Chapter 35:

Jun's Warning

Fantasy Life

Jun arrived at the hill where he found Rei in the tree while Yun, Kei, Alba, and Matsume were just returning from their tasks. A feeling of uneasiness overcame them when they saw Jun riding back without Kaida or Asa. Rei climbed down and rushed over to ask what had happened.

Jun dismounted Dallas before speaking. "Yun, we have a major problem on our hands."

"What's going on?" Yun asked. "Where's Kaida?"

"In short, we found the Tokyo and Naha team conversing in the forest. They have teamed up to find us and take us out."

"What? Why?" Kei wondered.

"It seems they have a vendetta against us for beating Sapporo in the chariot race and almost beating Naha in the last game. The Tokyo team seems to be the head honcho and commanded the Naha team to help them find us."

"And that's the team Yui said we would have the most difficult time with," Yun commented. "This just got tougher."

"Kaida and Asa, are they alright?" Rei asked hurriedly.

"They fine," Jun reassured. "Kaida didn't want to lose track of the Tokyo team so she and Asa are trailing them. Hopefully, they'll run into Yami soon."

"Was their typhon with them?" Yun asked.

"No, he wasn't. I think he was out scouting. But the rest of their team are no slackers either."

Yun thought for a moment then said, "Change of plan. There is still some gunfire, so for the time being we will wait out the others. Once the gunfire has eased up, we go into offense. We'll rejoin Kaida and take the Tokyo team out individually. Kei, Rei, are you both up to it?"

They both nodded in agreement. "We'll do our best!" Kei exclaimed.

"Glad to hear it," Yun turned towards the forest and pointed in the direction he walked off into earlier. "I have set several traps. I think it would be wise to show you where and what kind of traps I set. This way, we can lure the competitors and take them out easier."

"Let's hurry," Rei said. "I'm worried about Kaida."

"Right." Yun led them into the forest and briefed them on the different traps he laid out, most being bamboo whips and nets.

As they walked about, Jun noticed Yun breathing heavily. "Is everything alright Yun? You don't look well."

Kei and Rei turned their attention to Yun, waiting for an answer. "Well actually," he began. "Kaida's medicine is wearing off and the pain is coming back."

Kei rubbed her arms. "Now that you mention it, my arms have been feeling sore."

"Are you two going to be able to fight like this?" Rei asked.

"I'll be alright but Yun-" Kei was cut off by a worried Jun.

"Go back to base," he ordered.

"But I want to help," Yun protested.

"You'll be in no shape to help once that medicine wears off. Go back to base and keep a lookout. You've shown us everything we need to know, and if we need you then we'll come find you."

"There are also some plants that they added here when the staff laid out the forest. Maybe there are some plants here that Kaida can use to make more medicine."

Jun walked back over to Dallas. "I'll ride back out and switch places with Kaida. I'll get her back to base as soon as I can, so please Yun, go back." At that, he left and headed off back to where he left Kaida.

Further up into the forest, Kaida continued to tail the Tokyo team. They had taken out a few more teams along the way. During one of their scuffles, Kaida used the confusion and shot a guy in the Tokyo team from behind a tree. That left four more to take out and they didn't have to worry about the ghoul. There was a rustling noise behind her, she turned to see someone from the Naha team spotted her and had his gun pointed at her chest.

Asa leaped into action, using her cloth to grab the boy's gun and pull it out of his hands. Kaida grabbed the gun from Asa and used it to hit the boy in the chest. When he fell back he yelled, "She's over here! She's here!" There was some more rustling and some shouting. The remaining three members from that team would soon surround Kaida and Asa.

Kaida reached out and grabbed Asa's hand and ran as fast as she could. She was soon out of range for the guns and using the trees as cover, she was able to stay hidden and get the opponents off her trail. Kaida felt bad when she turned and saw Asa panting. "I guess mummies aren't made to run."

Another rustling sound came from behind, Kaida prepared her guns to shoot but pulled back when she saw Jun on top of Dallas. "Woah Kaida, it's just me."

"Sorry, Jun." Kaida lowered the guns. "The past few minutes have been chaos. What did Yun say about our situation?" While they were hiding, Kaida updated Jun on how many opponents there were left and how she got a second gun while Jun informed Kaida about everything that took place at the hill, recounting where the traps were hidden and about Yun's condition. "I saw some plants that I could use to make another ointment that should hold until we finish the game."

"In that case, I can stay here with Asa. Please take Dallas and go help my brother."

"You trust me with Dallas?"

Jun smiled. "I trust no one more. Now hurry, there's no time to lose."

Kaida got on Dallas but before riding off, said, "If you see Yami, whistle to call him down. Brief him of the situation and he'll help you."

Jun watched as the two rode out of sight. It wasn't long after they had left that he heard a laugh from behind. "So this is where you've been hiding. Are you the idiot that shot my teammate?" It was a boy from the Tokyo team with the weretiger standing behind him. Jun wanted nothing more than to reach for his gun, but the boy had one pointed right at him. "Sorry, but this is as far as you go."