Chapter 481:

Chapter 481: Origins of the Divide Part 3 – Fury and Sadness

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 481: Origins of the Divide Part 3 – Fury and Sadness

Narrator: Back to Zenos after he just killed a demon that tried to assassinate him while he was trying to sleep.

*Zenos is leaving his room*

Zenos: Why did that demon try to kill me?

*A demon is waiting around a corner for him*

*The demon comes out just as Zenos is about to walk by. The demon tries to immediately stab Zenos but he reacts faster and kicks the demon back*

Zenos: Another one? What is going on?

*Zenos heads toward and then enters his father’s chamber only to find that he is dead*

*A bunch of powerful demons, as well as a tall woman with neck-length black hair and Dark Divine Eyes, are standing around his dead body*

*Zenos is in complete shock*

Zenos: Dad!!?

Woman: Kill him.

*Zenos runs and the demons chase after him*

Zenos: I have to get back to Heaven and inform mom that everyone has gone crazy down here!


Narrator: Later in Heaven. It is now morning.

*Zenos is out in the open and finds that the angels are all looking at him hostilely*

Zenos: Why is everyone looking at me like that?

Male Angel: That’s him! He is one of those that sent an assassin to kill our goddess!

*More angels start to show up*

Female Angel: Zenos, you are sick! How could you send your own mother to her death!

*Zenos has a shocked and terrified look on his face*

Zenos: What!!? I didn’t do anything! Mom is dead!? What the Hell is going on here!!!?

*Folken shows up*

Folken: Yes, that is him. One of those despicable enough to kill Saykasura for her power. It was him and Miranda. Kill him.

*Zenos’s eyes are wide open in fear and he starts to run*

Zenos: (Thinking) I don’t have the time to use the transporter! I’m just going to have to jump and hope I land in a good place on Earth!

*Zenos reaches the edge and jumps down out of Heaven*

Folken: Don’t let him escape! Hunt him down like a dog!

*Many angel squads go after him*


Narrator: Soon after, on Earth.

*Zenos is on Earth in a lowly populated mountainous area*

Zenos: I don’t understand! What is going on! How has everything gone so wrong!!?

*Not long after that, he is surrounded by both angel and demon forces. The angels from behind and the demons from the front*

Various Angels: “Die you monster!” “Disgusting!” “Your demon blood is awful!” “Power-hungry filth!” “Your father must be a monster that wanted to sabotage Heaven!”

Various Demons: “Half-breeds have no place!” “Your parents are worthless garbage!” “Hell only needs full demons!” “You will never amount to anything!” “Just fall over and die!”

*Zenos just looks around at all of them and looks as if he is hyperventilating as he hears their cruel words*

*Zenos explodes with anger, his aura is fierce, it even covers his whole body so that he looks like a black shadow with fully red eyes*

Zenos: How dare all of you!! Every single one of you is nothing compared to my parents!! All of you are responsible for their deaths!!! You all deserved to be punished with death!!!!

*Blood goes flying everywhere as Zenos attacks every angel and demon. He smashes them, stabs them, rips them in half, blows them to pieces or even without a trace left. Anything he can do to slaughter them*

*By the end of it, Zenos is completely covered in the blood of those that he killed as if he was painted with red paint. He is breathing heavily*

Zenos: *huff huff huff huff* This… is only the beginning… *huff huff huff huff*

*Every single angel and demon are dead and the whole battlefield is covered in blood, guts, and dead bodies*

*Zenos is then confronted by Miranda. She has a horrified look on her face as if she had just seen a ghost*

Miranda: Zenos… Why…?

Zenos: *huff huff* They killed our parents! And now want to kill us! *huff huff*

Miranda: Father is dead!?

Zenos: Yes! There’s nowhere for us to go on either side…! They must pay for what they have done! Join me, sister. Let’s get payback and destroy both sides. Surely, you’ve seen what is going on? They are both corrupt!

Miranda: I refuse.

*Zenos is shocked and then angered*

Zenos: Why wouldn’t you want to get payback!? Do you not understand the situation!?

Miranda: I do, but I promised Fate I would not use this terrible situation to destroy everything. I am determined to bring peace to everything.

*Zenos looks frustrated*

Zenos: Fine then. I’m leaving. I am going to spend a lot of time strengthening myself. Then I will have my vengeance.

*Zenos leaves and Miranda just stares at him as he leaves*

Miranda: (Narrating) I let him go because I believed that over time he would cool down and begin to see why destroying everything wasn’t right. My brother could be a hot head, but he wasn’t irrational.


Narrator: About 700 years later.

Miranda: (Narrating) I would then lay low in the mortal world for about the next 700 years. By that point, Heaven and Hell had already fought a bunch of wars because neither side trusted each other anymore after what happened. That would be when I would finally run into my brother again.

*Miranda runs into Zenos in a valley*

Zenos: So, sister, what have you been doing for the past 700 years?

Miranda: I’ve just been laying low here on Earth. But I desire to get some sort of closure.

Zenos: I see. Perhaps you would like to go to Heaven and get that closure then.

Miranda: I do. But I want to sneak in. I have no plans of going on some sort of rampage.

Zenos: Fine. But I will be going with you.


Narrator: Soon after.

*Miranda and Zenos sneak into Heaven and navigate through it without being seen. They find a room that Fox is in and he is the only person in the room. Miranda and Zenos quietly enter the room*

*Zenos grabs ahold of Fox and pushes him against the wall*

*Miranda holds her katana up to Fox’s neck with him backed against the wall. She has a very serious expression*

*Fox looks shocked and Zenos closes the door to the room*

Fox: How did you get in here!?

Miranda: I want all the details about your conspiracy against our parents. It will be a bloody end for you if you don’t give us them.

*Fox looks terrified and is starting to sweat from how nervous he is*

Fox: Okay, fine. I admit it. Folken and I came up with a plan to kill Saykasura. But we did not have a hand in Hemoroso’s death. Though, Folken was pleased with it because he welcomed any sort of war with Hell so he could show off his fighting prowess.

Miranda: Tell us how you killed our mother.

*Miranda holds the katana’s blade even closer to Fox’s neck*

Miranda: (Narrating) I think I was unaware of just how much my eyes had the look of a killer at that moment. It took all the resistance I had to not just kill him on the spot as he gave the details. He mentioned what my mother’s last words were to him. First, she told him “Let me tell you one thing. Don’t underestimate my children. They will make you pay in the future. I swear it.” And then she told him “Damn you. You will pay. Your lives will come to a brutal end. Those that desire to bring chaos don’t have happy endings.” But after he mentioned those statements to us, he began to feel even more fear and panic. My brother had then had enough. He brutally murdered Fox. It was in the same room that they killed our mother.

*Fox’s bloody dead body falls on the floor*

Miranda: (Narrating) There was no stopping my brother’s rampage after that. He wanted Folken and Sanzo dead too.

*Zenos rampages through Heaven and kills a lot of angels*

Zenos: Folken!! Sanzo!! Show yourselves, you bastards!!!

*Zenos is eventually confronted by Folken*

Folken: So, you have finally shown yourself again.

*Miranda is also going through Heaven looking for Zenos*

Miranda: Damn it, Zenos! I should have never let you come with me! Look at this carnage!

Miranda: (Narrating) Folken was powerful, but in my brother’s rampage, he unleashed even more power than Folken.

*Miranda arrives to see Zenos rip out Folken’s heart to kill him. Folken falls over dead*

*Sanzo shows up to fight Zenos*

Zenos: There you are! You are not the legitimate ruler of Heaven! I will never consider you the Light God!!

Miranda: (Narrating) My brother tried to fight Sanzo but ultimately was not powerful enough to defeat him. Zenos retreated and left Heaven. I ended up leaving undetected.


Narrator: Later in Hell.

Miranda: (Narrating) Zenos would then go on to rampage in Hell.

*Zenos is killing many demons in Hell as he screams in rage*

Zenos: I will bring the end to everything!!! You who calls yourself the Dark Goddess, come out and face me!!!

Miranda: (Narrating) He battled with Latherin, the Dark Goddess. However, he was once again defeated.

*After being defeated, Zenos retreats to his portal but he leaves Latherin with a promise*

Zenos: You haven’t seen the last of me. I will come back stronger. I will bring the end. Call me the Deity of The End.

*Zenos escapes before Latherin can finish him*


Miranda: (Narrating) When I learned of his attack on Hell, I became very concerned. 20,000 years would pass before he was seen again. When he showed up again, Heaven and Hell were in the middle of a war. I was still living on Earth trying to figure out how to bring peace to the two sides. Zenos got involved in the war and fought both sides. But something was different. He came with dark matter capabilities. With this power, he finally succeeded in killing both Sanzo and Latherin. However, I confronted him before he could do any more damage.

Miranda: You’ve gone insane, brother. I have to stop you. I will bring peace to both sides without destruction.

*Zenos spits on the ground*

Zenos: Yeah? It’s been over 20,000 years and you haven’t done that. You’re all talk. If you really want to bring peace, the only way is to destroy them and start over.

*Miranda and Zenos start fighting*

Miranda: (Narrating) We fought a long battle. I failed to kill him but with the help of angels and demons, I was able to seal him in the Dimension of Deities. Both Sanzo and Latherin had an heir. I hoped with the cooperation in sealing my brother that I could bring peace to both sides. It didn’t last long. Their heirs would go to war eventually. Throughout history, I would try to bring them together but I would fail every time. My brother would break out of the Dimension of Deities twice more. I would seal him again and once again hope it brings the two sides together but it never did. The second time he broke out, it was after hundreds of millions of years. He spent a long time learning how to create dimensions and, in the process, created the Dimension of Dark Matter.

Miranda: (Narrating) His third breakout was the one from nearly 300,000 years ago. He was secretive about that one. I didn’t realize it until after Zothena had sealed him in the Dimension of Dark Matter. If not for Rayna, that would have been a much more effective seal than any of the times I sealed him in the Dimension of Deities.

*End of backstory*


*Everyone looks at Miranda as she finishes her story*

Miranda: But this time there will be no sealing. I intend to kill my brother this time. I fully believe that Zeth and Sasha can bring Heaven and Hell together once those that are the biggest obstacles to it are dead. Brother, you are one of those obstacles. The deity names we have “Deity of the Divide” and “Deity of The End”. They are symbolic of us rather than our powers. These titles will no longer exist after today.

Narrator: The full backstory of Miranda and Zenos has now been given! The backstory shows how the conflict between Heaven and Hell even began in the first place! Now, Miranda intends to remove her brother from the picture.

Chapter 481 END

To be Continued in Chapter 482: Battle of Legendary Deities