Chapter 473:

Chapter 473: Face to Face with The End

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 473: Face to Face with The End

Narrator: Back with the heroes and the Dark Matter Clan.

*The heroes and DMC are all gathered in section M2*

Kennedy: With all of us together, we need to push forward.

*Suddenly, strong wind gusts happen all around them*

Alaina: What is happening?

Joe: I can promise that it’s not my power.

*Zenos appears in the sky and quickly lands on the ground in front of them*

*They are all shocked*

Kennedy: Zenos! I didn’t expect that he would come to us!

Zenos: Hello, little ones. You must be very brave or very stupid to think you can invade my dimension and actually defeat me.

Zeth: Clearly you see us as a big enough threat that you would come to us!

*Zenos chuckles*

Zenos: Hmhmhmhm. That’s not why I have come to you at all.

*Zenos looks at Zeth and Sasha*

Zenos: You two are coming with me.

*Zenos grabs Zeth and Sasha and then all of three of them appear as if they warp upwards and vanish*

Kennedy: No!!

Kurt: What does that mean!?

Joe: What are we going to do!?

Gice: Is he taking them back to his lair!?


*Zenos, Zeth, and Sasha are warped back into the lair. They are in the highest room of the whole lair which is a giant domed room*

*Zenos lets go of them and they jump back to create some distance*

Zeth: What is the meaning of this?

Sasha: What do you get out of bringing us here?

Zenos: Why, you ask? I find you both interesting.

Zeth: And why is that?

Zenos: Zeth, you are a being of light. Sasha, you are being of dark. And yet, the two of you are close. Closer than any beings of light and dark have been for billions of years.

Sasha: What’s your point?

Zenos: That you both have the ability to understand my reasons.

Zeth: Be more specific.

Zenos: My goal is to bring Heaven and Hell together. I will destroy them both and become the one single ruler who holds the Earth, Heaven, and Hell together. You are different from both sides who only look at things in black and white. Join me and help me accomplish that goal. You both are worthy to become a part of my new era!

Zeth: That’s it? Destroy everything? That hardly counts as a solution.

Sasha: What a load of shit! We will find a way to unite the two sides without completely destroying them! We don’t accept your offer!

Zenos: How sad. I can promise that declining my offer won’t end well for you. And even if you tried to unite them yourselves, you would just suffer the same fate that my parents did.

*Zeth goes into Raging Star Mode and Sasha charges up her own demonic aura*

Zeth: We will stand against you.

*Zenos looks at them with a disapproving expression*

Zenos: Is that your final answer?

*Zeth and Sasha look at him with a determined expression*

Zeth and Sasha: Yes.

Zenos: So be it.

*Zeth and Sasha rush toward Zenos*

*Zeth and Sasha try to rapidly punch Zenos, but he is able to block all of Zeth’s punches with his right arm and all of Sasha’s punches with his left arm*

Zenos: Your punches are nothing more than an infant trying to poke me.

*Zeth stops punching and forms a Raging Star Blast and shoves it into Zenos’s gut. Zeth and Sasha jump back as the explosion goes off*

*The smoke clears and it is revealed that Zenos took no damage. All that happened was that his clothes tore a bit*

Zeth: Damn it!

*Zeth and Sasha start outputting even more energy and begin trying to rapidly punch and kick Zenos, but this time at different angles*

*Zenos still is able to block their attacks with ease*

Zenos: The amount of power you two are outputting right now would be among the highest of any warrior from Heaven or Hell. Too bad for you that I’m far beyond that level.

*Zeth and Sasha stop their attack and jump back*

*Zeth forms a bunch of Star Shards*

*Sasha takes on the form of a humanoid Hell Ape*

Narrator: Sasha’s True Demonic Release now allows her to take humanoid forms of her Dark Creatures.

*Sasha starts running toward Zenos as Zeth releases his Star Shards with some going under the floor*

*Zenos swats away all of the Star Shards that come directly at him, making Sasha have to dodge a few*

*Sasha then does a super powerful punch but Zenos blocks it with his left arm. The punch is strong enough that a gust of wind blows behind Zenos after it hits his arm*

*Sasha jumps back after she realizes the punch was ineffective*

*The remaining Star Shards come from below Zenos. he is ready for them and kicks them back toward Zeth as they come up*

*Zeth is shocked as his own star shards cut right into him and knock him on his back before continuing to fly into a wall. The wound is significant*

Sasha: Zeth!!

*Zeth puts his hand on the wound and looks at it. His hand is covered in the blood from the wound*

Zeth: Shit…!

*Despite the wound, he stands up and forms a Shooting Star*

*Sasha turns into a humanoid black dragon and charges a lot of energy in her mouth*

*Zeth releases his Shooting Star and Sasha releases the beam of powerful energy from her mouth*

*Zenos puts up a defensive stance with his arms. The attacks make contact and explode after pushing Zenos back a bit*

*Most of the room becomes filled with smoke*

*Sasha reverts back to her True Demonic Release form*

Zeth: That had to have done something.

*The smoke clears and Zenos is still fine but he does have cuts on his arms*

Zenos: Impressive attacks… but not good enough.

Sasha: No way…!

Zeth: Is he even beatable…!?

Zenos: If you’re asking if anyone on Earth, Heaven, or Hell is stronger than me? No. No one here can beat me. Let me show you why.

*Within a split second, Zenos reaches Zeth and grabs his right arm. He starts lightly squeezing and then Zeth starts screaming in pain*

Zeth: Aht! Aaahh!! Aaaaahhhhh!!!!

*The bones in Zeth’s right arm start to crack as he screams in more pain*

Zenos: See? Even this light squeeze is cracking your bones and leaving you with extremely agonizing pain.

*Sasha jump-kicks Zenos on the neck. It has no effect*

*Zenos lets go of Zeth’s arm and looks at Sasha*

Zenos: So, you want to be the first to die I see.

*Zenos hits Sasha in the gut with the palm of his hand*

*Sasha is sent flying back as she coughs up a lot of blood*

*Zenos starts running over to Sasha*

*Zeth looks horrified*

Zeth: No!! Don’t!!!!

*Zenos hits Sasha with a bunch of light punches that break many bones in her body. Sasha’s eyes become unfocused and dying as she starts to lean forward*

*Zeth looks even more horrified*

Zeth: No!!! Please stoooooooop!!!!!!!!

*Zenos then stabs Sasha in the gut with his hand and it goes all the way through. Her unfocused eyes now close*

Zenos: And to think this could have been prevented if you had joined me. Here, I want you to get a good look at your missed opportunity.

*Zenos throws Sasha’s body closer to Zeth*

*Zeth looks at Sasha’s body and his face has the most extreme look of horror and distress that a person could ever have*

Zeth: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha refused to accept Zenos’s offer! Zenos has dealt a fatal blow to Sasha leaving Zeth in absolute sorrow!

Chapter 473 END

To be Continued in Chapter 474: Zeth’s Sorrow