Chapter 21:

Super P*nis!

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

So Serena just played ignorant because she wanted to believe that her childhood friend was real. Stupid woman, Damian thought. But more importantly, I covet Ms. Descartes’ ability, I have to find her. I have no idea how to implement her ability on my body. Likely, I got help from Ms. Hikari when I made Ms. Descartes.

Damian opened his eyes, but he found himself in an empty room. There was no window, and the room only had one door and plain walls.

“Do you miss me, TERRORIST?” Lexi smirked and crossed her arms. She replaced her right arm with a prosthetic arm.

Damian was wrapped in a straitjacket and strapped to a gurney. An electrode was attached to the top of his head, and another electrode was attached to his left lower leg. The electrodes had long wires attached to them that led to a device near Damian.

Oh, sh*t, Damian thought. I cannot move my limbs or my flesh gets cooked if I get electrocuted. In the worst-case scenario, my heart won’t beat.

“Hey, brat, this is dangerous. I told you I’m NOT a terrorist. So could you let me go, pretty please?” Damian asked.

“HAH! Since that rebellion, I work with Descartes to find Hacker-X under the government’s order,” Lexi replied. “Sure, we didn’t find any suspicious action of you through CCTVs, but surprise, surprise, through our spy drones, we saw you drilled a hole into Serena’s skull today. THAT’S a murder.”

“No, no, she was already dead when I did that. So I’m not guilty!!”

“How did you know she was already dead? Did you kill her?”

F*ck. Damian said, “Look, Ms. Descartes is clearly a stalker, so arrest her instead!”

“DON’T tarnish her reputation! Descartes is smart, and she gave me COOKIES!” Lexi said. “She predicted that there would be a riot, and she was right, so I believed her when she convinced me that you were the only one who was capable to stage that rebellion. She also found out you were the one who developed and spread ‘H-App’ among people before you got dumped. Aren’t you a great hacker?”

Lexi lifted her arms and showed her palms. “I didn’t know what was Anastasia doing, but luckily, she didn’t stop me today, so I could arrest you!” Lexi said. “Now, just CONFESS that you were Hacker-X, and you killed Serena! Or I don’t need to stop whatever will happen to you today.”

“A confession through torture isn’t admissible in court, you brat,” Damian protested.

“Oh, no! But what if I ACCIDENTALLY torture you?”

The hell?

Gabe opened the door and went into the interrogation room. He then dropped a card box. “Lexi! Here are our Boyblades!” Gabe said.

What the-? Why do they bring spinning tops here?!

Lexi smirked and walked to the card box. She took a launcher, a winder, and a Boyblade burst model spinning top from the card box. The burst models always had three components: an energy layer on its top, a forged disc in the middle, and a tip on its bottom. Lexi’s top energy layer was red, and it had a phoenix symbol on its center!

Gabe also took a launcher, a winder, and a burst model spinning top from the card box. His top energy layer was thorny, and its center had a gray tiger symbol.

“Lexi Burning Spirit! Boyblades are not tools, they are friends! Do not throw others’ Boyblades into trash cans! If I win, take back others’ Boyblades!” Gabe said as he attached his spinning top to his launcher.

“HAH, Gabe Spike, that’s so dumb. Boyblades are just tools! HA! HA! HA! HA!” Lexi replied while she attached her spinning top to her launcher.

Lexi and Gabe jumped backward. Then they held their winder with their right hand and their launcher with their left hand.

Gabe glared at Lexi and shouted, “Chase after your dream and continue your fight! TATAKAE (means 'fight' in Japanese)!!!”

Lexi also glared at Gabe and said, “LOVE, friendship, and bravery!”

Then they both shouted, “WOW, WOW, OH. OH, YEAH, YEAH!”

What the f*ck are they doing?! Aren’t they going to interrogate me?! Damian thought.

“Ready, FIGHT!” Lexi and Gabe shouted.

Gabe twirled and pulled hard his winder. His spinning top descended from the launcher, and a sound system within the spinning top made a sound, “ROAAAAAR!”

So yes, it was a high-tech spinning top!

Lexi jumped backward and touched the wall with her right foot. Then she pushed herself into the midair with her right foot and twirled. Thus she could pull her winder from a higher place, and her spinning top would have a higher velocity!

“CHIRP! CHIRP!” Lexi’s top sound system made that sound!

The phoenix is LAME! Damian thought.

Crash! Crash!

Lexi’s spinning top collided with Gabe’s spinning stop and produced some sparks! It was so epic!

Gabe walked to his spinning top, crouched, and stretched his winder. Then he pushed his spinning top with the winder, so his spinning top could get closer to Lexi’s spinning top and perform an attack on Lexi’s spinning top!

“ROAAAAAR!” Gabe’s top sound system made another sound!

But! Lexi’s spinning top somehow was spinning faster, and it pushed away Gabe’s spinning top. Yes, she rigged the game and controlled her spinning top through her processor!

“NO!” Gabe shouted as his spinning top was flung away!

“AUU!!” Damian screamed because Gabe’s spinning top hit Damian’s d*ck!

Lexi smirked.

So this is how you torture me accidentally, you dumb loli!! Damian thought.

Lexi’s top forged disc was expanded by some thin rods, so the middle component became wider. Then those rods were ignited, and Lexi’s spinning top became on fire!

Suddenly, Lexi’s spinning top flew toward Damian’s d*ck and rotated fast in front of Damian’s d*ck!

“AU! AU! AUUUUU!!” Damian shouted, "F*CK! STOP THIS SH*T!" Damn it, it’s time to call a backup! Then he said, “Super Syntax: NAKAMA! UNITE!”


The room’s wall on the left side of Damian was destroyed, and the moonlight entered the room. Lexi turned her head, and she was shocked because there was a 100 meters humanoid that looked at her. Then that large humanoid, mega robot, was moving its fist toward Lexi.

“GAAAABE!” Gabe shouted, pushed Lexi aside, and punched the mega robot’s fist with his right fist.


Gabe was flung away, and his back destroyed the wall on the other side of the room.

“GABE!” Lexi shouted. Her body was trembling because of the fact that the mega robot could propel Gabe like that. It propelled Gabe, the one who could destroy a highway. So she thought there was no way she could block that mega robot’s attack.

The mega robot pulled its right arm, and it was moving its fist to Lexi again. “NO!” Lexi gripped her head with her hands and crouched to avoid the mega robot’s punch, but nothing happened. So Lexi then turned her head and looked at the mega robot.

The mega robot made a circle with its right thumb and its right index finger, and it put that circle near Lexi’s head. “Huh?” Lexi said.


The mega robot gave a flick with its right index finger and separated Lexi’s head from her body.

“LEXIIIIIIIIII!” Gabe stood up and shouted as he saw that Lexi became headless. Gabe shed tears and jumped over a modified tank outside the interrogation room. He landed on the tank’s hatch and wore laser safety goggles that were dropped by a drone over the tank.

Can I pierce that muscle guy’s body with a sword? Whatever, let’s just try! Damian thought.


The electrodes’ wires were cut by the mega robot’s punch, and Damian tore the straitjacket with his cyborg strength.

“Gabe won’t forgive you! With this 5 meters barrel p*nis, Gabe will punish you!” Gabe said.

With what…? Damian was bewildered.

“Super Syntax: THE SUPER 5 METERS P*NIS: C*M BLASTER!” Gabe shouted, “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAABE!” and a laser came out from the tank’s barrel!


The tank’s laser was burning the mega robot’s left lower leg!

WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT?! Damian thought as he was shocked! The modified tank’s barrel was actually a laser projector (and a pen*s)!

“Mega Robot! Disjoin!” Damian shouted, and the mega robot was disassembling into five parts, but one part had been destroyed. He then shouted, “ACCEL!” Damian became two meters over Gabe, and several drones approached him.

“What?!” Gabe was surprised, and he couldn’t stop his laser because he was tired after the c*m. He needed some minutes to recharge his energy!

A drone dropped Serena’s two-handed sword, and Damian caught the sword.

Bam! Bam!

When Damian landed near the tank’s hatch, Damian hit Gabe’s left shoulder repeatedly.

“ARGH! ARGH!” Gabe was desperately trying to get off the tank, but he failed.

“Rest in Peace, the Super Gentleman,” Damian said and released his two-handed word. Then he caught a short sword that was dropped by another drone.


Damian pierced Gabe’s left shoulder with the short sword, and the sword penetrated Gabe’s heart.

“Le-Lexi, Gabe sorry,” Gabe uttered his last word and closed his eyes.

“Ugh!” Damian suddenly felt so much pain in his head, and he gripped his head. Perfect timing. I was already tired, so I knew these GLD symptoms would appear.

Then Damian took his Magical Surgery Card from his jacket and cut Gabe’s skull. “Let me eat your brain, Muscle Guy.”

Damian then kept Gabe’s processor and memory. He also cut Lexi’s skull and kept Lexi’s processor and memory.

So Damian became more powerful, but he would understand that he wasn’t almighty, although he had many cyborg abilities.