Chapter 474:

Chapter 474: Zeth’s Sorrow

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 474: Zeth’s Sorrow

Narrator: Zenos has dealt a fatal blow to Sasha. What can Zeth do now?

*Zeth stands up and has a very horrified and distressed expression on his face with tears flowing down his face*

*He starts slowly walking toward Sasha’s body. He starts muttering stuff as he walks*

Zeth: Y-You can’t be dead, can you? It’s going to turn out fine… right?

Zenos: Look at you. You look so broken now.

*Zeth keeps muttering as he walks*

Zeth: We’re going to go back to enjoying our lives, right? Everything always works out for us in the end. So come on, please get up.

*Zeth arrives at Sasha’s body and puts his ear up to her chest to check for her heartbeat. His eyes then open wide after a moment*

Zeth: Th-There’s no heartbeat…!

Zenos: What, you thought she would still be alive after what I just did? How pathetic. She’s dead. She is nothing but a corpse now. She is as dead as a person can be. That is the price of declining my offer.

Zeth: There’s no heartbeat… There’s no heartbeat… There’s no heartbeat… There’s no heartbeat… There’s no heartbeat… There’s no heartbeat… There’s no heartbeat… There’s no heartbeat… There’s no heartbeat! There’s no heartbeat!!!

*Zeth falls on his hands and knees and cries*

Zeth: Nooooo!!!!!

Zenos: Don’t worry. You will be joining her soon.

Zeth: It shouldn’t be like this!!

*Zeth starts having flashbacks*


*The first flashback is from Chapter 6 when the heroes first met Sasha when she was sitting against a tree crying*

Zeth: Sounds like cruddy parents to me. You should come with us.

Sasha: Do you really mean it?

Zeth: Yep, I’m not just gonna leave someone in need to suffer, especially when you have no home to go back to.

Sasha: *sniff* Thank you, thank you!


*The second flashback is from Chapter 176 when Sasha broke the seal on her heart and awakened her dark powers. Kogen had Zeth held against a wall and was brutally punching him in the face*

Sasha: But now I can kill with a cause! I will now kill for Zeth! I will fight side by side with him and will put a stake in the heart of the Dark Goddess for him!


*The third flashback is from Chapter 300 when Zeth and Sasha were crawling in a pipe to hide from the giant Snagger which is when they confessed to each other*

Zeth: I…

*Zeth takes a deep breath*

Zeth: I want to be with you… forever.

Sasha: Zeth… you said it…


Zeth: Sorry, for being so awkward…

Sasha: It’s okay. I have to confess too so let me say it… I love you.


*The fourth flashback is from Chapter 379 when Zeth asked Sasha on a date*

Zeth: Sasha.

*Sasha turns around*

Sasha: Zeth?

Zeth: Sasha… um… do you want to go out on a date?

*Sasha’s eyes open wide*

*Sasha then smiles and starts running toward Zeth and hugs him tightly*

Sasha: Yes, yes, yes, yes!


*The fifth flashback is from Chapter 380 when Zeth and Sasha were on their date and were sitting on a hill looking at a field of grass and flowers at night*

Zeth: You want to know what this field and view represent?

Sasha: What?

Zeth: It represents the future I want. The future I want to have with you.

*Sasha is in awe*

Zeth: A future where we can live in peace and not have to worry about a conflict between Heaven and Hell.

Sasha: That’s what I want too!

*Zeth points up at the stars in the sky*

Zeth: And up there! There are other worlds like ours! But maybe most of them are peaceful. Zeth: I don’t know what started the conflict between Heaven and Hell on our world but it’s time it came to an end. We will keep working! Keep training! We will fight for the future that we want!

*Sasha is even more in awe as she becomes teary-eyed*

Sasha: Those are very inspiring words!

*Zeth’s flashback ends with them running down the hill and into the field and are smiling and laughing along the way*


*With the flashback now over, Zeth just looks straight up and screams in sorrow*

Zenos: Okay, enough of this.

*Zenos is about to go over to Zeth until Zeth looks at him with vengeful eyes. Dark magic is flowing in his eyes and Zenos notices*

Zenos: That’s interesting. His wanting to kill me shouldn’t make his eyes like that. Well, now I want to see how this plays out.

*Sasha’s dark power starts to race through Zeth’s body*

*Harmona’s words from Chapter 377 start to repeat in Zeth’s mind. “Once you become Stage 5, there is no turning back.”

*Those words repeat in his mind 10 times*

*But then some words start to be left out as it repeats more often*

“Become Stage 5, there is no turning back.”

“Stage 5, there is no turning back.”

“There is no turning back.”

“No turning back.”




*Despite those words, Zeth still looks vengeful and Sasha’s dark power continues to flow through him*


*Sasha’s dark power is now raging through him. He immediately turns into the Stage 4 Blood Form that he went into against Poleon in Chapter 446, but his body keeps changing*

*His whole body grows to be larger than he ever was before. His tail grows spikes on it. His snout grows even longer. The diagonal horns on his head become sharper. His claws and teeth become even sharper. He becomes four-legged instead of hunched. The light brown fur on his back covers more of it. The rest of his body is still black and scaly*

*Zenos gets a full view of Zeth’s new form. Zeth is now gigantic with a height of about 50 feet. He looks down upon Zenos*

*Zenos confidently smiles*

Zenos: Let’s see what you got.

Narrator: The most painful loss! A loss so great that Zeth throws away his future in order to avenge Sasha! Will Stage 5 Blood Form give Zeth the power to kill Zenos!?

Chapter 474 END

To be Continued in Chapter 475: Vengeful Roar

Author's Comment: I know a lot of the chapter featured flashbacks of things already written in previous chapters but I felt that having those fully repeated here would be more impactful for the situation than just saying he had the flashbacks and not elaborating on what was said in them.