Chapter 1:

Sixteenth Year

Another Story

Somehow I remember everything, everything that happened yesterday, the day before, last week, last month, last year, and even, last life - From the day I was conscious about myself to the day of my death.Bookmark here

It´s a day I'll never forget.Bookmark here

A day that will be imbued upon my memories for the entirety of my whole life. The life before this life, the end of that life. That day, that event and that pain. That´s unforgettable.
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Maybe tomorrow, history will repeat itself, no, that history does not exist here. It´s different here, everything is different. From the smell, the flow and the strength of the air to the waves that the trees make when it is hit by this air are different. Bookmark here

The air is imbued by certain energy called mana. This mana flows through everything and anything, mana is me, mana is you. Mana is everything.Bookmark here

Starting tomorrow, it will be my sixteenth year in this world, a day of the year that is special. a day of the year that everyone around me will also try to remember. A day of the year that will change my life forever. In this world, people, when they turn sixteen, they are able to manipulate this certain energy through incantations. The language of our ancestors, the grammar they used, the syntax and the vocabulary is crucial as the power they hold is infinite.Bookmark here

"I know it's late, but can we talk for a bit?" a voice outside my door suddenly spoke, silently but yet clear.Bookmark here

"Come in, May" I reply, as I recognize who it is. May is the person I started living with when I was abandoned by my parents when I was around two years old. She took care of me, on her own, I am forever grateful for everything she did to me.Bookmark here

We sat down together on my bed, she had a serious look on her face, I know where this is going so I silently sit down and readied myself to listen to each word.Bookmark here

"Your sixteenth year is coming, you'll be able to manipulate mana just like me, I know this may sound boring to you, I want you to use this power to help others, to have a purpose in life that is greater than yourself. To be able to change a life similar to what I did to you, I raised you on my own, I see you as my own son and I see you as my motivation to keep up working hard no matter what I do. Please promise me to not use the power you will hold against anyone but use it to create a cradle for people in need."Bookmark here

"I promise" I reply, it hit me emotionally to see May like this. I never hold a conversation this deep with her. Bookmark here

From tomorrow, I will be studying the language of our ancestors at the National School of Mana in the city of Dirya, the capital of this country. All people my age, are obliged to attend this school as part of the government to give opportunities for everyone in the country, even for people like us. May and I live in a small town called Orma, around an hour by carriage away from Dirya. This town is not particularly special, we live off by selling fruits and vegetables we gather from the forest nearby, some hunt animals and sell meat and hide to traveling merchants. It's not that much, but enough to eat 3 meals a day and able to have clean clothes.Bookmark here

"Aura, please visit me again as soon as possible. It will be a bit lonely without you here, but when you do come back, please tell me stories about your experiences at school. It's been some time since I left this town, we don't have much money to travel but I gathered enough to pay for your transport tomorrow. The carriage will arrive at sunrise, so sleep. It's getting late."Bookmark here

"Okay, May. Good night." as she left the room, slowly closing the door.Bookmark here

As the day ends, I suddenly feel a shock through my body. I felt as if I was struck by lightning but left alive. As if God has mercy on me, I know what this means, it gives me a lot of thoughts, but I don't know what to do about it. I can't speak the language of my ancestors but I want to be able to achieve things my past life did not do because, on my sixteenth year, my life there ended. it ended in a flash, I guess it was unavoidable. as if God planned it to happen on that day. 
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My eyes slowly shut, the sounds of nature outside becomes clearer in my ears and the wind feels more apparent on my skin.
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"Good night" I tell myself.Bookmark here

Black Out

Another Story

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