Chapter 19:

Once upon a Time

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Once upon a time,

there was a woman in her 20s with blue eyes and yellow hair. She was Yuri, the daughter of a peasant. On a night in her town, she sat beside her childhood friend on her bed. Her childhood friend was Serena, the hero of Arcadia Town.

Yuri touched Serena’s left hand with her right hand. Then she said, “No matter what people say about you, I will be always on your side, Serena. A hero doesn’t have to save everyone, but they are someone who opens the path to a bright future.”

Serena looked at Yuri and said, “Yuri, thank you. I know I can always rely on you when I get upset”. Serena smiled and closed her eyes. She touched Yuri’s cheeks with her hands and pulled them closer to her.

Yuri also closed her eyes and touched Serena’s forehead with her forehead. She also touched Serena’s cheeks with her hands. This was what they did when they had a heart-to-heart conversation,

and then they f*cked.