Chapter 22:

Our Future Isn't Far-fetched

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

A man in his 50s was walking to his car and wearing shades. He had short orange hair and blue eyes, and he chewed gum for no reason. He was Gabriel Taavetti, the current President of Verdandi.

After Gabriel accompanied the foreign prime minister to Kievan International Airport, he was going to hold a meeting with his ministers and Xerxes at Asred-V (The Army Strategic Reserves Command of Verdandi) Headquarters. However, when he went inside his car and sat in the back seat, he noticed that his driver was gone, and he saw a woman in the driver’s seat who put her hands on the steering wheel.

“Anastasia?” Gabriel asked.

Anastasia smiled and replied, “Good morning, Mr. President. Why do you wear shades inside a car?”

Gabriel turned his head to the right for a moment, “Well, why do you wear it too, then?”

Then Gabriel and Anastasia said at the same time, “Fashion.”

“Where is my driver?” Gabriel asked.

“He was smoking, but he got choked, and he died,” Anastasia said.

Gabriel was silent for a moment. Then he asked, “What do you want?”

“Convince Xerxes to let Dr. Easton be another presidential candidate in the next election. Rational democratic people aren’t few after all. You have to accommodate them.”

“Why should I?”

“Are you not afraid, Mr. President?”

“People die eventually, so why don’t we just enjoy our life in our short lifespan? Your father was too serious. I’m sure you were a little happy when he died.”

Anastasia curled up her lips and said, “Tricia Gabriel. She cheated on my boyfriend and hung out with a fat bastard. Sitting, saying ‘desu wa this, desu wa that’, having an ecstatic expression, and sticking out her tongue like a b*tch. Do you want to see your daughter become a trending topic due to her leaked NTR video?”

Gabriel glared at Anastasia. He then said, “Okay, I will convince Xerxes, but I won’t do anything else.”

“That’s fine, Mr. President.”

“Like father, like daughter. You are too serious on ideology, Anastasia.”

“If I can use my ideology as a way to gain support and live happily, then I won’t mind it, Sir,” Anastasia said. Then she opened the car door and left.

Gabriel was confused. Then he uttered a question, “Hey, do you mean I have to drive myself? How bothersome.”


One week has passed since that riot, but I haven’t found Ms. Descartes. She must have flown to another country, or at least she must have slipped to another city in the midst of that riot. Sneaky b*tch, Damian thought as he sat on a seat in a subway station.

However, our demands were partially fulfilled. Gabriel made it harder for foreigners to invest in Verdandi, and the government wouldn’t impose Perfect Adult on children, but anime was still banned due to excessive boob sizes, Damian thought and checked his wallet. His wallet was empty.

Poor Dr. Easton. He was fired as the commander of OC-IPA, and Gabriel appointed him as the ambassador for the foreign capital. Thus Dr. Easton wouldn't have much influence here, Damian thought and crossed his legs. Thirteen people died, 130 people got serious injuries, 700 cars were burned, and 130 shops were robbed and destroyed in that riot, and Ms. Rose got five years imprisonment as the leader of the demonstrators. Savage, but pressure, success.

Damian then stretched his arms: he was sleepy. Gabriel also restricted luxury cars, so Xerxes' cronies wouldn’t show off their wealth, but nepotism still existed. The current government is just not that good.

Damian stood up and noticed that a subway train had arrived. Still, our future isn't far-fetched. Isn’t that right, Ms. Elma? Or should I call her Ms. Manager? She replaced Ms. Rose after all.

“Hum, hum, hum, hum,” a girl in her late teens hummed and came out from the train. She was swinging up her arms in turn to her shoulders and taking big strides. She wore a pink bunny hoodie jacket, a white shirt with long sleeves, white hot pants, and pink shoes. She had short pink hair with a short ahoge, purple eyes, and an ice cream hair clip on her hair. She also smiled, so she radiated a dumb girl’s vibe!

She stands out too much, Damian thought.


“Ouch!” the girl slipped and her head hit the floor.

Crash! Bang!

A humanoid in the station jumped, and its head hit a ceiling light. Then a humanoid officer pulled out its gun and shot a human officer's left leg.


“Ouch!” Damian also slipped and hit the ground for no reason. What the hell is going on?! Damian thought. However, I’m glad there is no explosion.


WHAT THE F*CK. Damian was surprised that the rear car of the train exploded. Who the hell put a bomb there?! Heck, was there a bomb?!

The girl was sitting with her legs in a W-shaped position, and she scratched her back of her head with her right hand. She said, “Ehehe... sorry, sorry.”

Sure, politics could affect people's lives significantly, but there was something else that surely affected people at least once in their life: a walking disaster, that person who often generated trouble.

Yes, Damian had encountered a troublemaker!

Oh, sh*t.

(The Riot Arc: END. Next Arc: Election!)