Chapter 36:


Fantasy Life

The boy that Jun was facing stood a few inches taller. He was thin towards the legs but muscular around the torso. In such a way, he looked similar to his weretiger, half man and half tiger. The creature was standing on his two hind legs, elevating himself to peer down over the boy's head. The weretiger wore a metal chest plate and a strip of cloth around his waist. Even if Jun wasn't being held at gunpoint, these two made superior adversaries. Jun had to think of something and fast.

"May I ask you a question?" He asked.

"You're brave to be asking questions in your position. What's your name?"

"Jun Kita and this is Asa."

"I like you Jun." Pointing to himself he said, "Hada Yasushi, and my weretiger is Jiba. So what's your question?"

Thinking back to when Jun and Kaida first saw them he asked, "Why did your team and Naha team up?"

Hada sighed. "So you overheard that, did you? You see, Tokyo has always been the best competitor in Japan but we like to have a challenge. So we agreed to get the teams from Sapporo and Naha into a fourth round so that we could have some fun. Our schools have teamed up like that for a quite few tournaments now. But we like to keep that a secret so I'm afraid you and the mummy are going to have to come with me to see the boss lady. She'll make sure that you keep our little secret safe. Did anyone else overhear our conversation?"

Jun put on his best poker face. "No one, it was only me."

Kaida stopped along the way to collect some of the plants she could use to make the medicine. As she gathered them, Kaida was amazed by how much effort the employees of the arena put in to make a replica of a real forest. All the plants were real and the river was running, although she wasn't sure how they managed to pull it off. It didn't take her long to collect the last of the plants and arrive back at the hill. When she arrived, Kei and Rei helped Yun sit down at the edge of a tree stump.

"I'm back everyone!" Kaida shouted, still on top of Dallas.

"Kaida!" Rei exclaimed, rushing over to her friend. "Did you bring medicine?"

Kaida dismounted, holding a bag of herbs. "Yes, Jun informed me what's going on. He stayed to keep an eye on the Tokyo team which has been reduced to four players now."

"I hope he'll be alright," Kei said anxiously.

"He'll be alright," Yun coughed.

"Yun, can't Alba use healing magic?" Kaida asked as she prepared the medicine.

"She can but over time I've become immune to healing spells from being in and out of the hospital."

"So that's why you didn't have her heal you when you felt the pain coming back," Rei commented.

"There!" Kaida shouted. She didn't have a bowl so she used a large leaf to hold the crushed herbs. "This should hold you until we get you back to the hotel."

"Thank you," Yun said as he took the leaf bowl. "Will you tell us what you found before Jun found you?" As Yun rubbed the medicine on his chest, Kaida filled the group on everything up until she left Jun with Asa. When she finished, Yun stood and said, "The gunfire has ceased. There shouldn't be many of us left. Kaida, you've done enough. Please stay here and watch the base while we go on offense."

"Sorry, but I can't agree to that," Kaida said firmly. "You are the one that needs to stay here, Yun. We can't risk you getting hurt again. I am one of the best players we have, and Yami is still out there. Besides, if someone gets hurt we'll need Alba's magic to help us. Is that alright with you?"

Yun sighed. "I don't like having to stay back. It makes me feel helpless. But, you bring up some excellent points. I'll stay here to defend and I can use the time to double-check the traps. Jun did tell you where they are correct?"

"Yes, he did."

"Great, so does everybody know the plan?" He looked around and saw that everyone gave him a firm nod. "Alright, move out!"

Back in the forest, Jun was led to a spot near the river where the other three members of the Tokyo team were waiting. This time, the typhon was there behind Kaguya. Jun had never seen a creature so ferocious looking. He was as big as Yami with the body of a serpent and the head and face of an old man with a beard. His hands were like a giant's in size and though they were dormant, Jun remembered that a typhon's nails could turn into venomous snakes. There were two large dragon-like wings on the typhon's back, which Jun assumed he used to fly over the arena.

Kaguya turned to see Hada and Jun walking their way. "So is that the guy who's been tailing us?"

"Yes, Miss Nobuko," Hada replied. "I found him and his mummy hiding in some of the bushes further up."

"Why'd you bring him here?"

"He knows of our partnership with Naha and Sapporo. Seems he's been following us for quite a while."

"I see. You're quite skilled. Tell me your name," Kaguya commanded.

"Isn't it more customary to introduce yourself first," Jun remarked.

Hada readied his paint gun if Kaguya commanded it. "I don't believe you're in a position to be smart with me. Now tell me your name"

"Jun Kita."

"And your partner?"

"Da- Asa," Jun stuttered.

"Hm, seems you and your team are giving our friends a bit of trouble. Tell me where they are."


"Excuse me?"

"I said no."

"Oooh, Kaguya-chan's mad!" Koto teased.

Kaguya clenched her fists. "Well, you'll still prove useful even if you don't talk." She turned to the other members of the team that Jun was unfamiliar with. Tall and square in stature, one boy was the tallest of the group, but didn't appear nearly as fit as Hada."Hibiki, take this boy and hold onto him. I'll deal with him later."

"You won't get away with this!" Jun shouted. "Don't you remember that there are cameras placed all over the forest?"

Koto came up to Jun and said, "Yeah, we already checked those. There are no microphones, only video footage."


Kaguya laughed. "And there are no rules against getting rough with opponents if needed. These guns might not be real but these fists sure are. I'm sure your friends will want to come find you before we decide to get a little bored."

Jun clenched his teeth, not knowing how to get out of this situation. To himself, he asked, "Yun, Dallas, what do I do?" As if on cue, a giant wave from the river rose over Jun and the others, pulling them into the water.

The typhon extended his snake fingers out to grab each person out of the river. Coughing up some water, Kaguya spat, "What was that?" Jun and Asa were sitting on top of Dallas, who was standing in the river.