Chapter 8:

Sit down for a while

Dreams of Reality

21st September 2456

       It's been a long time since I wrote into you. I had a lot on my plate recently, but I did not forget. I was just taking a break to look forward to it more. With things like the funeral and all the preparations around it, I probably wouldn't be able to focus. Now that it is behind me, I hope that nothing similar will come and twist my life.

       But there is one thing that still worries me. It's those dreams. Yesterday, I went to the doctor to give him back that machine he gave me to track my brain activity. He sent me an email with the data which I'm looking at right now.

       I can't understand a thing from the actual statistics, so the only valuable information is his message saying that there was nothing unusual, only in one day that there were signs of discomfort, and that is nothing to worry about.

       I don't remember when that could be, so all that effort went in vain. But it's been a long time since I had one. Maybe it went away, and that's why the doctor could not find anything. But something tells me that is not possible.

       I mean, how a dream can predict the future? It feels like a lame excuse to say that it was just a coincidence. Is there something more, or am I making a problem from something that is not? I don't know. I guess I should just forget about it.

22nd September 2456

       I was in school for the first time since all that happened. From one free day to I think a week or so. At this time, you won't miss anything important, so I am not surprised that I was allowed to stay at home.

       The school was alright, but my classmates were asking me where I was, what happened, and what was I doing when I was not in school. It was tiring to lie all the time that I just did not feel good, or that I was absent for private reasons.

       A lot of unwanted attention today. Teachers really did not help me either, always saying that I should revise as they did, that it won't hurt me. Why should I waste my time on such a thing? I haven't learned anything useful in school for the last 2 years, I don't need to revise valueless stuff.

       After school, I went to the park to chill out a bit after all that happened to me in school. At home, I got the chance to talk with my father. We talked about mom, because she came home later than usual, so I was curious about why. He told me that she started going to therapy.

       That got me a little worried, but he reassured me that she goes to talk with someone because it will help her with the current situation she's in and I should not think about it.

       I hope that it will help her. He tried to suggest if I don't need something similar, but I quickly told him that is not the case. This made me realize that my family needs healing and time to get back to how it used to be. I hope that will happen soon.