Chapter 475:

Chapter 475: Vengeful Roar

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 475: Vengeful Roar

Narrator: Zeth has gone all the way to a Stage 5 Blood Form. He is now permanently stuck in this form but will it be enough to beat Zenos?

Zenos: So, you gave up everything in order to become a Stage 5 Blood Form? If you think you can kill me with that then try to do it. Of course, you likely are just a rampaging beast with no real intelligence now.

*The gigantic monstrous Zeth roars at Zenos*

*The gigantic monstrous Zeth slashes at Zenos with his claw but Zenos dodges with great speed and gets to the right of the monstrous Zeth*

*Monstrous Zeth tries to hit Zenos with his tail but Zenos again dodges with great speed. Though, the throne chair in the center of the room is destroyed*

*Zenos is back in front of the monstrous Zeth again*

Zenos: You have a lot of power but will you even be able to hit me?

*Monstrous Zeth starts rapidly slashing and eventually hits Zenos. knocking him back into the wall at the end of the room*

*Monstrous Zeth starts charging a beam of energy in his mouth. The beam has black, white, gold, and red colors swirling in it*

*Monstrous Zeth releases the beam of energy directly at Zenos*

*Zenos destroys his own wall and gets out of the way as the beam goes outside into the distance. The beam causes a massive explosion when it hits the ground out in the distance outside*

Zenos: That attack would vaporize almost anything.

*Zenos then smiles*

Zenos: Show me more of your power!

*Zenos launches toward Zeth while smiling with excitement*

Zenos: Let’s see more of it!

*Zenos avoids a few slashes along the way and then kicks monstrous Zeth in the face. The kick turns his head to the side*

*Monstrous Zeth retaliates by slamming his claw down on Zenos and pinning him against the ground. Monstrous Zeth roars at him again*

Zenos: (Sarcastically) Oh no. I’m so scared.

*Monstrous Zeth starts to charge up another beam in his mouth*

*Zenos thrusts his right hand upward and a ball of air of goes upwards and bursts with a ton of force when it hits monstrous Zeth on the chin, knocking him up a bit and stopping the attack*

*Zenos gets up and goes toward the side of monstrous Zeth and kicks him on the side of his body*

*The kick pushes the monstrous Zeth against the wall*

*Monstrous Zeth roars as he gets back on his feet and starts running toward Zenos*

*The monstrous Zeth starts trying to punch Zenos but Zenos jumps away*

*Monstrous Zeth then tries to punch Zenos at his new location but Zenos jumps again. This process of Zeth trying to punch and Zenos jumping away before that happens keeps repeating*

Zenos: You are going to have to do better than that.

*The monstrous Zeth roars in frustration and starts forming meteors in his mouth and releases a barrage of them in various directions*

*Zenos starts to jump around to dodge them. They cause damage to the room as they make contact throughout it*

*Zenos is hit by monstrous Zeth’s spiked tail in the process of dodging the meteors. Monstrous Zeth transitions that to punching Zenos onto the floor and then grabs him*

*Monstrous Zeth then holds Zenos with his claws up to his face and then roars at him*

*Monstrous Zeth is about to eat Zenos. However, Zenos punches monstrous Zeth on the jaw before he can and the pain makes monstrous Zeth drop him*

*Zenos confidently smiles*

Zenos: Too bad.

*Zenos jumps up and above monstrous Zeth’s head and then does a downwards kick that hits monstrous Zeth on the top of his head*

*The kick knocks monstrous Zeth’s head down on the floor. He lifts his head back up in anger and pain and roars as Zenos stands in front of him*

Zenos: You’re not getting close to defeating me but your form is certainly keeping you alive. My attacks would have killed you easily otherwise.

*The monstrous Zeth starts to stand on his two back legs. Monstrous Zeth is now standing up completely on his two back legs and he starts roaring upwards at the ceiling*

*He starts to charge a powerful beam in his mouth which has black, white, gold, and red colors swirling in it*

*Zenos is intrigued*

Zenos: What is he trying to do?

*Zeth releases the powerful beam at the ceiling. The beam almost completely destroys the domed ceiling and roof of Zenos’s lair as it travels into the sky. Only the outer edges of the roof are left*

*The monstrous Zeth is now roaring upwards at the sky with the roof now destroyed. A single tear falls from both eyes*

Zenos: You certainly are a strange one.

Narrator: Zeth’s Stage 5 Blood Form hasn’t gotten Zeth much closer to killing Zenos so far! He roars at the sky as the loss of Sasha affects him even in his uncontrollable monstrous state.

Chapter 475 END

To be Continued in Chapter 476: Vengeful Tears