Chapter 468:

Chapter 468: Hamura vs Rayna

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 468: Hamura vs Rayna

Narrator: Hamura has decided to be the one among her team that fights Rayna.

*Hamura and Rayna face off*

Rayna: If there was anyone that I would pick to fight, it would be you, Hamura. You killed too many of my Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers. You were a thorn in my side.

Hamura: I can say that I love this opportunity to crush the leader of that organization. Still, I have to give you credit. To think that a divine being would be the true leader of the Crow Beak Divine Killers. Truly impressive. Now, let’s begin.

*Hamura launches toward Rayna and tries to do a horizontal chop. Rayna ducks and then tries an upwards punch. Hamura blocks it with her arm*

*Hamura then kicks Rayna back*

*Rayna thrusts her hands into the ground to slow her knockback. She then thrusts her hands forward and a ray of yellow magic energy releases toward Hamura*

Rayna: Blessed Ray!

*Hamura jumps to the side to dodge but the ray does a sharp left turn which surprises Hamura. It hits her directly*

*By the time Hamura recovers from being hit by the ray, Rayna is within point-blank range of her. Rayna starts repeatedly punching Hamura. She then uppercuts Hamura which knocks her upwards*

*Rayna then jumps up and kicks Hamura. The kick sends Hamura diagonally down into a building*

*Rayna lands back on the ground and looks at the building as smoke comes from the new hole in the wall*

Rayna: I’ve waited a long time to do that…

*A red transparent energy scarf launches out of the smoke toward. Rayna*

*Rayna is unable to react in time and it wraps around her. Hamura walks out from the hole in the building as the smoke clears*

Hamura: Strangle Blast.

*The scarf explodes and blasts Rayna upwards with a good amount of damage*

*Hamura launches upwards so she can do an air stomp on Rayna’s back and knock her back down to the ground*

*Hamura falls down toward Rayna, intending to do a strong punch. However, even though Rayna is on her back on the ground, she thrusts her arms upward to release another Blessed Ray*

*Hamura is unable to avoid it and takes a direct hit*

*Rayna gets up and launches upwards toward Hamura and she lands a few punches. She then does a downwards vertical kick on Hamura to knock her down to the ground. Rayna immediately releases another Blessed Ray down at Hamura. However, Hamura jumps out of the way at the last moment which makes the ray hit the ground before it can turn*

*Rayna lands on the ground and dashes toward Hamura. They both try to punch each other but their punches collide with each other. Hamura then lands a punch on Rayna’s face and then grabs onto Rayna’s face and tries to slam her down on the ground. However, Rayna stops the attack with an uppercut, hitting Hamura on the jaw*

*Rayna then kicks Hamura back a bit*

Hamura: You are proving to be more entertaining than I thought you would be.

*Hamura then forms a ball of fire in her right hand. She throws it upwards in the air. It then stops in place about 15 meters above the ground*

Rayna: And what exactly do you plan to do with that?

Hamura: (Sarcastically) Oh, I wonder what I would do with a fireball?

*The ball of fire starts shooting same-sized fireballs at Rayna like a turret*

*Rayna starts having to dodge them and Hamura starts rushing toward her at the same time*

*Rayna is unable to both dodge the constant fireballs and Hamura’s point-blank attacks as Hamura starts rapidly punching her*

*Hamura then kicks Rayna diagonally upwards towards the fireball turret*

*Rayna is hit directly by a fireball which knocks her down toward Hamura. Hamura punches Rayna hard, but Rayna is able to finally jump away to stop the consecutive attacks*

*The fireball turret runs out of energy and burns out*

*They both stare at each other. Each has taken some damage*

Hamura: There’s something that I have been wondering about you.

*Rayna looks a bit surprised by that statement*

Hamura: What exactly is your reason for hating both Heaven and Hell and joining Zenos? Poleon’s reason was obvious, but what about you?

*Rayna then looks more surprised and then turns to a determined look*

Rayna: And why would you care what my reasoning is?

Hamura: I’m a curious person by nature.

Rayna: I see… Fine, I will tell you my story. I was the middle girl. One who was loved by none and hated by all.

Narrator: Hamura and Rayna begin fighting! Hamura is curious about Rayna’s reasons for serving Zenos. What will her story tell?

Chapter 468 END

To be Continued in Chapter 469: The Middle Girl – Lost and Alone