Chapter 464:

Chapter 464: Encountering New Opponents

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 464: Encountering New Opponents

Narrator: Back with Sasha, Joe, and Keith.

*Sasha, Joe, and Keith are now in section L3 of the city*

Sasha: Something doesn’t feel right. It seems dark here.

Joe: Well, we are in dark matter after all.

Sasha: I don’t mean that. It’s darker around than it should be.

*A barrage of small energy blasts starts coming down toward them. They all jump away in different directions to avoid them*

*A bunch of shadows appear from the ground and try to attack them. Each of the heroes are hit by punches from the shadows*

*Two people finally reveal themselves. One of them is Randle. The other has spiky black hair, black strips going throughout his body, dark divine eyes, and a black gemstone in the shape of a head*

Narrator: Deity of Shadows – Doppel.

Narrator: Deity of Regrets and Trees – Randle.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Kurt.

*Zeth and Kurt are now in section M3 looking for Emily*

Zeth: I’m positive she was knocked in this direction.

Kurt: And yet, she is not here. Where are you, Emily?

*They are then approached by the Dark Matter Clan*

Kennedy: What are you guys doing in this section of the city? Where is the rest of your team?

Zeth: We got split up by the enemy. We’re trying to find Emily right now. We thought she would be around here but she just isn’t.

Kennedy: It might be best for you to join up with us for the time being then.

Zeth: Good idea.

Kurt: Hopefully, we will run into Emily and the others.

Kennedy: We can also spread out a little to cover more horizontal space.

*They start moving on*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily.

*Emily is in section M2. She is damaged and it was from Kurt’s attack. As she moves forward, she sees two people come into the area that she is in. They are Wintry and Catila who are both heavily injured from their battle with Hamura’s team*

Catila: Damn that Hamura!

Wintry: They embarrassed us!

Catila: All we need to do is get healed up and take them on again!

*They spot Emily*

Wintry: It looks like we will have to deal with a different intruder first.

Catila: She will make a nice appetizer before we start our revenge tour.

*Emily becomes nervous and gets in a battle stance*

Emily: Two at once? Damn it…


Narrator: Meanwhile with Hamura’s team.

*Hamura’s team is now in section L1 with Zenos’s lair in sight. However, they encounter four people. One of them is Rayna and the other three are new deities*

Rayna: You will go no farther. We will send you back to Hell. I have come too far to lose everything now. I, Rayna, the Deity of Youth and Beauty, will crush you.

*Hamura smirks*

Hamura: Let me handle Rayna.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Harmona and her group.

*Harmona, Apollo, Zaydra and Zaydra’s team approach the lake that Hamura’s team passed by earlier*

*The water rumbles and the giant salamander monster comes out of it*

*The monster roars*

Apollo: Zenfaro’s life force is coming from somewhere in this lake.

Zaydra: Zenos better not have intended Zenfaro to be a meal for this monster.

Apollo: There is also an unknown life force coming from this monster.

Harmona: We will have to take it down.

*Harmona releases a Star Shine Blast at the monster and lands a direct hit*

*The monster flinches but does not take that much damage. This leaves everyone surprised*

Harmona: Why did that not do much damage at all?

*The monster swipes at them. The attack is fast and they are all hit and take damage*

Apollo: And its attack was quite powerful!

Harmona: Everyone stay back for a bit! I will test out the strength of this monster.

*Harmona launches at an upwards angle to the head of the monster and punches it. The punch does damage to the monster’s head but does not knock the monster back at all*

*The monster swipes at Harmona but she is able to dodge this time. The monster swipes at Harmona again and she grabs onto its claw. She tries to push against the claw but it starts to push her back*

Harmona: It has more force than me?

*The monster finally knocks Harmona back and she gets back with the others*

Harmona: This monster is stronger than any monster should be.

Zaydra: And this is considering that we are comparing it to you.

Apollo: It’s unbelievable that it could have this much strength.

Harmona: We will need to use stronger attacks to take it down.

Narrator: Everyone is encountering new opponents in the city! Harmona and the others encounter the giant monster. Just what is the source of its immense power that can even challenge Harmona?

Chapter 464 END

To be Continued in Chapter 465: Secret of the Monster