Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 - Gazing at the heavens (R18+)

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 3 - Gazing at the heavens (R18+)


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The butler then walked out and took a different path than before.

My Owner shifts around nervously while squeezing me with both arms.

I recognize this action.




No! Don't hold it back, my Angel!

It's not good for health!

Speak up! Tell it to that butler!

The butler stopped before our petite Lia could voice it out.

He pushed the huge gates open, which opened up to reveal a bath... which couldn't be defined by calling it just a bath at all.

The hall is tiled with marble flooring and a large, already filled pool was built in the center of the hall takes up about half the space.

In front of it are a number of stools and buckets to wash the body before getting into the bath.

The buckets and stools seemed to have been designed with effort, as they were carved with depictions of angels and heavens.

Two maids of differing ages stood at the sides. One of them seemed familiar, as her braided brown hair looked beautiful.

Although she is a bit overgrown, her breasts are still a bit better than others. Cute.

Let's check them out in advance.


Name: Mira
Title: -
Class: Maid
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Level: 4
Health: 16/16
Stamina: 77/80
Experience: 1810/5000
Focus: 15/30
Skill Points: 0
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 8
Endurance: 33
Sorcery: 0
Charisma: 19
Faith: 2
[Heart of Gold] No evil intentions possible towards anyone. Ability to easily befriend others.
[Masochist] Experiences pleasure upon being harmed.
[Cooking LV12] [Cleaning LV11] [Sewing LV5] [Self Torment LV7]

Alas, she failed to be anything in comparison to the other one.

After all... this one.. is a petite one!!


Name: Julia
Title: -
Class: Maid
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Level: 9
Health: 30/35
Stamina: 100/110
Experience: 1100/14000
Focus: 25/52
Skill Points: 0
Strength: 4
Dexterity: 19
Endurance: 11
Sorcery: 0
Charisma: 10
Faith: 0
[Dragon's Greed] Steals whatever she fancies. Likes to collect even useless items.
[Closet Pervert] Considers sexual things shameful, but engages in the same in private.
[Cooking LV12] [Cleaning LV11] [Sewing LV5] [Stealth LV7] [Stealing LV15]

WOOHOOO!! I was worried that the stupid Praetor would have filled his home with big & fat women.

Though her shady character seems troublesome..


Finally! This teddy will be able to compare!!

Her long black hair tied in a twin tail. Her dark black eyes with the ability to suck in the observer's soul.

And most importantly..


Time to sample another petite girl..


At that moment, I realized a bit too late..

Lia looked at me with a slight blush and puffed up cheeks.

Uh oh.. Is she mad again?

D-Did she.. find out?

"Mr. Bear, you perv! Staring at others like that! Hmph!."


Waitwaitwait. How could she tell?!

NONONONONO! My Lia must never discover my unfilial self!

Hide it.. Hide it perfectly ME!..

Lia continues to pout as the younger maid approached us and spoke,

"Miss, please let us help you in the bath."

Lia shifted around uncomfortably, as she couldn't come to a decision. She turned to look back at the butler with a desperate expression.

The butler, however, failed to realize her true intentions & proceeded with his own thoughts.

"Young Miss, there are two maids inside. You must be familiar with one of them. She has been tasked to bring you your clothes & food." The butler spoke, as he motioned towards the older maid.

The older maid nodded shyly, as her red ears could be observed even by me.

Did she... did she find out?

AHHH!! How Shameful!

To be exposed in my first act... it...

It feels good for some reason?..


"I've told one of the girls to help you bathe, while the other would help you dress up. They will pack your clothes and wash them nicely, so don't be too worried."

"The bath should be ready as well, so go clean yourself and then prepare to sleep."

"Good Night, Young Miss. Have a good sleep. You have a busy day tomorrow."

After speaking so far, the butler backed away as he went out of the bathroom.

Lia nervously looked at both maids one by one, before the older maid approached Lia, as she spoke,

"It's all right, Miss. I know you must be scared of us. Fear not! This older sister will take good care of you. You can tell me anything, okay?"

Lia looked at the maid, as she couldn't hold herself back anymore.



I can hear the splashing of holy water, as it drenched my owner's clothes.

"AH! Miss?!"


And an embarrassed voice comes from my owner, as she continues to push me into her chest with both her arms.

Lia's eyes turned teary, as the jewels of heaven threatened to fall off her eyes.

NO! Lia, Don't CRY!!

It happens to the best of us!

Ehem... I.. haven't faced that situation yet..really!


Both maids rush towards Lia, as they try their best to calm down the crying angel.

Meanwhile, the younger maid quickly undressed Lia.

Lia's almost completely flat chest is fully exposed again as the maid took off her dress top.


The twin peaks of the heavenly plains appear again!.

Rosy pink. So Delicious looking.

Her budding mounds seem almost non existent, as her cute things sit atop her silky smooth skin.

Her slender shoulders shiver as she feels the cold air hitting her skin.

Her smooth armpits give a fleeting appearance, as they disappear as quickly as they appear, like the dragons hiding in the sky.

As I am too busy in cherishing this amazing moment, the maids leave Lia's underwear on and soon they took her away towards the bath...

Umm... Lia...

Aren't forgetting something important?!




>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Uncle's Delusions<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Lia:"Uwahhhhh... I-I peed myself again!"

Teddy: 'Don't worry, my angel. Just aim properly next time.

Lia:"Mr. Bear is a big Pervert! Hmph! See if Lia cares anymore!"

Teddy:"NO! Stop! Don't leave me behind! I wanna join too!!"



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