Chapter 469:

Chapter 469: The Middle Girl – Lost and Alone

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 469: The Middle Girl – Lost and Alone

Narrator: About 90,000 years ago in the Great Magic Underworld, a small war had broken out in the underworld between Heaven and Hell.

*In a small building away from the rest of the underworld’s civilization. Rayna is just a kid*

Narrator: Rayna – Age 10.

*Rayna sees her father looking outside into the distance where the fighting is going on. Her father looks youthful with short brown hair. He has Dark Divine Eyes and a yellow gemstone in the shape of a circle with lines going toward it on his forehead*

Narrator: Deity of Youth – Getic.

Rayna: Father, what are you looking at?

Getic: This fighting doesn’t involve us but I’m getting concerned with how close their battles are getting to us.

*Rayna looks over to her mother, her mother has long wavy black hair. She has Dark Divine Eyes and a purple gemstone on her forehead in the shape of a feminine head*

Narrator: Deity of Beauty – Violet.

Violet: I’m sure it will be fine. Rayna, could you come with me to the forest? I need more Eclipse Flowers to help with this beauty potion I’m making.

*Rayna looks excited*

Rayna: Okay!

*As they leave the building through the back door, Getic talks*

Getic: Just be careful. I’m already worried we could be punished for not living in the Dimension of Deities.

Violet: I think you are worrying too much. We will be fine.


*Violet and Rayna go to an area where there are a lot of flowers. The Eclipse Flowers are flowers that are orange on the outer part but black in the interior*

Rayna: Every time I see these flowers, I can’t help but think of how pretty they are.

Violet: That’s right. They really go well with magical properties too.

*They start picking the flowers. Rayna has a big smile as she picks them*


Narrator: Later.

*Violet and Rayna return to the backyard of the building and see it in ruins. This shocks Violet and Rayna*

Violet: Rayna, I need you to stay here…!

*Rayna looks scared and hides behind a tree*

Rayna: O-Okay.

*Violet goes into the building where she finds Getic lying on the ground with many cut wounds. She also finds many angels and one of them is a general*

Narrator: Angel General – Zentano. (Author’s Note: She originally appeared in Chapter 104)

*Zentano is holding a double-sided short sword*

Violet: Why did you do this!?

Zentano: I am Zentano, one of Heaven’s generals. We are to eliminate anyone associated with Hell in this underworld.

Violet: We aren’t associated with Hell!

Zentano: You say that but your eyes say otherwise. And even if you aren’t, divine beings that are deities should not be here.

*From behind the tree, Rayna can see what is happening through a window and she can hear them talking too. She watches in horror as Zentano cuts down Violet*

Zentano: We’re done here. Let’s get moving.

*Once the angels leave the area, Rayna starts running into the ruins of the building*

*Violet is dying and she coughs up blood*

Violet: You must… get out of… here…

*Rayna is crying*

Rayna: Mother!! You can’t die!! I don’t want you to die!!

*Violet takes the gemstone off her forehead and gives it to Rayna*

Violet: Take our… gemstones and leave… You’re too young to stay here and get killed in this… pointless… war…

*Violet’s eyes close and she dies*

*Rayna cries more and then runs over to Getic’s dead body and takes his gemstone too. She then starts running away*

*She runs out of the building and still crying and panicked*

Rayna: Mother!! Father!! What will I do!!?

*As Rayna runs out in the open, she encounters about a dozen demons of Hell*

Rayna: You must help me! Please!

Male Demon 1: Hey look, it’s some little brat.

Male Demon 2: Interesting that she has Dark Divine Eyes.

Female Demon 1: She is not anyone that we know though. She could be a spy or something.

Rayna: I’m not a spy! Angels just killed my parents!

???: What is all this commotion about?

*Hamura walks over to them*

Hamura: What is going on?

Male Demon 1: This little kid just comes over to us and asks us to help her.

Female Demon 2: We have no idea who she is.

*Hamura examines Rayna*

Hamura: Get lost, kid.

Rayna: Why!? My parents are dead! I have nowhere to go! My eyes are just like yours!

Hamura: I’m not running a child charity, kid.

*Hamura looks at the demons*

Hamura: Get rid of her.

*Male Demon 1 steps forward*

Male Demon 1: Sorry, kid. It’s an order.

*Male Demon 1 kicks Rayna and sends her flying back far into the distance and into an area with a lot of trees*


Narrator: Later.

*Rayna is injured and walking through the treed area. She looks sad and tired*

Rayna: Will… someone… help me…?

*She is spotted by a team of angels*

Male Angel 1: Look!

*Rayna turns to see them and they notice her eyes*

Female Angel 1: She’s a demon! Kill her!

*Rayna looks terrified and starts running for her life as they chase her*

Rayna: No!! Just leave me alone!!

*A few arrows are shot at her and barely miss. She keeps running until she falls off a cliff*

*She looks even more terrified as she falls down the long distance. She closes her eyes because of how terrified she is. However, her magic starts activating. A purple transparent version of herself comes out of her body. It’s her projection*

*Her projection leaps forward and grabs a branch of a tree which then makes her real body do the same. This allows her to stop the very high fall and just drop safely to the ground*

*The angels look over the cliff and don’t see her*

Male Angel 2: Where did she go?

Female Angel 2: Oh well, she was just a kid. We need to get back to our objective.

*As a projection, Rayna just looks at herself*

Rayna: How did I do that?

*She closes her eyes and her normal body starts moving. She then opens her eyes again*

Rayna: And I can control this purple version of myself and my real body separately.


Narrator: Later.

*Rayna is just aimlessly wandering and she starts to cry*

Rayna: I have nowhere to go! And I have no one to go to! I’m lost and alone! I’m hated by everyone and loved by no one! I’m just in the middle. Accepted by neither side.

Rayna: (Narrating) I aimlessly wandered from place to place for years. I learned that my projection ability allowed me to travel to different dimensions without going there myself. My projection didn’t need portals to travel either. My projection would eventually go into the Dimension of Dark Matter which is where I would encounter Zenos for the first time. I was a young adult by that point. He explained how he would bring an end to the conflict between Heaven and Hell by destroying them and then rebuilding them from the ground up. Under his leadership, both sides would coexist with no conflict.

Rayna: (Narrating) I was determined to unseal Zenos. He became a father figure for me. He understood how I felt. So I started doing everything I could. I trained in the Dark Matter Underworld to get stronger and get my body used to dark matter. I then went on to kill the Deity of the Moon. I manipulated people, and I worked behind the scenes to make sure things went smoothly.

Rayna: (Narrating) Despite being against it, I even let Zenos use my daughter to strengthen his forces because of how much I respect him. He promised me she would be changed back to normal after he crushes all of his enemies.

*End of flashback and backstory*


Hamura: I see. I can’t believe that kid from the Great Magic Underworld War was you. Too bad that your actions since then mean you have to die.

Rayna: My hard work has paid off and Zenos is now free to do what he wants.

*Rayna pulls out the two gemstones her parents had and puts them on her forehead. The moon gemstone was already in the middle. The youth gemstone is on the right and the beauty gemstone is on the left*

Rayna: I won’t let you take away everything I have worked so hard for!

Narrator: Rayna has told Hamura her backstory! Rayna is determined to help Zenos accomplish his goals. Who will emerge victorious in this fight?

Chapter 469 END

To be Continued in Chapter 470: Rayna’s Determination