Chapter 466:

Chapter 466: Greater Sadistic Darkness Awakened

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 466: Greater Sadistic Darkness Awakened

Narrator: Let’s check in on where everyone is right now.

L1 M1 R1 <- Grid layout of City of Darkness

L2 M2 R2 

L3 M3 R3 

L4 M4 R4

L1: Hamura’s team. || L3: Sasha, Joe, Keith. || M3: Zeth, Kurt, DMC.

M2: Emily. || R1: Scythe’s team. || Not In City: Harmona’s team, Miranda.


Narrator: Back with Sasha, Joe, and Keith.

*Each one of Sasha, Joe, and Keith are surrounded by shadows*

*The monstrous trees sit on the rooftops above*

*Randle and Doppel smile confidently*

Randle: I was hoping to get revenge on Zeth but I suppose the three of you will do just fine.

Sasha: You must be the one Zeth fought at the altar.

Randle: Indeed I am. My name is Randle. I am the Deity of Trees and Regrets.

Doppel: And I am Doppel, the Deity of Shadows.

*The shadows surrounding the heroes start trying to attack them. The heroes have to block their attacks*

*Doppel goes in one of the shadows he created and then that shadow starts running toward Sasha*

*Sasha fights off two of the shadows attacking her, Doppel jumps out of the new one*

Doppel: You interest me the most!

*Doppel punches Sasha repeatedly and then kicks her back*

*Randle starts looking at Joe and Keith as they fight the other shadows*

Randle: I wonder if either of you have any interesting regrets.

*Randle focuses in on Joe*

*The monstrous trees on the rooftops start firing a barrage of blasts at Joe and Keith. They aren’t able to dodge thanks to the shadows they are fighting. Both of them take multiple direct hits and they both took a decent amount of damage*

*Someone then grabs Joe by the neck and slams him down to the ground*

*It’s Kurt but as a human*

Joe: Kurt!?

Kurt: You will pay for sending me to my death.

*Joe looks shocked and Keith is distracted*

Keith: What’s going on?

*Keith is then punched and kicked by the shadows*


*Sasha dodges the barrage of blasts from the monstrous trees above as Doppel gives chase*

*Sasha summons Hellhounds to help deal with the shadows*

Sasha: Go, my Hellhounds!

*The Hellhounds start attacking the shadows*

Doppel: Sorry, but those won’t help against this.

*Doppel infuses one of his shadows with magic and it takes the shape of Sasha*

Sasha: That looks like me.

Doppel: Indeed. It can even use your abilities.

*The Sasha Shadow summons its own Shadow Hellhounds*

Sasha: Cheap imitations can’t beat the real thing!

*The Shadow Hellhounds attack Sasha. She punches and kicks some of them but they overwhelm her soon and start biting her*

Doppel: So much for “cheap imitations”.

Sasha: No! I won’t accept this!

Doppel: It doesn’t matter if you accept or not. You will die.

*Doppel starts attacking Sasha’s Hellhounds that are fighting the shadows*


*Joe is getting repeatedly attacked by Kurt and is knocked down*

Kurt: You are a worthless coward! How dare you send your best friend to his death!

Joe: I apologized! Remember!?

*A hole starts to form on Kurt’s chest that is just like the hole left in his chest when Gen killed him*

Kurt: Apologies won’t fix this hole!

Randle: (Talking to himself) This is a wonderful regret. I must admit.

*Joe starts to have flashbacks to seeing Kurt’s dead body back during the corruption incident. He starts going into shock*

Joe: No! No!! Noooo!!!

Keith: This is just what Zeth warned us about Joe! Snap out of it!!

Randle: (Talking to himself) Actually, now I think this regret incarnation might be the best I have ever seen. This is pure gold.

*Keith goes into one of his portals to avoid a barrage of blasts from the monstrous trees. He comes out of a portal next to Joe*

*Keith then puts his hands on Joe’s shoulders and starts shaking him*

Keith: Damn it, Joe! This is just one of Randle’s regret incarnations!!

*Joe finally snaps out of it and has a flashback to Zeth explaining the regret incarnation of Paul. He then stands up*

Joe: Thanks, Keith. I already put this whole situation behind me. I shouldn’t allow relapses to happen.

*Joe forms razor hail on his right hand*

Kurt: What, sending me to my death wasn’t enough for you? Now you want to kill me yourself?

*Joe runs up to the Kurt regret incarnation and stabs it in the face with his razor hail hand*

Joe: Yeah. I’ve put this whole situation behind me.

*Joe turns to face Randle as the Kurt regret incarnation dissipates*

Joe: That regret will always be deeply ingrained in me but it no longer defines me. I’ve moved on.

*The shadows start attacking Joe and Keith again*

*Randle looks irritated*

Randle: (Thinking) That was such a good regret incarnation!

*Randle starts to look over to see how Doppel is doing with Sasha*

*By this point, Sasha has fought off the Shadow Hellhounds but is still having trouble with Doppel and Shadow Sasha*

*Doppel takes one of his shadows and turns it into a whip of some kind. He uses that whip to wrap around Sasha’s neck and pull her toward him. He then punches her hard in the face*

*Sasha uses magic and turns her right arm into a Hellhound head and bites down on the whip to destroy it and free herself*

*Doppel and the Shadow Sasha get ready to attack again but then Randle shows up*

Randle: Wait.

Doppel: Why?

Randle: I want to see what kind of regrets I can bring out of her.

*Randle stares at Sasha*

Sasha: I won’t let you—!

*Suddenly, Sasha’s eyes open wide and she starts covering her face in pain. Her right arm turns back to normal in the process*

*Randle and Doppel look puzzled*

Doppel: Does this usually happen?

Randle: No, it’s supposed to spawn an incarnation of her regret. I’m just as confused as you are.

*Sasha starts screaming*

*Joe and Keith hear it while they fight shadows*

*In a dark wavy background in Sasha’s subconscious, Sasha is on her knees with her hands covering her face in pain. Hell Sasha hugs her from behind*

Hell Sasha: It’s okay. Let out more of your true self. Let it out and they will never cause you pain again. You are a vicious demon. You are supposed to slaughter those that are beneath you. He is trying to bring out your biggest regret…

*Hell Sasha moves her mouth up to Sasha’s right ear*

Hell Sasha: …So let it out.

*Back in the real world, Sasha undergoes changes. Her skin starts to become a demonic pale gray tone. Her teeth all become sharp. Her ears become pointy. She grows a black devil tail and her hands become claws*

*Sasha stops covering her eyes. Her Dark Divine Eyes are more fierce than before*

Doppel: What the Hell just happened?

Randle: I… I really don’t know.

*A sadistic smile comes across Sasha’s lips*

Sasha: What happened you ask? You fully brought out the real me.

*Sasha licks her lips. Her tongue is demonic too*

*She now stands up and smiles like she has found her prey*

Sasha: Your power did as it was supposed to. You see my biggest regret doesn’t involve anyone else or thing, it only involves myself. My biggest regret is that I am unable to bring out my true power when I want to. I thank you for helping me.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth, Kurt, and the Dark Matter Clan.

*Zeth, Kurt, and the Dark Matter Clan are fighting deities but Zeth stops and leans against a wall while holding onto his abdomen*

Zeth: Damn it. What’s this sensation I’m feeling? I hope it doesn’t involve “that”.

Kennedy: Are you alright, Zeth?

*Zeth stops holding onto his abdomen*

Zeth: Yeah. I’m ready to fight again.


Narrator: Back to Sasha, Joe, and Keith.

*Joe and Keith come over to where Sasha is and look shocked by her new appearance*

Doppel: What is this? Some kind of Blood Form?

Sasha: This isn’t a Blood Form. This is my natural full demonic state. Let’s call it True Demonic Release.

*Sasha looks at Randle*

Sasha: I was told that Regret is not your original deity power. If you tinker with things that you don’t fully understand… bad things will happen to you.

*She savagely smiles*

Randle: You don’t know what the Hell you’re talking about!

*Suddenly, Randle coughs up a ton of blood as he was gut-punched by Sasha. She then kicks him far back into a building*

*Doppel is shocked by this but then he gets angry*

Doppel: Shadows! Kill her!!

*All of the shadows that still remain attack Sasha all at once. She destroys all of them with either a single punch or kick*

Doppel: You may have killed the regular shadows but the shadow version of you still remains!

Sasha: Oh? I forgot about that cheap imitation.

*The Shadow Sasha starts trying to rapidly punch Sasha but she easily catches each punch with her own hands. The Shadow Sasha turns its right arm into a Hellhound head and its left arm into a Hell Ape arm*

Sasha: Cheap imitations of my abilities.

*Shadow Sasha tries to use the Hellhound head arm to bite Sasha but Sasha grabs onto both parts of its jaws and snaps them. Sasha counters the punch with the Hell Ape arm with her own punch and destroys Shadow Sasha*

Doppel: Just die already!!

*Doppel tries to punch Sasha but she blocks it easily*

Sasha: You can’t beat me. I will slaughter anyone that is beneath me.

*The monstrous trees on the rooftops start releasing a barrage of blasts at Sasha*

*Doppel jumps back as the barrage hits Sasha*

*Doppel smiles confidently*

Doppel: That must have hurt pretty badly.

*Randle returns to the fight. His chin is covered in blood that flowed out of his mouth*

Randle: I hope you got blown to pieces by that!

*Joe and Keith still watch, not knowing what to say*

*The smoke starts to clear and Sasha is licking blood off of her right arm*

*Doppel and Randle are shocked as the attack just left Sasha with some cuts and scratches*

Randle: B-But how!?

Sasha: As I said, both of you are beneath me. There is no attack you have that could possibly be fatal to me at this point.

Doppel: I’ve had enough of her bullshit! Let’s attack her at once!

Randle: Yeah!

*Randle and Doppel launch toward Sasha but Sasha ignores them and jumps to the rooftops where the monstrous trees are. They get ready to attack her*

Sasha: You trees are annoying me though.

*Sasha goes around kicking each tree. The trees are each snapped by a single kick*

*Sasha jumps back down to confront Randle and Doppel*

Sasha: Now where were we?

Doppel: I’m getting sick of you overlooking us!

*Doppel forms a ball of shadow and then infuses magic into it to make it powerful. He launches it at Sasha*

*Sasha blocks it with her arm. It pushes against her, ready to burst. However, she is able to deflect it back toward the building behind her*

*It makes contact and releases a large amount of energy and destroys the building*

Doppel: You really are just trying to piss me off!

*Doppel forms another ball of shadow infused with magic and throws it at her as Sasha runs toward him*

*Sasha slides under the attack and then thrusts her index and middle finger of her right hand into Doppel’s gut and starts carving around inside*

Doppel: Aaaaahhhh!!!

Randle: Screw you!!

*Randle attempts to punch Sasha hard in the face to stop her from killing Doppel*

*Sasha uses her left elbow and hits Randle hard on the gut. This causes him to start backing up and holding his gut in pain. He starts vomiting blood*

Sasha: Learn to wait your turn.

*Sasha then starts ripping out Doppel’s guts. She covers his mouth with her left hand as blood starts to flow from it. He has a terrified look on his face*

Sasha: That is such a satisfying look on your face. Now I don’t know if you know this about me but my favorite way of slaughtering someone is by carving out their insides and then feeding them to my Hellhounds. (Author’s Note: Sasha specifically said that is what she wants to do to the Dark Goddess all the way back in Chapter 70)

*Doppel bleeds out and dies*

*Sasha looks at his blood covering her hands and licks her left hand which was the one that was covering his mouth as blood flowed from it. Sasha then looks over at Randle who is still in severe pain*

*Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: I guess it’s your turn now.

*Randle finally gets over the pain enough and starts trying to run for his life*

Randle: I don’t want to die!! Lord Zenos, save me!!

Sasha: I would love to give you a slow and painful death too but to thank you for helping me, I will give you a quick death.

*Randle runs with a terrified look on his face*

*Sasha launches toward him and pierces him in his upper back with her fingers. She hit his vitals so he falls forward dead*

*Sasha stands and smiles at her victory*

Sasha: The trash has been taken out.

*Joe and Keith slowly approach her. They both look very nervous*

Keith: Are you still… you?

*Sasha looks at them and gives a happy smile*

Sasha: You bet I am! I just have this new even more sadistic mode to use on my enemies. You’re not one of my enemies so you have nothing to worry about.

Joe: Thank goodness.

*In Sasha’s subconscious, Hell Sasha stands alone and talks to herself*

Hell Sasha: With this, she has fully completed the second aspect of bringing out her true self, accessing. The first aspect, remembrance, and the third aspect, acceptance, still have not been completed. Until she remembers Ultensmite, she won’t fully complete remembrance. Until she removes her, she won’t fully complete acceptance.

Narrator: Randle’s power helped fully bring out Sasha’s true natural power! With it, she slaughtered her enemies. But the mystery of what Hell Sasha is referring to still lingers. Who is Ultensmite? Who is “her”?

Chapter 466 END

To be Continued in Chapter 467: Desperate Vampire