wintry hard in the face*

*Korobu follows up with a powerful gut-punch that makes Wintry cough up blood*

*Wintry tries to retaliate with a horizontal chop but Korobu vanishes with nothing but his abyss eyes still showing. Wintry is left with a confused look on her face*

*Suddenly, Korobu comes launching in from the distance and does a powerful kick that knocks Wintry far back. She is blown through multiple buildings and she is knocked out of the L2 area entirely*

*Korobu’s body rejoins his eyes at the same time he lands the kick*


*Lane repeatedly punches Gentorious who is still against the wall thanks to sideways gravity*

Gen: You can keep hitting me all you want. You are still about to die.

Lane: You’re in no position to say that right now.

*Three tentacles burst out from the metal cover where Gen’s left arm used to be and they wrap around Lane’s neck and start choking him*

Gen: End your gravity zone.

Lane: I w-won’t.

Gen: If you don’t, you will suffocate and die. Though, I guess I would kill you either way.

Lane: D-die!

*Gen starts to use the tentacles to twist Lane’s neck. Lane is in severe pain*

*Lane’s gravity zone starts to end. Gen then pushes himself off the building wall to attack*

*Lane falls to the ground with his neck completely snapped. Gen did it using a combination of his tentacles and his hands. His tentacles start to retract into his left arm socket*

Gen: Never take us lightly.


*Catila has gotten away from Hamura after sucking her blood*

Catila: After sucking your blood, I’m even stronger now!

Hamura: Do you even realize who I am?

Catila: I don’t care if you are the daughter of the Dark Goddess! As a deity, I have the power to match you!

Hamura: You really don’t.

*Hamura starts slowly walking toward Catila*

Hamura: You see, by sucking my blood, you have already sealed your own defeat.

Catila: What the Hell does that mean!? …Huh!?

*Hamura holds out her right hand and does a “come here” motion with her index finger. Suddenly, Catila starts to feel pain in her stomach and holds onto her belly*

Catila: What is happening to me!?

*Blood bursts out of Catila’s belly and flies toward Hamura and sticks to her body*

Hamura: I have full control over my own blood. If you suck my blood, you are in for a very painful stomach ache.

*Catila holds onto her belly in pain*

Catila: Is that even possible!?

Hamura: You just saw me do it, didn’t you? What you need to realize is that we are higher on the food chain than you are. Goodbye now.

*Hamura launches toward Catila and punches her so hard that she goes flying back through multiple buildings just like Wintry did*

*The other members of Hamura’s team rejoin her*

Hamura: That was a fun diversion. I suppose we should get back to heading toward Zenos’s lair.


Narrator: Back in the present.

*Scythe is in section R2 and is fighting two male deities. They are both injured*

*Scythe uses his scythe and cuts them down to finish them off*

Scythe: None of you will stop me from accomplishing my mission.

Narrator: Hamura’s team shows off why it is among the strongest of Hell’s forces! Scythe kills his own opponents. It would be hard to believe that Zenos would be happy at this point.

Chapter 461 END

To be Continued in Chapter 462: Moving Forward