Chapter 3:

Chapter 2 - Interrogated by a police officer

Reincarnated with an omniscient grimoire

“Was that the last thing you remember, before you woke up?” The police officer asked. I wished at that moment that I could at least see her stats.Bookmark here

“Exactly.”Bookmark here

You probably wonder, what happened afterwards. After her bite, I obviously lost consciousness. She sucked most of my blood out of me, probably intending to kill me. I wasn’t quite sure how I survived. Apparently, a merchant found my pale near-dead body on his way to the city. I first got into something like a hospital where they actually gave me blood transfusions. A few hours later, it was evening already, I woke up and was welcomed by the police officer. She didn’t waste any time and directly asked me about the attack.Bookmark here

“How do you know I was attacked?” I asked.Bookmark here

“It’s obvious. Those bite marks are probably glowing in the dark.” She pointed at my arm. “Are those a vampire’s or maybe … a succubus?”Bookmark here

“It was a succubus … yeah.” I still haven’t fully recovered so my brain wasn’t working as it has before.Bookmark here

“Well I guess you simply had bad luck. Succubi attacks are quite rare nowadays, but you were outside of the town with no witnesses around. Was there anything suspicious about her?”Bookmark here

“How did you know it’s a she? Were there more attacks recently?”Bookmark here

“Oh, you really know nothing … Succubi are always women. The male ones are called Incubus.”Bookmark here

“Oh…” I blushed.Bookmark here

“Now I wonder … how where you even able to distinguish?”Bookmark here

My brain sent alerts as I was not sure how to explain it. Are grimoire’s even everyday things or was I special because I am from another world?Bookmark here

“Well she was … kinda hot … and, um she sucked my blood. That is what Succubi do, am I right?”Bookmark here

“I guess …” She looked through the window. It was already getting dark and thus she proposed: “Are you able to walk again? It’s getting dark outside and, well, the food here isn’t the best. What about going to the police office? At least we have cookies and coffee.”Bookmark here

And that’s how I ended up here. I thought she might like me, until I told her about being from another world, which of course she wouldn’t believe.Bookmark here

The office was only a two-minute walk from the hospital. I couldn’t see much of the city, but at least I could tell it was big.Bookmark here

After handing me a cup, she continued her interrogation. It felt as if being in this building gave her strength. At least I thought so. Her presence was … quite intimidating.Bookmark here

“So, tell me, what did she look like?”Bookmark here

I tried to recall every single detail which wasn’t easy since I only saw her a brief second. Actually, I wasn’t very helpful. I described her as a “marvelous beauty” and “her lips were shining even though there was no light they could reflect” and, yeah, you could totally tell I still had a boner after this meeting although my blood pressure has been way under the norm for half the day.Bookmark here

“That wasn’t very helpful.”Bookmark here

Just as I said …Bookmark here

“Is there anything else you’d like to tell me? If not, we should just stop for today.”Bookmark here

“Actually … there is. She stole my grimoire.” I finally decided to tell it. Who knew what power it had, even more, if it was maybe the only in the entire world?Bookmark here

“Your what?!” She stood up, her hands pressed against the table and I was able to see her veins.Bookmark here

“My Grim…”Bookmark here

“Why didn’t you say so before?! That’ll make it a lot easier to track down our enemy!”Bookmark here

“Your … enemy?” She seemed kind of … overexcited, talking that loudly.Bookmark here

“Actually” She calmed down, “I’m probably not allowed to say. But your grimoire is not the only one, that has been stolen.”Bookmark here

So, they do exist.Bookmark here

“Lately there have been several thefts around the city, each involving a grimoire being stolen. The thieves never got caught. And if, the witnesses were always found dead.”Bookmark here

“And how did I actually help?” I asked reluctantly.Bookmark here

“You know, there aren’t lots of Succubi living in this city.”Bookmark here

In that exact moment, a door opened an in came a young adult, maybe around the age of 20 came in. His hair was bright and small signs of a beard were visible. The most distinctive feature though, was the shape of his ears. They were pointy, yet small.Bookmark here

An elf maybe?Bookmark here

“Ebony Dark’ness Dementia wishes to see you, Shelly.”Bookmark here

“It’s her!” We both shouted at the same time, to which Shelly, apparently that was her name, gave me an irritated glance.Bookmark here

“Tell her to wait a minute, Trevor.”Bookmark here

“Of course.” Trevor left and closed the door.Bookmark here

“This is my now prime suspect. You have to hide!”Bookmark here

“But…”Bookmark here

“I’ll explain to you later, she might recognize you. Go, hide yourself in the kitchen, I’ll keep her away from there.”Bookmark here

The kitchen was a small room adjacent to the lounge, where we were sitting until now. I hurried into the next room, and closed the door behind me. I peeked through the keyhole. I could hear and see Shelly opening the door and a few seconds later I heard high heels walking into the lounge.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry for stealing your time this late.”Bookmark here

“No, it’s okay. As long as you are here to report something?”Bookmark here

“Not exactly. I’m here because of the recent … thefts.”Bookmark here

“You mean the grimoires?”Bookmark here

“Exactly. I’m quite concerned regarding my own collection. Some of them are mine, but mostly they were collected by all my ancestors. You could possibly backtrack them to the beginning of our era.”Bookmark here

“Okay, so how can I help you?”Bookmark here

“I need some information. It would be easier to put up some … security measures, if I would at least know, what kind of … threat I’m facing.”Bookmark here

If you tell her how far your investigations have gone, you would be pretty dumb, Shelly.Bookmark here

“Sorry, that’s classified.”Bookmark here

“Is it?”Bookmark here

“Yes, I’m not allowed to tell you without facing the threat of being punished, if this comes out.”Bookmark here

“But you are … the police officer.”Bookmark here

“And I am not the highest instance being responsible for catching and especially not for judging criminals.” Her voice got unexpectedly fierce. It was an interesting change to her calm self, especially speaking in front of this royal-looking person. “That’s all I have to say.”Bookmark here

I could hear footsteps and then a closing door. I looked through the keyhole again, and opened the door, after making sure, she was gone.Bookmark here

“Aster, go after her.” I could hear Shelly say.Bookmark here

“As you wish.” A man suddenly appeared and vanished after saying those words.Bookmark here

“She was the one attacking me.”Bookmark here

“She was here to sound us out.” Shelly said.Bookmark here

“That’s what I also figured.”Bookmark here

“You don’t seem that dumb. Just a bit … unworldly.”Bookmark here

Well that’s because … nah, forget it.Bookmark here

“You also started talking … like her.” I noticed. “It’s freaking me ... out”Bookmark here

“You mean with those weird breaks in her sentences? Yeah, I also noticed that. I think she’s trying to build up tension. It’s weird.”Bookmark here

After this little conversation, there was an awkward kind of silence.Bookmark here

“I think it’s the best for you, if you sleep here tonight.” With that she broke through it.Bookmark here

“That’s good, because I don’t have anywhere to stay!”Bookmark here

“Until this case is solved you have to stay close by my side.”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“You don’t have any knowledge of how to use magic, have you?” She gave me a gloomy expression.Bookmark here

“Magic?” The grimoire had set my profession as Mage, but without it I doubted I was able to use any of it.Bookmark here

“So, you don’t even know what Magic is?”Bookmark here

“I know what magic is! I just can’t use it …”Bookmark here

“So, you really are from another world, are you…” She muttered to herself. “But that’s just one more reason to have you under custody. Hear me up, assuming Miss Dementia is the culprit, she will probably come to kill you, if she realizes, she hasn’t killed you, since you are our only living witness. And if you aren’t even able to use magic, you’ll die in no time.”Bookmark here

With a stern look she her face came closer to mine, as she said this.Bookmark here

“But for now, we should probably rest.” She said, stretching herself. “This day was tiring and I can’t wait to catch some sleep. I’m also going to sleep at the office. I will protect you, no matter what.”Bookmark here

“Thank you, Shelly.”Bookmark here

“That’s my job. Now come with me. I show you a place to rest.”Bookmark here

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