Chapter 467:

Chapter 467: Desperate Vampire

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 467: Desperate Vampire

Narrator: Emily has found herself alone and being threatened by two deities.

*Catila thrusts her right hand forward that has wasp stingers at the end of each finger*

*Emily dodges it but is kicked against a building wall by Wintry*

*Catila tries to use her Finger Stingers again but Emily pulls out her shotgun and shoots Catila at point-blank range. It damages and stuns Catila, allowing Emily to kick her back*

*Wintry releases a barrage of powerful snowflakes at Emily. Emily gets away and puts her shotgun away and pulls out her Bow*

*Catila’s face is now like an ant’s, including the strong mandibles. She starts rushing toward Emily*

Emily: (Thinking) Running in a straight line? That makes her an easy target!

*Emily fires three arrows at Catila but she is able to dodge them*

Emily: (Thinking) Damn it! I underestimated her reflexes!

*Emily tries to put her bow away and take out the shotgun again but Catila bites onto Emily’s right arm as she does which causes Emily to be in a lot of pain*

Emily: Aaahh!!!

*Emily uses her left hand to pull out her Shadow Sword and slash Catila. Catila takes a lot of damage and lets go of Emily’s arm*

*Wintry comes from above and kicks Emily, knocking her on her back*

*Emily quickly gets up and starts jumping back as Catila and Wintry chase after her*

*Emily takes out her Ability Sword using her right hand. She is now dual-wielding her Shadow Sword and Ability Sword*

Emily: Sword. Yellow.

*Emily’s Ability Sword glows yellow*

*Emily starts rapidly slashing her Ability Sword. The Yellow ability allows for rapid slashing but at much-reduced damage. The attacks keep Catila from biting her again*

Catila: Well, this is annoying!

*Wintry tries to attack with snowflakes from a distance but Emily’s rapidly slashing sword cuts them down*

Wintry: Yes, very annoying!

*Catila returns her face to normal but grows fly wings and starts flying upwards. She then starts coming down toward Emily from above as Wintry attacks from the front*

*Emily has to quickly decide her next move. She jumps up toward Catila to slash her with her Shadow Sword but Catila starts moving upwards which allows Wintry to jump and kick Emily back*

Catila: Nice one!

*Emily then launches back toward them and slashes Wintry with her Shadow Sword which deals some damage*

Emily: I’m not done yet!

*Emily blocks a kick from above by Catila with her Ability Sword*

Emily: I won’t fall to either of you!

*Emily suddenly feels a lot of pain. Catila had grown a mosquito proboscis and pierced Emily’s right shoulder and starts sucking her blood*

Catila: You were saying?

*Wintry takes advantage and starts rapidly punching Emily and then throws her against a building wall. She uses her power to dump a lot of snow on Emily’s legs to prevent her from getting up*

Emily: (Thinking) I’m starting to feel dizzy. She must have sucked a lot of blood… And now I’m starting to feel blood hungry myself.

*Catila’s face returns to normal as she and Wintry smile sinisterly down at Emily*

Catila: It was hopeless for you from the start. We are deities. What are you? Just a vampire? A creation of Hell? You could never kill us.

Wintry: And we have dark matter on our side. You will never be anything compared to us.

*Emily just looks down. The top of her face looks shaded and saliva starts drooling out of her mouth*

Catila: What’s the matter? You don’t even have any last words? Oh well. Time to die.

*Catila raises her hand with wasp stingers and charges them with a lot of magic*

*Emily looks upwards and her face still looks shaded*

Catila: Goodbye.

*Suddenly, despite the snow, Emily launches from her position and bites onto Catila’s shoulder*

Catila: Ah! Damn!!

*Catila tries to pull Emily off of her but Emily bites down harder*

Wintry: How was she able to move out of my snow pile!?

Catila: Help me get her off me!!

*Wintry starts pulling on Emily and is eventually able to rip Emily off of Catila*

*Emily lands on her feet but is bending with her arms hanging down. She is looking down with her face shaded*

*Catila looks at her bite wound*

Catila: She bit hard!

*Catila looks at Emily*

Catila: You’ll pay! I promise you that!

*Emily licks up the blood dripping down her face*

Wintry: Wait a minute, look at her skin.

*Parts of Emily’s skin start turning purple*

Wintry: She must have absorbed some dark matter when she bit you.

Emily: …You underestimated a vampire’s hunger.

*Emily’s face is still shaded as more of her skin becomes purple. Her body starts to change. She gets taller and more muscular. She is now in her Ancestral Form, though, she doesn’t have pupils or irises. Her eyes are red with purple blood lines in them*

*Emily looks like she has completely lost control now as she starts stomping on the ground, causing it to crack*

Wintry: Is she going berserk?

Catila: Whether she is or not doesn’t matter! We must kill her!

*Catila turns her entire left hand into a wasp stinger and rushes toward Emily. She stabs Emily in the abdomen which causes the berserk Emily to rage in pain*

*Emily grabs Catila and throws her into a building. The raging Emily then sees Wintry and starts rushing toward her*

Wintry: I’ll put you down, rampaging beast!

*Wintry releases a barrage of snowflakes. Although they make Emily flinch a bit, she still keeps running toward Wintry*

*Wintry stops her attack and instead tries to kick Emily. Her kick hits Emily in the face and makes Emily spit out blood but it doesn’t stop her rampage*

*Emily grabs Wintry’s leg and slams her onto the ground*

Wintry: Help me, Catila!

*Catila slams into Emily’s back in her rolled-up pill bug form and, even though it does damage, it just knocks Emily forward a bit. She coughs up blood and dark matter but turns around with an even angrier rage face*

*Wintry gets back up but Emily punches them both. They are knocked back and the rampaging Emily starts running toward them again*

Catila: It’s like our attacks still damage her a lot but she is like a beast with tons of adrenaline so our attacks lack the stopping power!

Wintry: As long as they kill her, that’s all that matters!

*Wintry readies another attack*

*Emily gets closer to them but Wintry releases a fierce blizzard. Emily starts to freeze*

Wintry: It’s working! Finish her off once she is fully frozen!

*The blizzard stops after Emily becomes fully frozen*

Wintry: Do it now!!

Catila: I’m on it!

*Catila turns her head into that of a horned beetle and starts rushing toward the frozen Emily*

Catila: I will shatter you into pieces!

*When Catila gets close, Emily starts breaking out of the ice*

*Wintry and Catila are shocked but Catila continues her charge*

*Emily gets stabbed on her right shoulder by the horn but she grabs Catila’s neck. Emily starts squeezing Catila’s neck*

*Catila’s head returns to normal but she is being choked to death. Emily gut-punches Catila so hard that she is knocked into a building with a lot of blood flowing out of her mouth. She is defeated*

*Wintry takes a step back while feeling complete shock*

Wintry: This is impossible! This has to be because of how much damage we took from Hell’s warriors earlier! There’s no way someone like you should be capable of beating us! We are divine beings! We are deities! We are much higher than a vampire!

*Emily looks at Wintry but she starts vomiting a mix of dark matter and blood*

Wintry: Now’s my chance!

*Wintry starts rushing toward Emily. She charges her legs with magic and then kicks Emily. The kick also releases powerful snowflakes to deal damage to Emily. However, the attack does not make Emily flinch much so Emily grabs Wintry’s left leg with her right hand*

Wintry: How are you not dead yet!?

*Emily slams Wintry down on the ground and starts repeatedly pounding her which does a lot of damage*

*Emily finishes with one last powerful pound and knocks Wintry unconscious*

*Emily walks forward a bit and then vomits more dark matter and blood. She takes a few more steps before falling to her knees. She then vomits again. She falls completely to the ground and rolls onto her back, staring at the sky in pain*

Emily: (Thinking) I’ve regained conscious thought but I feel like I’m dying…

*Her eyes start to close*

*Zeth, Kurt, and the Dark Matter Clan fight off a deity and enter the area*

*Zeth is the first to see Emily*

Zeth: Oh my— Emily! Shit! Shit! Shit!

*They all run toward Emily. Zeth gets on his knees by her side*

Kennedy: She’s in terrible shape. She has many wounds and her body is full of dark matter.

Zeth: What can we do!? We have to save her!

*Someone puts their hand on Zeth’s shoulder. He looks up and it is one of the Dark Matter Underworld natives*

Male Native: We will save her.

*The six natives gather around Emily’s unconscious body. They put their hands on her arms, legs, and her forehead. A purple magic aura surrounds all of them*

*Emily body starts to revert from her Ancestral Form back to her normal form. The purple spots on her skin start to return to normal. Her eyes and teeth change from vampire back to human*

Kurt: Please be okay.

*The natives stop what they are doing and back up*

Zeth: Is she alright?

*Emily starts to regain consciousness*

*Everyone looks relieved*

Male Native: The dark matter in her system was killing her. We drained it out since dark matter is a natural source for us. It also had the side effect of draining most, but not all, of her vampirism. She will now be back to her pre-vampirism self but it will still come back when she uses a lot of her power.

Zeth: That’s awesome! Did you hear that, Emily!?

*Emily gives an injured smile*

Emily: I guess there was a way for me after all…

Kennedy: She’s not completely out of the woods yet. Her injuries are serious. She won’t be taking part in any more fights while we are here.

Kurt: But we don’t have a way to get her out of this dimension from here.

Zeth: Then we will just have to protect her as we move forward.

Narrator: Emily is victorious thanks to her enraged state but was also left close to death! Thanks to the natives of the Dark Matter Underworld, Emily was saved. But the injuries she received during the fight have left her unable to continue fighting.

Chapter 467 END

To be Continued in Chapter 468: Hamura vs Rayna