Chapter 19:

History Lesson

A Place between There and Now

I sat down

“Ok then, you caught my interest, then go ahead, tell me your story from the very start. I will decide then if I will listen to you any further.”

“But where do you want me to start? Do you want an Autobiography or just a history lesson?”

“History lesson sounds better, just a little recap, but before you start, please tell me that you really aren’t just joking, I don’t have the time to listen to your fan-fiction on reality itself.”

“No, I’m not joking, please, if there is one thing you will trust me with let it be this.”

“Ok then, I guess after all the things I’ve seen over the past few days this is only like the second strangest thing I’m hearing.

“Then let me start in the year 2030, cause that should be something you should remember.”

“Sounds good, but why not 2039, why do you need to tell me about stuff I lived through.”

“I will get to that or rather you will understand”

“Ok, then just start”

“2030 was called the year of war, I think it got that name like five years later so you should also know it under that name, is that right?”

“Yeah, I heard that before”

“As you might know the year or rather the war was called this way because it lasted exactly one year from the first of January all the way to the 30th December”

“Yeah, and?”

“Do you know what the war was about?”

“It was something with terrorism, a few terrorists from France blew up a building during a press conference in the US and killed representatives from China, Japan, England, India, Germany, and the US-President.”

“Yeah, but in the chaos the terrorists achieved exactly what the set out to do, everyone forgot what the conference was about and what was supposed to be shown to the masses on that day stayed secret for another ten years. Ten years later on the same day, the 24th of April in 2040 a new Memorial to honor those that let there in the events attack ten years earlier. It was gigantic, they made a total of 529 quartz statues for politicians, fire fighters, officers, journalists, and civilians each with a silver-plate showing their names.”

“And in what way do these statues show what they wanted to show to the public 2030?”

“Sorry, I will get to it, the president of the United States gave a speech to those that died as well as to those that gave their life in the following war between America and Europe, the Year of the War. After his speech the founder of Inditaid which also funded and build the memorial and president Sada Indita gave another speech.”

“Are you done? Could you please get to the point?”

“Yes I’m done, so Sada Indita, whose father was the Indian representative that attended the conference ten years ago, finally told the public the very thing his father and all the other politicians got killed for, a truth that led at least indirectly to a war between giants.”

“I get It, now please, just tell me what it was, you don’t need to make this sound as epic as possible.”

“The thing they found ten years before, was code.”

“Code? You mean computer scripts, that sort of code?

“Yes, that sort”

“Ok, then but whats so special about that, where did they find it?”

“They found it in sapphire.”

“Ok that’s strange, but why did that change the world?”

“Because once their eyes were opened they couldn’t stop looking. Everywhere they looked they found it, the code was in every part of our existent, even in biological material, even in humans. Everything, is code, we are code.”

“So, your telling me Matrix is real or what are you on about?”

“Yes, that’s basic version.”

“So, what changed, did we try to take the red pill, did why try to get out?”

“You remember how I said we are code? We can’t, we are a part of the Matrix. That doesn’t mean however that nothing has changed, far from that even. We noticed first that the code was very basic, it wasn’t some alien technology, it took a while, but we began to understand it. We understood our world. We started finding ways around problems by finding solutions in the code, first we found out how we could use resources the most efficient way possible, then our knowledge extended to farming, they called this time the Golden Age, maybe because they just weren’t that creative.”

“You got my attention, even if this is all just made up, it’s a cool story so go on.”

“What happened after was the dark truth. First Sada Indita got murdered just like his father though there is no prove that it was France that did it. A couple from Sweden found something in the code, something rather strange, we were created in the year 2000, everything before that never was. Our simulation started that year and everything before that was a lie, at least in the eyes of the public. After further research we found out why Elon Musk failed, there was a border, there was no star system. Our reach was limited to the moon, no mars, no Alpha Centauri, no galaxy far far away. The worst thing though was about to come, the discovery of the Swedish couple led to a what was by politicians called the refinement of our world, The idea behind it was the following: If our world was created in the year 2000 and everything before that never happened, what about people that were born before 2000. This was around 2070 and politicians became younger and younger every year. With birthrates exploding over the last decades the world was younger than ever and the old that were born before 2000 were only a small fraction of the human population, it also was became normal at the time to abandon the oldest generation in the family to save money for the next or new generation. This allowed the rise of a political movement in Europe and the US, after the destruction of Africa in the 2060s only Asia was spared. The movement was known as Generation One and gained more and more power. They demanded the total removal of power from everyone born before 2000 because in their eyes they were not human, they were just a lie. Though they failed to realize that not only the old but also, they were code and under their logic, just a lie. This didn’t stop them however, their philosophy reached even governments, high-ranking politicians, and companies all over the world that now resisted to sell their goods to old people. The followers within the political spectrum took away all rights of people born before 2000 and not only allowed but even encouraged their murder in over half of the world. In the rest of the countries they starved, unable to buy food from the online shops. Many tried to escape to Asia this though proved to be rather impossible , their physical and mental state as well as them not being able to use airports or other methods of travel made it near impossible for an NPC that lived in the US to survive. NPCs, that’s what they called them, despite the meaning in no way reflecting what they are the term became hugely popular and it was the one name everyone used when they talked about them. Luckily there was one last helping hand, one last chance for the NPCs to survive, family. If an NPC had a good relationship to their family or someone that could help them, they could under huge risks be brought to Asia or kept as something like pets. Though only a few people had the money or resources to save an NPC.”

“I guess what followed was a total shitshow.”

“That, that was not the reaction I thought you would make. I was five when this all happened so it doesn’t really affect me, I was lucky enough to never meet the people that died in my family, but what about you, don’t you have people that were born before 2000, people that would be affected by this?”

“My grandpa is an Asshole my grandma is an alcoholic and probably dead before all of this goes down.”

“Yeah, but what about your parents, they surely were born before 2000 if you lived 2039 and are around 20 years old, I guess”

“My parents you say, you would be right about that, but I don’t know my parents, I don’t know who they are, I don’t even know how they look.”

“Did you never meet them?”

“No, that’s not how it is, I meet them, I even lived together with them I’m pretty sure for like 90% of my live, I just can’t remember, I just forgot them”

“How did you forget your parents?

“I thought that would be normal, I mean why else would people stop having a bond with their parents.”

“If you say it like this, I don’t actually know, my father still seemed to know his father but maybe he is strange and not you.”

“Wouldn’t be the only thing about your father that’s strange.”