Chapter 470:

Chapter 470: Rayna’s Determination

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 470: Rayna’s Determination

Narrator: Having given Hamura her backstory, Rayna is about to continue fighting her.

*Rayna has a flashback as she stares at Hamura. In the flashback, Rayna meets with Zenos in his giant main room*

Zenos: So far, I’m not impressed with our followers. I thought they could handle our enemies. The purpose of this is to help me find out which of my followers are worthy to be a part of my new rulership. Go out there and fight too. I expect great things from you.

Rayna: Yes, Lord Zenos.

*Rayna’s flashback ends*


Rayna: Lord Zenos has put his trust in me. I won’t lose.

Hamura: You have become quite powerful over the years but I’m still stronger than you.

Rayna: You will regret not taking me in!

*Rayna launches toward Hamura. Before she reaches Hamura, she releases the projection of herself in front of her and it throws off Hamura for a moment*

*Rayna hits Hamura in the face with her elbow. She then lands a few more punches before Hamura grabs her right arm and gut-punches her*

*Hamura then kicks her back and throws a bunch of fireballs at her which hit and damage her*

*Hamura then forms and throws a large fireball at Rayna*

*Rayna is able to dodge before it hit hers. The fireball hits the building behind her and lights it on fire*

*Rayna is distracted by that and Hamura takes the chance and tries to kick her*

*Rayna holds up her left arm to block at the last moment but Hamura’s kick is more powerful, knocking Rayna to the side*

*Hamura start walking slowly toward her while smirking*

Hamura: Good thing you dodged that fireball. It would have been quite painful.

*Rayna stands up and holds her right arm up. She starts forming a moon in her hand and it is about the size of Hamura’s large fireball*

*Rayna throws the moon toward Hamura*

Rayna: I hope you like it!

Hamura: I can dodge this easily.

Rayna: I don’t think so!

*Rayna snaps her fingers and a big chunk of the moon breaks into pieces that fly toward Hamura as she dodges. They hit her hard*

*Hamura is recovering from the attack as Rayna picks up the remainder of the moon which is now a crescent moon*

*Rayna swings the crescent moon like a baseball bat and knocks Hamura into the building that is on fire. The hit also causes the moon to shatter*

Rayna: I hope you like the fire.

*Suddenly, a bunch of black magic needles come out of the fire and pierce Rayna’s skin on multiple parts of her body*

Rayna: Gah!!

*The building on fire then explodes*

*Hamura runs out of the building’s remains toward Rayna. Hamura looks very excited*

Hamura: Give me more entertainment!

*Rayna tries to punch Hamura but Hamura sidesteps it and then punches her in the face. Hamura then grabs her and headbutts her. Hamura follows that up by rapidly punching Rayna*

*Rayna tries to retaliate but Hamura kicks her against a building wall. A large fireball then slams into Rayna which creates a large blaze of fire that sets the whole building on fire*

*Soon, Rayna steps out of the fire, though the attack damaged and burned her*

*Hamura smirks again*

Hamura: I think I have made it clear at this point that I’m stronger. Why don’t you just give up? You won’t be able to entertain me for much longer.

*Rayna looks angered*

Rayna: I told you! I’ve dedicated everything to this!

*Rayna looks at Zenos’s lair that is up the wide set of stairs behind Hamura*

Rayna: If I were to give up, you get access to the lair! It would mean failing Lord Zenos! His dream… My dream! Our dreams are so close to coming true! I will release the full capabilities of the Deity of the Moon!

*Rayna starts turning into a werewolf and fully changes quickly*

Hamura: So you have the power of a werewolf? Fascinating.

*Rayna starts dashing toward Hamura on all fours at a very high speed*

*Hamura tries to kick Rayna but Rayna blocks with her arm*

*Rayna then gut punches Hamura, followed by grabbing onto her face and slamming her on the ground*

*Rayna holds up both of her arms and forms an even larger moon*

Rayna: I’m going to crush you!

*Hamura actually looks nervous for a moment and rolls out of the way as Rayna smashes the moon down*

*Hamura gets up and jumps back onto the stairs that lead up to Zenos’s lair*

Hamura: The power you used in your attacks surprised me. I can tell you want to finish this battle soon. Allow me to oblige. Raging Hell Mode!

*Hamura’s body becomes tinted dark red. She gains a dark red tinted aura that has monstrous faces in it. Her ears become pointy*

Rayna: Your power doesn’t frighten me!

*Hamura smirks once again*

Hamura: I don’t expect it to frighten you. I expect it to kill you.

Narrator: Hamura and Rayna’s battle is entering its climax! Who will come out victorious?

Chapter 470 END

To be Continued in Chapter 471: The One That Keeps Dreaming