Chapter 20:

I Don't Believe What You Say

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Maou…, Serena thought and looked at a man in his 20s who stood on a roof. Serena had gotten down on her knees and held a woman in her arms. The woman was her childhood friend, Yuri.

Yuusha, why do you fight for those lords’ interests? Let the revolt rise!” that man said. The man wore a black suit like Damian and had a chunk of black hair that is white-colored. Yes, he was Damian.

Serena gripped harder the woman’s body in her arms. “You should have killed the lords. What did these people do to you?” Serena asked and shed tears.

Damian stretched his arms and said: "You cannot change the world without those in power. Yuusha, when many peasants die, their value will rise and they will have more to eat. Feudalism won’t make sense anymore, and people will taste freedom. So at least I have to cut 40 percent of the population on this continent. If there is no Black Death, then I will be their death!”

Among the blazes and blinding smoke, Serena still cried for her childhood friend in her arms. She became a hero for her townsfolk, but despite her arduous training, her experiences, and the strength that she acquired, she couldn’t save her only cherished friend.

“I’m sorry… I was late,” Serena said and put her friend’s body on the ground. “I will avenge you, Yuri. No matter what happens.”

Serena took her two-handed sword on her back and glared at Damian. She said: “Maou, ideologies only incite wars. They are never ever saving people.

MAOU! I AM THE HERO! I will bring peace into this continent and eradicate all monsters and demons! Even if I will be a tyrannical hero, this should be the LAST war in human history! I won’t let anyone incite a war for the sake of ANY ideology!”

“Fly!” Serena shouted and a blue magic circle appeared below her feet. “ACCEL!” She then shouted and became one meter from Damian.

“BARRIER!” Damian shouted and waved his right hand. A red magic circle appeared and rotated for a brief moment in front of Damian, then a red sphere was formed around Damian.

Clang! Clang!

While she was afloat in the air, Serena was swinging her sword and desperately trying to break Damian’s sphere.

Damian crossed his legs, and he was picking his nose with his right fingers. “Man, it’s bothersome to clean this thing. My hand becomes dirty.”

Damare!” Serena shouted.

“Are you a Japanese? Or a weeaboo? Why are you saying things in Japanese?! Your author must be weeaboo wee woo,” Damian said and threw his dried mucus toward Serena with his right index finger and thumb. “Alright, this is boring. I don’t have to kill you anyway. GATE!”

A red whirlpool appeared behind Damian, although it was in midair. “Adios, Yuusha,” Damian said, and then he turned around and walked into the whirlpool. Damian’s sphere was canceled.

“I won’t let you get away! MAOU!” Serena shouted and followed Damian into the whirlpool.


Maou! Serena was jolted. She opened her eyes and sat on a bed. It was in the morning.

She turned her head to the right and saw some tall buildings and stone roads that were unfamiliar to her through a window. She also saw some cars in a small size. A castle? But those castles aren’t fortified. Am I in a demons’ city?

Serena was confused. How can those wagons move without horses? Are those self-propelled vehicles? But what is the trick? I also don’t think that those wagons are moved by magicians because I don’t see any magic circle.

Serena turned her head to the left and saw that on the right side of the room, there were many fully packed bookshelves. There were also some food and some stacked books on a low folding table that was on top of a carpet. Codices? So I am in a library, Serena thought.

On the left side of the room, Serena saw her two-handed sword and jacket leaning on the wall. She also saw a walkie-talkie and some black rectangular things around a board with an alphabet that was written on it.

Serena chuckled. A demonic librarian took care of me, a hero, although they were evil.

Serena heard the sound of a harmonica from outside. She wore her jacket and opened a door that she assumed led outside.

After she opened the door, Serena arrived at a rooftop and saw the back of a small woman who played the harmonica and sat on a backless bench. The woman was Descartes. On the left side of Descartes, there were two books and a pregnancy test stick.

Serena walked to Descartes, and before she greeted Descartes, Descartes stopped playing the harmonica and asked, “I found you laying on the street. Are you Serena Smithysex or a cosplayer?”

“A cosplayer? No, I’m Serena, the hero of Arcadia Town. Who are you? Are you a demon?” Serena asked.

Descartes didn’t turn her head, and she just patted the surface beside her.

At least she isn’t hostile, Serena thought and walked forward. She noticed that Descartes’ feet couldn’t reach the ground and Descartes was swinging her lower legs back and forth. She is like a child. Cute, Serena thought.

Descartes stopped her legs and asked, “Are you thinking I’m cute?”

Geh. How did she know? Serena put her right hand on her waist and said, “Ahaha… being cute is great!”

“Heh.” Descartes smiled and said, “Descartes, that’s my name. Monipa is my pen name, and I’m not a demon.”

Serena asked, “Where are we?”

“Another world. It’s not in your continent or the other continent in your world. It’s not Heaven, but the gods reside here.”

Serena just laughed. “Did I die?”

“No, you didn’t. You just forget your true identity,” Descartes replied. She then took the books near her and showed them to Serena.

The book in Descartes’ right hand showed an illustration of Descartes playing her harmonica on its cover, and the book’s title was “Monipa’s Journey”.

Serena was surprised by the other book in Descartes’ left hand. On its cover, the book showed an illustration of Serena’s father and mother. Serena’s parents closed their eyes and put their hands on their cheeks: they were blushing. Between Serena’s parents, there was an illustration of Serena who was running and laughing as a child. That book’s title was “The Consequence of Baby Making”.

Serena chuckled and took the book. She asked, “Who the hell wrote this book?”

“The god of that book’s world who lives in this world. Serena, your memories were put into your head from this book. You are not a hero. You are just a half golem,” Descartes said.


Descartes stood up, took her harmonica, and breathed out on the low notes of her harmonica to indicate agreement.

“What do you mean?”

“Try to use Fly.”

“Fly,” Serena said, but nothing happened. Is she canceling my magic? No, I don’t see any magic circle, and she didn’t recite anything!

“You are a half golem and a half-human just like me. Serena, think about yourself, like your name, and say ‘System Check’,” Descartes said.

“System Check,” Serena said. Then with a robotic voice, she said, “The 6th ultimate cyborg, version 1.0.0, codename: the Super Isekai Protagonist.”

Serena got down on her knees. What’s going on? When I said that, I understood that I could do some things with only my thoughts and I didn’t have any broken functions. I also had some skills that I never knew, and why did my voice become like that? Am I really a half golem?

“We are cyborgs. A cyborg is like a half golem and a half-human. Therefore, our memories might be false, our abilities might be granted, and our world might be just a dream,” Descartes said. "I was also shocked when I said that for the first time on a whim."

“We have the same number for some reason. System Check.” Then with a robotic voice, Descartes said, “The 6th ultimate cyborg, version 1.0.0, codename: the Super Isekai Protagonist.”

“False memories? If I cannot believe my own memories, then what can I believe?!” Serena said.

“‘I think therefore I am’, Rene Descartes declared. At least we can believe that we exist, Serena, and we exist as cyborgs.”

Serena laughed loudly. No, Yuri is real, and I have to avenge her. No matter what happens.

“Also, under some conditions, we can get an insight about our core identity, and with that identity in mind, we can manifest a powerful ability. Let me show you,” Descartes said. “Super Syntax: A Beautiful Fantasy World.” Descartes then played her harmonica and closed her eyes.

Serena saw that a whirlpool appeared out of thin air behind Descartes. Then that whirlpool became a sphere, and a dolphin came out from that sphere. That dolphin was swimming in the air as if it was swimming in the ocean.

Then a plum was growing fast behind Descartes from the ground, and the tree birthed plum blossoms. A rotating knife also appeared beside the tree.

Descartes stopped playing and said, “What you see are just illusions or augmented realities. Humans cannot see them. I hacked your processor, I mean your brain, and I created these illusions in your mind. I can also ask your brain to signal danger and give you pain.”

The rotating knife flew toward Serena and went through her body. “Ugh!” Serena screamed, but she didn’t see blood. She then laughed and gripped her head. What am I, really?

Descartes said: "I hacked some servers to find out about myself. I found out about Love Life! Ultimate Cyborg Project, but no information about Number Six, and the one who probably could fix our memories, Number Ten, was missing.

So I just enjoy my life as a reader, like I do in my story, and play ignorant. As long as there is no maniac in this city, I won't work for the government."