Chapter 0:

Infinity awakened

Infinity School

Shin sits at a lunch table at school talking with friends. Then suddenly the school's power goes out. "The power  went out, hope we get to go home." He then feels a sharp pain in his stomach and falls to the ground clutching his stomach.

His friends rush to his side. "Dude are you okay!?" "I don't feel so good." Shin says weakly and then passes out.

Shin awakes in his bed at home. "What happened." He says while clutching his head in pain.
He then looks up at his hands to make sure he isn't dreaming. Suddenly as he looks up his fingertips start sparkling with tiny blue electricity. "Wait what!"

His parents then enter his room hearing him scream. "Shin are you okay!?" Shin mother says. "Yeah mom, I'm fine." His father then says "Listen Shin have strange things been going on with your body lately?"

Shin Then thinks "Oh crap If I tell them the truth then they are gonna think I'm crazy." "No dad nothing going on at all." "Okay just making sure." His mother than says "You know you can tell us anything right?" "Yes mom I'm fine."  His parents then leave the room closing the door behind them.

His parents speak outside. 'Remember on the news that 701 teens across Japan passed out due to a strange power outage and when they awoke gained strange powers and Shin felt like he was hiding something I think he has gained powers."  Shin's mother says. "Of course he gained powers because that was exactly what happened to him." Shin's father responds.

"No I think we should tell him at dinner that we know." Shin's mother responds. They both nod in agreement.

"Shin we know you have gained special powers." His parents both say. Shin gives no answer which confirms it. "So that's why next week you will be going to Infinity High School a school for powered Teens!" "What!?"

Chiba Ritsu