Chapter 480:

Chapter 480: Origins of the Divide Part 2 – Coup D'état

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 480: Origins of the Divide Part 2 – Coup D'état

Narrator: Three days later.

*Miranda is on Earth and confronts three imp-like demons in a rocky area*

Miranda: You three. Return to Hell immediately.

Male Imp Demon 1: We will do as we please.

Miranda: Then you will be classified as rogue demons and eliminated.

Female Imp Demon: Not if we kill you first!

*Miranda has a serious expression as the demons run toward her*

Male Imp Demon 2: We don’t give a damn if you are the child of the Light Goddess and Dark God!

*Miranda hits each one of them with one punch which kills all of them*

*Miranda looks at their dead bodies*

Miranda: I guess I should figure out what to do with the bodies.


Narrator: Back in Hell.

*Zenos enters his room and yawns*

Zenos: I’m beat. I’m going to bed.

*Zenos gets in bed and starts sleeping*


Narrator: Back in Heaven.

*It’s night in Heaven. Saykasura and Fox go into a building and walk through a hallway*

Fox: Yes, there is something urgent that a few of us need to meet with you about.

Saykasura: What is the issue?

Fox: The team of angels we sent to Hell to deliver a message… They haven’t come back yet.

Saykasura: I could just contact Hemoroso.

Fox: That is an option but I think we should go over all the information first. That is how the procedures are set up after all.

Saykasura: You’re right. Which meeting room are we going to?

Fox: Room 2A.

*They reach the room. Saykasura goes in before Fox*

*When they go in, the room is pretty dim but the only one sitting at the table is Folken*

*Saykasura sits down at the table*

Saykasura: Where are the other advisors?

Fox: There are two others that are supposed to be here but I guess they are a bit late.

*Fox sits to the left of Saykasura. Folken is sitting across from them*

Folken: I guess we should begin. The others will join us in the middle of it, I’m sure.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Fate.

*Fate enters the same building that the meeting is being held in*

Fate: Hey, has anyone seen Miranda?

*Fate doesn’t really see anyone in the main hall*

Fate: Uhhh where is everyone? I know it’s night but still… There should be people here.

*Fate continues searching*


Narrator: Back in the meeting room.

Fox: We sent the team out 17 hours ago. We expected them to be back in 6 hours with a margin of error of 2 hours. So they should have been back no later than 8 hours after they left.

*In the corner of the dimmed room, something black with glowing yellow eyes starts to hang down from the ceiling*


Narrator: Meanwhile in Hell.

*In a first-person view, someone is walking through a hallway and up to a door. The door is slowly opened until Zenos’s sleeping body is seen*


Narrator: Back in the meeting room.

*The black figure hanging down from the ceiling thrusts its hands forward and yellow-colored magic is released*

???: Abotaydaba!

*Saykasura stood up when she became aware of the black figure but now she is paralyzed and can’t move*

Saykasura: What!?

Fox: Hmhmhmhmhm.

Saykasura: What is the meaning of this!?

Fox: We’re overthrowing you, of course. This is a coup d'état.

Saykasura: Why!? I’ve done nothing but good!!

Folken: It’s because you won’t produce a fully light heir. Mixing with darkness should be considered heresy.

Fox: To be honest, I don’t even mind your union with the Dark God. But it becomes a problem if you don’t have a fully light heir. It became clear to me that you would never have children with anyone but Hemoroso.

Saykasura: How many of you are in on this!?

Fox: Just me and Folken… and a few people we enlisted the help of.

Folken: Such as this demon.

*The black figure drops from the ceiling. It is a humanoid male demon with dark gray skin and glowing yellow eyes. It has hooked horns*

Saykasura: There’s no way a demon could keep me paralyzed for long!

Folken: And you would be right. But let’s just say I gave him some… enhancements.

Saykasura: Wait, then when you said two others would be joining us, you meant this demon!? Then who else!?

Fox: Hmhmhmhm. Excellent question. When I haven’t been on duty, I’ve been looking around. That other person is… your replacement.

*The door starts to open*

*A man with shoulder-length blonde hair walks in*

*Saykasura’s eyes open wide*

Saykasura: You are…!

Fox: That’s right. He is the one that finished runner-up to you in the selection process of who got to become Earth’s first Light God or Goddess. He is Sanzo.

Saykasura: Sanzo!? I didn’t take you as someone that would do something like this! You even congratulated me on becoming the Light Goddess! Was that not genuine!?

Sanzo: It was genuine. But I agree with Fox and Folken’s views. Light and dark should not mix.

*The demon walks over to Folken*

Demon: So, now that I’ve done my job, I can get that katana right?

Folken: Sure, you can have it.

*Folken smiles and then pulls out a sword and pierces the demon in the chest with it*

*The demon is shocked and coughs up blood*

Demon: W-what…?

*The demon falls over dead*

Saykasura: How messed up are you that you would kill someone who did what you wanted?

Folken: I think you’re missing the point.

Fox: It’s all part of the plan. You see, we’re going to use this demon to paint your children as the perpetrators of your death. They couldn’t help using their demon blood to try to rip power from you sooner so they snuck in an assassin demon to kill you and we, your noble assistants, avenged you by killing the demon.

*Saykasura has an enraged look on her face*

Saykasura: You’re absolutely insane!!

Folken: Your children will be hunted down as enemies.

Saykasura: No!!

Fox: We’re nice people though so we will give you an alternative option. Take your children and go back to the Divine World. None of you die and we get what we want.

Saykasura: I would never in good conscience leave Heaven in your hands after learning of this plan!

*Folken sighs and takes a demonic dagger from the dead demon’s body and tosses it to Sanzo*

*Saykasura struggles to break free of the paralysis*

Saykasura: How have I not been able to end this paralysis!?

Fox: That paralysis attack was super-charged. Anyway, do it, Sanzo.

Sanzo: I really don’t want to have to do this to you, Saykasura, but you refused the non-violent option.

*Sanzo stabs Saykasura in the upper back with the demonic dagger*

*Saykasura’s eyes open wide as she coughs up blood and falls over as the paralysis ends*

Fox: And now we have our murder weapon.

*They all hear a gasp and turn around to see that Fate is at the room’s entrance. She saw the attack*

Fox: She’s seen too much. Kill her.

Fate: Oh no!

*Fate starts running away and Folken follows her out of the room*

*Saykasura is lying on the floor with blood flowing out of her back and out of her mouth. She still looks angry*

Saykasura: Let me tell you one thing…! Don’t underestimate my children…! They will make you pay in the future…! I swear it…!

Fox: There’s no need to worry about the future when they won’t survive the present. Oh, and I almost forgot. Hemoroso might not be around for much longer either. Some in Hell were having the same thoughts as us.

Saykasura: Damn you…! You will pay…! Your lives will come to a brutal end…! Those that desire to bring chaos don’t have happy endings…!

Fox: Put her out of her misery.

*In first-person view, Saykasura looks up at Sanzo*

Sanzo: Goodbye, Saykasura.

*Sanzo thrusts the demonic dagger down at her and then everything goes black*


Narrator: Back in Hell.

*A male devil demon has slowly walked through Zenos’s room. The demon is now right in front of the bed with Zenos’s back turned to him*

*The demon pulls out a dagger and then swings it down toward Zenos’s body*

*The demon’s arm is grabbed mid-swing which shocks the demon. It was Zenos who grabbed the demon’s arm and Zenos now looks at the demon and sits up*

*Zenos has a murderous grin and his aura is flowing. It’s a mix of red and white colors*

Zenos: You got a problem with me? Huh!? Do you!?

*The demon is terrified*

Zenos: Unfortunately for you, I hadn’t fallen asleep yet. If you have a problem, don’t do any of this sneaking stuff. I like people who are more… direct. Hehehehehe.

*Zenos’s murderous grin gets even wider which makes the demon even more terrified*

*Outside the room, a blast goes off from within the room and the head of the demon rolls out of the room*


Narrator: A little bit later.

*It’s still night in Heaven. Miranda has returned and sees everyone alerted and panicked as the building Saykasura was killed in is on fire*

Miranda: What’s going on!?

*Miranda runs toward the building*

*On the way, she finds a fatally wounded Fate*

Miranda: Fate!

*Miranda sees Fate left a blood trail from where she came from*

*Miranda sits down and holds Fate’s upper half in her arms*

Fate: M-Miranda…?

Miranda: What happened!?

Fate: Fox and Folken…

Miranda: Fox and Folken what!?

*Fate grabs onto Miranda’s shoulder. She is clearly in intense pain*

Fate: They killed your mother!

*Miranda is shocked*

Miranda: What!!?

Fate: They got help from a demon and plan to make the one named Sanzo the new Light God! They are going to pin the blame on you! I don’t see how this won’t lead to war! I tried to stay as long as I could to get as many details but I blew my cover! Folken chased me down with the intent to kill…! After he slashed me, I pretended to be dead for a bit and then started crawling away… I had to get this information to someone…

*Miranda looks horrified*

Miranda: Fate…!

Fate: I know how much you loved the idea of wielding that katana… There is nothing that will stop Sanzo from becoming the Light God but you need to get that katana and then get out of Heaven… You deserve that katana…

*Fate starts coughing*

Miranda: Stay with me!

Fate: I don’t have much time left… You know how I always like to talk about fates since that word is my name…? Well, this is my fate… To die while giving you important information…

Miranda: Stop talking like that!

Fate: But your fate… You will help bring peace back… Whether that be through yourself or someone that you raise……

*Fate coughs again and then starts crying as she struggles to get out her last words*

Fate: As bad as this situation is…! Please don’t take it as a reason to destroy everything…! Bring legitimate peace back to… every… one….

*Fate dies. Her arm falls lifeless to the ground*

*Tears flow down Miranda’s face*

Miranda: …I will.


Narrator: Soon after that.

*Miranda goes into the room with the encased katana on the pedestal. She breaks the glass and grabs the katana. She then starts running out of the room*


Narrator: Back outside.

*Miranda runs until she reaches the edge and uses the transporter to leave Heaven*

Narrator: Fox and Folken have pulled off their plan to overthrow Saykasura! What situation does this leave Miranda and Zenos in?

Chapter 480 END

To be Continued in Chapter 481: Origins of the Divide Part 3 – Fury and Sadness