Chapter 465:

Chapter 465: Secret of the Monster

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 465: Secret of the Monster

Narrator: Harmona’s team faces off against the giant salamander monster.

*Harmona holds her right hand out and charges a lot of magic into it. A large star forms in her hands*

*The monster swipes at Harmona but she jumps on its arm and releases the Shooting Star*

*The attack lands and blows the monster back. The monster took some damage but is still very much alive*

Harmona: I didn’t expect that attack to kill it but I hoped it would have done more damage than that.

*The lake water starts bubbling and something starts coming out of it. A new four-legged goopy monster comes out of it but it is not as large as the salamander monster*

*Apollo has a shocked expression*

Apollo: Zenfaro’s lifeforce… It’s coming from that goopy monster along with another unknown lifeforce!

*Everyone else is then shocked as well*

Harmona: What!?

Zaydra: Is Zenos just using people to create monsters!?

Kren: Absolutely despicable!

Ruby: And who knows who else he had done this too!

Sapphire: We should save them all!

Bonetru: Which means we can’t kill these monsters…!

Harmona: Apollo and I will take down the large monster. Zaydra, you and your team will take down the goopy monster.

Zaydra: Got it!

*Harmona and Apollo rush toward the giant salamander monster. It swipes at them but they dodge and then they both split into opposite directions. Each of them runs along a different side of the monster*

*Apollo makes a jump toward the monster’s body while, at the same time, the monster uses its tail to try to hit Harmona*

*Harmona jumps over the tail and then Apollo lands a kick on the monster’s body to make it flinch for a moment*

*The monster gets angry and grabs Apollo. It immediately starts squeezing him*

Apollo: Damn, this thing’s grip is tight!

Harmona: Oh no!

*Harmona goes into Raging Star Mode and starts to condense her raging aura*

Harmona: I will have you freed in just a moment!

*Harmona’s aura is now condensed and she starts running*

Harmona: Raging Star Zothena!

*Harmona leaps toward the monster’s arm and her extremely sharp aura cuts through the monster’s arm, freeing Apollo. Harmona then ends Raging Star Zothena*

Apollo: Thanks.

*Apollo forms magic in his right hand and then puts his hand on the wound caused by the monster’s claw being cut off. He then jumps away as a big force of energy is released on the spot that puts the monster in pain*

*The monster starts going berserk*


*Zaydra’s team fights the goopy monster*

Zaydra: Light Speed Attack!

*Zaydra zooms forward at an extremely fast speed and punches the goopy monster in the front and kicks it in the back. She then comes to an immediate stop*

*Kren starts to pick up the monster. He starts getting covered in goop as he does which starts to make him feel pain*

*A short distance away, Sapphire starts shooting multiple magic arrows at the monster and it gets pierced by all of them*

*Ruby and Bonetru attack the monster from different sides. Ruby kicks it in the head followed by Bonetru punching it*

*Kren violently throws the goopy monster back down on the ground*

Zaydra: I’ll finish it off! X-Formation Prison!

*Both of Zaydra’s hands are charged with glowing blue magic. She does a motion to the left with her right arm and a motion to the right with her left arm. Blue energy is released and pierces the goopy monster with it being the center of the X of blue energy*

*Zaydra goes into Raging Star Mode and charges a lot of that magic into her left arm. She jumps upwards and then falls down with the intention to punch the monster hard. Zaydra does a strong punch on the top of the goopy monster’s head. The punch is powerful enough to knock the monster unconscious*

*Zaydra ends her Raging Star Mode*

Zaydra: This monster is nowhere near as strong as the other one.

Ruby: Just looking at how ugly this thing is, is it possible that maybe this one is incomplete?

Zaydra: I suppose that is possible. Zenfaro has been gone for less than a month.


*Meanwhile, Harmona and Apollo are still dealing with the salamander monster and it is still raging*

*It uses its left claw, its tail, and even tries chomping on them to attack*

*Harmona and Apollo have become too fast for it, however*

Harmona: I’ve had enough. Meteor Shower!

*A barrage of small meteors starts crashing down on the monster. It takes a lot of damage*

*Harmona then releases a Shooting Star at it. It is a direct hit and blows the monster back, but with all the damage, it is finally knocked out*

*Harmona ends her Raging Star Mode*

Harmona: Finally, the monster stays down.

*Harmona and Apollo walk over to the others who are by the goopy monster*

Zaydra: So how exactly would we turn him back?

Apollo: I think my Healing Magic can help with that.

*Apollo crouches down and then puts his hands on the monster and starts emitting magic from his hands. Everyone else looks at it with intrigue*

*The monster is covered in a blinding light that causes everyone to have to shield their eyes for a bit. Soon, the light goes away and there are two unconscious bodies. One of them is Zenfaro. The other is Dayna. Everyone is happy to see Zenfaro but angered seeing Dayna*

*Zenfaro and Dayna start to wake up*

Harmona: I’m so glad he is safe. As for Dayna, I want her sent back to Heaven for imprisonment and interrogation.

*Zenfaro sits up and is surprised to see everyone*

Zenfaro: Mom? Zaydra?

*He then realizes that his dad is there too*

Zenfaro: Dad!?

Apollo: I had to come to help my own son, didn’t I?

*Dayna looks scared*

Dayna: I don’t want anything to do with the lot of you!

*Harmona does not look amused*

Harmona: Apollo…

*Apollo forms a magic string and wraps it around Dayna. She can’t break free*

Dayna: Let me go!

Harmona: You’ve made yourself an enemy of Heaven and therefore you are open to interrogation.

*Zaydra looks at her team*

Zaydra: Can you take her back?

Kren: Of course.

Apollo: Before that. We should decide if we will heal the person that became the other monster.

*Everyone approaches the unconscious salamander monster*

Apollo: This could be a risk. This person could be some ultra-strong evil person for all we know.

*Harmona stares at the monster for a few moments and then gives a firm answer*

Harmona: Do it.

*Apollo puts his hands on the monster and starts emitting magic. A blinding light covers the monster. Everyone again starts shielding their eyes*

Harmona: (Thinking) I feel… nervous.

*The blinding light goes away and the unconscious body of one person is there*

*Harmona becomes completely shocked*

*The person is Zothena, Harmona’s mother*

Narrator: The shocking revelation! After nearly 300,000 years, the fate of Zothena has been revealed!

Chapter 465 END

To be Continued in Chapter 466: Greater Sadistic Darkness Awakened