Cosmo Griffin

Cosmo Griffin


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Few words have deeper meanings than what they seem.

I am not much of person as much as I am a writer. And after years of practice I have finally decided to up my game.

*age: 17
*interests: writing, reading, sketching, art, playing guitar, swimming, basketball, gymming, dance
*pronouns: they/them

registered at: Jun 01, 2020
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    Girls' Of St. Adeline

    Girls' Of St. Adeline

    Diana didn't know what to expect when the new girl came to school during junior year. She wasn't really an enigma, more of an open book. However, that didn't mean that she wanted the new girl to be her dormmate. With her over-the-top, crazy, roommates, Diana didn't need another one in her l...

    Updated: Jun 30, 2020