Chapter 20:

The Unhuman Creator’s Unhuman Creation

A Place between There and Now

“I’m sorry, just ignore that”

She stared at me. Why did she stare at me? Stop it, I thought, she turned her head away and continued.

“Anyways, what followed was in the eyes of the public at first the second coming of the golden age but what was meant to be the saviour after the new dark age soon looked more like the more of the same.”

“So, what happened?”

“After we began to understand the code a few decades prior a new idea started to gain the attention of programmers which by now replaced every traditional scientist. Science was dead, all science was code, so why have someone study an illusion in hope of a solution or some sort of pattern when you can just look at it and see it all written for you. Everyone started using this one programming language because we no longer needed others, they were just a placeholder if you look at it this way, what were they but our attempt to simulate this. They gave it the Name T-Code and began to worship it. It was what we could only describe as the highest grade of perfection in our world, which is also why the idea that started blossoming inside the heads of some programmers was so controversial. We understood the code, we could write it, use it, read it, so why don’t change it. While all this happened, another conflict was nearing its end. Every single company on the market was bought by one of three companies: Gazation, Europe and Inditaid.”

“You said a few things about them earlier so could you maybe go more in-depth about them?”

“Sure, though I don’t know a lot about Inditaid besides the fact that they are known for their extreme cruelty. Everyone that is in any way related to Inditaid lives a life of suffering and they actively try to inflict as much pain on others as possible. The work conditions are so bad that they could rival Nazi-Germany’s concentration camps. Like I already said Inditaid was founded by Sada Indita and was first a Tec company in India but started buying smaller companies quickly growing to a massive scale and selling nearly everything you can think of. It soon bought a huge part of the surrounding countries and owns the entirety of Australia, New Zealand, and China. About 5 years ago their chairman died and they brought Sada Indita back to run the company”

“didn’t you say that he was killed?”

“Do you remember what I said about programmers starting to think about changing the code? Turns out that after half a decade of studying it we were pretty good at it from the very start. We didn’t need a long Testing time, we went straight to business and it went flawless. We started with creating mass from nothing. We created a 100 by 100 by 100-meter diamond in Canada, things seemed to finally get better. We started with duplicating food and trying to solve world hunger. The problem were two companies, everything on our planet belonged to one of the three companies and Inditaid and Europe abused their power and broke the one contract that was formed between the companies. They manipulated the code of humans. Inditaid first just copied the code of Sada Indita into a virtual framework to bring him back to life as an AI. They removed all physical data, in the hopes of removing what made him dead but after they were done, they found something, something so simple it would change the world but not for the better. </81236-live_duration[]/>”

“Ok, I see where this is going, they copied his code again into a virtual framework and changed the live duration”

Saying these words made me feel unease

“You would think that, but they went further, they didn’t manipulate the copy, they changed the original.”

“They resurrected him?”

“Exactly, but how they did it is to this day unknown”

“But doesn’t this mean that wherever we are we can just manipulate our surroundings, couldn’t that maybe help us get out of here?”

“Firstly, do you even know where here is?”


Secondly, do you know how to manipulate code?”


“So, forget that, that won’t happen in a million years, Gazation to this day has no clue how Inditaid and Europe did it.”

“Oh, right, what did Europe do, and you said that the discovery of the live duration stat changed the world but not for the better, what did you mean with that?”

“What do you want to hear first?”

“Let’s start with live duration.”

“They gave Sada a life duration of 1000 years and he got up completely fine, his wounds even healed within seconds, that’s at least what the news said. But what they did afterwards is the real problem, they experimented with life duration on first rats, then humans. They tried to see what would happen to a human if they set the value to zero, they wanted to know how the subject would die, they assumed a natural death like a heart attack but that was not what happened. The subject started screaming and attacked the programmers. An officer shot him 5 times before he finally fell dead to the ground, after inspection they found out though that the man was already dead by the time the value was set to zero. After more tests, they came to the conclusion that every living thing would die immediately but it would still need a source of death from the outside so there are two possible reactions which seemed to be linked to </71341-fear-reaction[true/false]/>. If the Subject is feeling great fear and the function is true, they will react by running if it is false, they will fight. In the case of a zombie, that’s what they called someone with a life duration of zero, true means they will try to kill themselves through the environment and false means they will try to fight until someone, or something kills it.”

“So, Matrix and the Walking Dead are real now?”

“The next thing they tried was set the live duration to [999.999.999] the people they did this to turned completely immortal, but they still suffered from pain. The people involved in tests are probably the people that suffered the most over the past two thousan- I mean 90 years”

“Why do I find this oddly relatable.”

“The final test that they conducted and that I know about was also in the eyes of the programmers the most interesting. They added a single thing to the live durations of their subjects. Nothing more than a simple -. The results were even stranger than those from the zero value. They took an 80-year-old man and changed his life duration to a negative value and in the next second, they would see him lying Infront of him screaming. They looked down and blood was dripping from their chests. They dropped to the floor and saw that there wasn’t one 80-year-old man but two, no, three. In the next moment, the men and all his copies exploded. 8 people died in the experiment and an NPC. After that they didn’t experiment with negative values anymore, it seemed too risky. how should they prevent the deaths of their employee if they didn’t know what killed them or more so how it killed them.”

I didn’t say anything, how should I have said anything in this situation, it was clear, but I couldn’t tell her, not now.”

“Did, did his appearance change in any way?”

“Why are you asking? But if you ask me like that, yes, I think there was something, they said he was nothing but a silhouette, they didn’t recognize him anymore, whatever that’s supposed to mean.”