Chapter 5:

Chapter 5 - First Time (R18+)

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 5 - First Time (R18+)


A/N: All appearing characters are above 18 years of age. This novel belongs to the FLAT chest empire. Reader's discretion is advised.


Mira & Julia finished bathing Lia, while I savored the final glances at my heaven~

Hmmm~ I must say, a wet vagina is a good vagina.

Lia's skin looks so shiny and glossy! The water certainly does her figure some justice..

Though, I would like it if she was covered in my saliva instead..

I didn't even get to taste the petite girl-flavored bath water..

Mira was so diligent in her duty.

She wiped each and every corner of Lia's body.

Though, when she wiped Lia's peach..

Hmm... the view certainly isn't bad, is it?

Wait. Where is Julia?

That petite girl is nowhere to be seen.

Maybe she went out of my vision...

I must get 360-degree vision soon!

This BEARVERT wants to WATCH!!

And while I was feeling distracted by my petite Lia being so cute, suddenly I felt my body being thrown into something.

My surroundings jumbled a lot, as I felt it stabilizing only after some time had passed.

What happened?

D-Did anyone abduct me?!

But, I have no money to give, so..

I hope they are not going to exorcise me...


Ah... how long has it been..

I honestly have no idea.

I haven't been exorcised for now, so that shouldn't be the case.

So, then what the fuck just happened?!

Why would anyone want to torment this bear?

I didn't harm anyone yet!

Oh the heavens above, show mercy and free me from this captivity..


A hand suddenly reached into the bag and grabbed my body, before I was finally able to see my kidnapper..


Why did this petite maid take me away?!

I belong to my sweet angel! Take me back!

"I saw how you played with her before, Mr. Teddy. Mira also told me how she used you. I.. wanna play too~]

A strange smile formed on Julia's face as she smiled lewdly while gazing at my body.


Is this how a woman feels when others ogle her body?

I didn't want to know that!

Julia licked her lips as she brought her face near mine.


Is she.. planning on..

The petite girl finally brought her lips close to mine as she tried to shove her tongue inside it.




I never thought that I would ever get mouth-to-mouth with a petite girl ever!

Julia soon becomes very passionate in her kissing, as she holds my body close to her lips with one hand while teasing her nipples with the other one.

This girl... she is becoming hot because of me?

Then let's try some tongue action too!

Tendrils! Let's GO!

I proceed and extend my tendrils to meet the petite girl's tongue as I try to taste her saliva.

Hmm~ Tastes like orange..


Julia becomes surprised by this sudden event but was too lost in her lust that she started to match my tendrils for more action.

Hah! You are too naïve to think you can out-wrestle me in this contest.

I am the fuckin WORLD Champion at this baby!

I squirm my tendril as I taste the underside of her tongue, before moving on to teasing her gums and sides.

Julia's face turns beet red, as her hands move even more fiercely on her nipples.

She tries to bite my tendrils softly, but.. it's of NO USE!!

My Tendrils are invincible!!


Julia starts rubbing her legs together as her hands travel from her chest and soon arrive at her holy land.

Her hands move softly, as her body jerks and lost strength very soon.

Oh no no.

It's too early to give up!

It would be a shame if I let you go away like this!

I move my tendrils as I tease her tongue tip & force her to follow my tendril, as she moved her tongue around, hoping to catch it too.

Her hand movements started to become faster, as the strength with which she held me became stronger!

I can extend my tendril pretty deep now.

Let's sample how soft her throat is..

As I proceed to lick her throat, Julia gasps in pleasure.

Is it alright to continue like this?

Of course, it is!

There is no way I am stopping this early!

Let's make this a memory worth reliving!

I start to move my tendrils in a swift yet soft manner, as I pull out and put in my tendrils over and over again.

I must train her well. Hopefully, my tendrils would become thicker and longer soon..

It won't be a dream to deep-throat this petite girl any longer...

Julia closes her eyes in pleasure, as she starts to jump up and down on her hand.

Is she... fingering herself?!

This petite is certainly more educated in the ways of the PERVERT than my Lia for certain!

"Mnnnn~ Ahh... Yessss..."

Julia moaned in pleasure, while my tendrils kept at work inside her mouth, preparing the place for its future invasion.

There is no getting away now!

You have been targeted by this PERVERTED BEAR!!


After spending a lot of time, the battle of our tongues concludes, as Julia pulls her tongue away.

She stares at me with an infatuated gaze, as she spoke,

"How amazing~! Mr. Teddy, you are mine now... mine only. I will come back to play with you again later!"

Julia spoke thus far and she kissed my forehead once before she shoved me inside somewhere again.

I hear some rustling sound as he probably restored her clothes before she walked out of the room & locked the door.

Ahh.. I don't know what's what anymore..

I want to return to my petite angel Lia..

BUT!! Let's sample this petite pervert first.

It won't be too late to return to my owner again, right?


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Uncle's Delusions<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mr. Bear: 'Hey! Where's the electricity? This bear wants to WATCH!!'

UncleFatty: "Sorry Mr. Bear, but the economy's bad. I don't have enough money for anything, so.."

Mr. Bear: 'What do you mean? We have a lot readers, right? Are you really that poor? How will you support my Lia like this?!'

UncleFatty: "I.. am too old for jobs.. L-Let's hope for the best!"

Mr. Bear: 'I don't know if I should feel pity on you or laugh at you... JUST FIND SOME WORK ALREADY!!'

UncleFatty: "..."


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