Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 - Peeping Bear (R18+)

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 4 - Peeping Bear (R18+)


A/N: All appearing characters are above 18 years of age. This novel belongs to the FLAT chest empire. Reader's discretion is advised.

The younger maid called Julia seemed to be the apprentice to the elder one, as the maid called Mira took charge & started to prepare the bath.

Julia filled the bath tub with a few buckets of hot water.

The steam filled air tried to censor the view of this Teddy, but... huhuhu..

I can see everything pretty fine down here. My beady eyes hold no Obstruction!

My petite Goddess is still bare chested, as she along with Mira stepped towards the bath tub.

Meanwhile... I.. am still all alone...


Give me some love too!!

Mira then sat my owner in the bath tub.


Suddenly feeling the warm water on her skin, Lia exclaimed lightly as she squirmed inside it.

Lia pouted as she turned to look at Mira with a scowl on her face.

Mira noticed the dissatisfied look on Lia's face and giggled,

"Now now. It's not the time to pout like that, Young Miss. Here, let me wash you with the water first."

Mira & Julia then proceeded to rinse Lia with the warm water, as they tried to clean her with her hands.

There was a lucky occurrence though.

These two young maids have absolutely no guard against this ninja teddy.

Both of them have their butt aligned to my vision, as their short dresses uplifted, giving me...

Ehem! Ladies & Gentlemen, I would to tell you that, their panties are clearly visible from this angle!

Wooohhhh! All hail the divine creator of panties!


The white panty worn by Mira looks irresistible!

Her pussy seemed to be in the middle of it's growth period and such, the swollen lips hidden by the satanic cloth look so delicious!


Her bean left a protrusion on the cloth, as the middle peachy portion certainly looked to be so inviting~ so delicious!

Though, the other one certainly isn't the one to back down in this flashing contest.

Wait a second...

Am I seeing things here?

She is... she is...


Her petite pussy is barely hidden by the black G-string panty worn by her!

Oh My Lord!

Ladies & Gentlemen, a petite pervert's pussy is in display here.

I, your captain would take you on this tour of the perverted pussy of this petite girl.


Ahh~ Her special peach is all too tightly shut, while no hair seems to be visible anywhere near it.

Even her bean is so perfectly hidden within the clamp.

Yup. Clean & Simple. Just the way I like it!

What?!... A-Am I really seeing things here?!

Why is Julia's pussy so damn WET?!

Julia puts a lot of effort into cleaning Lia's chest with a towel.

Now that I notice it, isn't she touching my Lia's nipples pretty often?

Yes! I am certain! Absolutely!!

This petite girl.. is a TRUE BLOWN PERVERTTT!!!


petite PERVERT~ PERVERT petite~


Also Julia, from time to time, rubbed her pussy against the bath tub.

And the action seemed to be repeating pretty often too!

The petite pervert tried to hide her pleasure, but her steaming red face betrayed her, as her mind often drifted into teasing my petite Lia...


Mira however... she isn't wet at all.


Her total focus is on cleaning our petite girl up, as she bent down and started to take Lia's underpants off.




As the pants continue to slide down, my anticipation soars even higher!

Until when, the heavens opened up & the heavenly peach finally descended the mortal world.

This heaven & earth treasure has so far only been sampled by Yours Truly only.


What a night that was truly..

Mira spoke at that moment,

"Alright. Your front is done. Now it's the turn to clean your back~ Turn around and hold this here."


Lia looks to be very troubled, but eventually relents under Mira's big sis vibe.

Lia is turned around, as she grabs one edge of the bathtub to hold her balance.

Oh ho ho~


I can see everything pretty clearly!

Her smooth smooth legs, her cute petite butt and hips, her petite and petite back and not to forget, her smooth and silky shoulders.

Her rosy white skin shined so glossily in the bright lights of the bath.

Just looking at it is making me crazy!!


I try to control myself, but my eyes betray their master!

They.. just wander towards her butt.

Specifically slightly below her butt.


And between her legs, the special place of hers, I can see it again.

The petite mound.

My sweet sweet heaven~

Her special hole is nowhere in sight though..

Her rosy lips are shut too tight!


Let's wait a little longer..

Surely I would get a lot of action tonight, right?

Her smooth slit makes me want to drool all over it.

Her puffy lips are just the right size~

Absolutely PERFECT!!

But, as I moved my vision to gaze at her cute butt,

At that moment,


"Experience Threshold reached."

"Bear has reached Level 7."

Ouch! I hope this loud sound could be stopped sometime soon!

I levelled up, right?

Hopefully I gained something amazing this time!

Give me X-ray vision... no, how about ability to possess others?

Then I can surely...


Then let's try to find out,


Name: Mr. Bear
Title: -
Class: -
Gender: -
Race: Plush Toy
Level: 7
Health: 5/6
Stamina: 0/0
Experience: 11/110
Focus: 10/10
Skill Points: 0
Strength: 0
Dexterity: 0
Endurance: 0
Sorcery: 0
Charisma: 4
Faith: -
[Inanimate Object] Cannot move.
[Pervert] Gains experience through unconventional means.
[Abyssal Tendrils] Conceals tendrils within its body.
[Glutton] Experience gained through consuming offerings is increased massively.
[Appraisal LV1]
[Outcome Manipulation LV1]

No new skill points or traits, huh?

Only my Charisma & Health improved a bit..

Meh.. not like I care!

I have more Important things to do!

My petite Lia is more important than any reward I may get!!


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