Chapter 482:

Chapter 482: Battle of Legendary Deities

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 482: Battle of Legendary Deities

Narrator: With the backstory finished, the only thing left to do is to finally defeat Zenos.

*Zenos looks at everyone*

Zenos: I can confirm the accuracy of her story. So tell me, everyone, after hearing it, do you really think my sister’s goals are actually realistic? Do you really think Heaven and Hell the way they are can be reunited peacefully?

*They all look determined and give him a collective “I do” answer*

Miranda: There’s your answer.

Zenos: You are all a bunch of fools.

Miranda: You can’t expect them to agree with you when your method means killing everyone. I don’t even understand your motives anymore. You’ve already killed everyone responsible for our parents’ deaths. You and I are the only ones still here from that era.

Zenos: You really don’t get it? I want to restore everything that our parents worked for. Their legacy should not be in flames. I just have a different and much better way of achieving it than you.

Miranda: I won’t let you destroy everything!

Zenos: Then face me! One last time.

*Miranda launches toward Zenos*

*Miranda tries to slash Zenos with her katana but he dodges. Zenos then immediately tries to punch Miranda but she blocks with her arm. The collision actually sends shockwaves out in all directions*

*Miranda gut-punches Zenos with her other hand and then uppercuts him to knock him upwards. She then jumps up to slash him*

*Zenos kicks her as Miranda slashes him*

*Miranda is knocked back toward a wall*

*Zenos returns to the ground but has a slash wound on his abdomen. He doesn’t have any time to rest as Miranda dashes toward him at an extreme speed and tries to slash him*

*Miranda rapidly slashes at Zenos at an unbelievable speed. Zenos does his best to dodge but is getting cuts on him on occasion*

Emily: I can’t believe just how fast she can slash with that katana! That’s incredible!

*Eventually, Zenos is incredibly able to stop her slashes by grabbing her hand which frustrates Miranda*

*Zenos punches Miranda in the face and then slams her down on the floor. Finally, he kicks her out of the building through the destroyed wall*

*Zenos then forms five Dark Matter Missiles and releases all of them at Miranda*

*Miranda sees them coming toward her as she tries to stop herself from going back any farther but the missiles explode*

Zeth: Oh no!

*Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Miranda is behind Zenos again and attempts a downwards diagonal slash*

*Zenos stops the slash by hitting Miranda’s arm but Miranda uses her other hand to punch Zenos hard and knock him out of the building through the destroyed wall*

*Miranda then goes after him and leaves the building too*

Miranda: (Thinking) The power used in this battle will be extreme. I need to keep this battle out in the distance so the others don’t become collateral damage.

*Miranda reaches Zenos and then tries to slash him but he jumps back to dodge*

*Miranda continues going after him and they then continuously try to attack each other followed by dodging*

*Miranda lands a slash on him which damages him*

*Zenos then thrusts his palm forward and releases a wave of magic which knocks Miranda back a bit*

*Zenos then sends two swirls of purple fire at Miranda*

*The two swirls connect when they reach Miranda and release a lot of energy once they do. The attack did a good amount of damage to Miranda*

*The others look out of the destroyed wall to watch the battle*

Kurt: This is truly nuts…

*The attack ends. Miranda is damaged but she carves a circular chunk out of the ground using her katana. It then breaks into chunks and each become charged with a lot of power*

*Miranda thrusts her hand forward which sends them after Zenos*

*Zenos tries to avoid the chunks but each of them causes large and powerful explosions*

*The others are still watching from the building and cheering*

Zeth: Alright, surely that had to hurt him a lot!

*The explosions start to end as new power sways around the air throughout the area*

*Zenos took a good amount of damage but he now holds the Staff of the Heavens upwards*

Zenos: Your skill with father’s katana is unmatched. That’s why I needed to get mother’s staff.

Miranda: I was wondering when you would start using it.

*Everyone is still watching except for Dom who is reading some papers*

*Kurt notices he is reading them*

Kurt: What are you reading, Master Dom?

Dom: I found these while investigating this lair. I have a feeling these documents reveal Zenos’s weakness.

*Everyone looks at him with surprise*

Harmona: What did you say?

Narrator: Miranda and Zenos have begun their final battle! But Dom says that the documents he obtained might reveal Zenos’s weakness! What will it reveal?

Chapter 482 END

To be Continued in Chapter 483: Crossing Weapons of the Gods