Chapter 471:

Chapter 471: The One That Keeps Dreaming

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 471: The One That Keeps Dreaming

Narrator: The battle between Hamura and Rayna enters its final phase.

Hamura: You talk about dreams…

*Hamura launches down from the wide staircase toward Rayna and tries to punch her. Rayna blocks with her arm*

Hamura: I have dreams of my own.

*Hamura’s Raging aura starts to hurt Rayna’s arm which allows Hamura to kick her on the side of her body*

*Rayna is knocked to the side but soon steadies herself. She forms and throws a bunch of small moons that explode like fireworks when they get near Hamura, damaging her*

Rayna: I’m sure your dreams are nothing more than getting treated like a queen by everyone!

*Hamura forms two large dark red magic balls that have monstrous souls moaning in them*

Hamura: You clearly don’t know much about me. That’s not even close to it.

*Hamura throws them at Rayna*

*Rayna tries to jump away as they hit the ground but they release monstrous souls that leap out and pull Rayna down*

*Hamura comes in for another attack. She does a swiping kick on the side of Rayna’s neck which puts her in a lot of pain. Hamura does a back kick to Rayna’s chin and then does a gut-kick to knock Rayna into a building*

*Hamura forms a bunch of large black spikes and then throws them into the building. The spikes are destroyed, however, as a large moon blasts out of the building and hits Hamura directly*

*It pushes Hamura far back across the stairs leading up to Zenos’s lair and all the way to the other side before exploding*

*Rayna runs out of the highly damaged building as the moon explosion finishes*

Rayna: Oh yeah!? Then let’s hear it! You, who has had everything you have ever wanted! Tell me your dream!

*Hamura appears from the crater caused by the explosion. It did a lot of damage as she is bleeding in many places now*

*Hamura creates a red transparent energy scarf*

Hamura: You want to hear it? Very well.

*Hamura releases the scarf towards Rayna*

*Rayna dodges the scarf and continues running with the intent to slash*

*The scarf turns around and heads toward Rayna again*

*Hamura doesn’t even try to dodge Rayna’s attack as the scarf wraps around Rayna from behind before she is able to slash Hamura. The scarf explodes which deals more damage to Rayna*

*Rayna falls to her knees and coughs up some blood. She then looks up at Hamura*

*Hamura looks down at her*

Hamura: My dream is to see a divine being of both light and dark blood become the new god or goddess.

*Rayna first has a look of confusion that then turns to anger. She gets up quickly and punches Hamura hard which knocks her back*

Rayna: Are you stupid!? If that is what you want then you should be helping Lord Zenos to achieve his goals!! He is a divine being of both light and dark blood!!

*Hamura gets up and wipes away all the blood dripping out of her mouth*

Hamura: I am aware of that. But he is not worthy.

Rayna: What the Hell does that mean!?

Hamura: Zenos wants nothing more than to just hit one big reset button on everything. The current system is flawed but it is fixable. Zenos is not worthy because he is not willing to put the effort into fixing the system. Zenos is a coward who runs from the problem rather than confronts them. I want one who will fix it.

Rayna: How dare you…! You are nothing compared to Lord Zenos!!

*Rayna launches toward Hamura and does a strong punch as she gets close to her*

*Hamura jumps out of the way as Rayna ends up punching the ground and her attack causes a small crater to form*

*Rayna immediately jumps after Hamura with great speed*

*Rayna lands a punch on Hamura in the air and then smashes her down to the ground by putting both of her fists together. She then starts forming a large moon and throws it down at Hamura and then immediately forms another*

Rayna: Not worthy!? That is the biggest load of shit I have ever heard!! Now die!!!

*Rayna repeatedly forms and throws more moons at Hamura as she lands back on the ground. They cause a bunch of large explosions*

Rayna: That should be enough to kill her.

*Hamura launches out from the exploding area with her raging aura focused on her right arm which leaves Rayna in shock*

*Hamura punches Rayna in the chest and, with her raging aura, it starts causing lacerations*

*In a lot of pain, Rayna retaliates by punching Hamura which knocks her back a bit*

*Rayna stopped the attack but she is in major pain and is coughing up blood*

*Hamura uses her raging aura to form a ball of raging energy with moans of monstrous souls*

Hamura: This is the end for you. So long.

Rayna: No! No! Nooooo!!!

*Hamura gets close and shoves the ball of raging energy directly into Rayna’s body*

*Rayna tries one last attack at the same time and slashes Hamura, leaving large slash wounds on Hamura’s right arm*

*The ball of raging energy blows a hole in Rayna’s gut and releases the screams of monstrous souls*

Rayna: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

*Rayna falls on her back right in front of the stairs to Zenos’s lair as her werewolf form ends*

Narrator: Their battle took them from section L1 and ended in section M1.

*Rayna is dying. Blood flows from her mouth*

*Hamura ends her Raging Hell Mode and looks down at Rayna*

Hamura: You gave me a tougher battle than I expected. But in the end, I am the one that keeps dreaming.

Rayna: If your dream comes true… then good for you… But if the dream that Zenos and I hold comes true, I will laugh at you…

*Rayna takes one last look and sees someone on top of a building. Her eyes open wide as she dies*

*That person Rayna saw before she died was Miranda who stands on top of a building and looks at Zenos’s lair*

Narrator: Hamura has killed Rayna! With the second-in-command now defeated, the focus now shifts to Zenos himself. Miranda has her sights set as well. Just what is her secret?

Chapter 471 END

To be Continued in Chapter 472: Focus of The End’s Eyes