Chapter 5:

Chapter 1_4: Beginning of The End

Gifted Blessing upon Curses

Every week, I was trained in swordsmanship by uncle Hidake, one of my father’s subordinate. He’s my father’s personal guard, also a blessed warrior. Even after training hard every week, I can’t seem to grab the hold of it. One day, while I was training my horizontal slash, the long sword slipped from my hand and it arch toward uncle Hidake. He had a good reflex so he quickly draw his sword and reflect my flying long sword.
After that, I become more unmotivated to learn swordsmanship since I regard it as dangerous and useless. Today, I regret not trying harder, it can at least increase my chance of surviving.

I grab a common long sword from one of the guard corpse and the sword belt. I equip it around my waist and started running to the destroyed part of the wall and go to the forest behind the castle. I’m also a blessed warrior but I would just be a hindrance if I help them to defeat her. My element is divine and chaos, it’s one of the weakest element for fighting. It fitted perfectly with how my skill in swordsmanship. I keep running without looking back to my objective. In there, I will prepare a plan on what to do next.

The sound of battle becomes distant as I reach the entrance of the forest. I control my breath and stare at the castle, it’s almost half destroyed with a wide hole at the throne room. I sit down, leaning on a tree trying to organize my mind about everything that has happen.

“Huufftt” I sighed, relaxing my tense body.

Today, all my peaceful everyday day crumbled to dust. I will never see my family anymore in this world. I might never recover from the tragedy that happen toward my family. How can someone be so brutal? I hold back myself from throwing up when I try to recall the scene where my father was beheaded and my sister and mother raped in front of me. Anger starts welling up, I can hardly keep my composure if I try to remember it in details so I set it aside and forget it for now. Right now, the kingdom has been over taken and thousands of life may have died from the battle. Should I run to a faraway place and never come back or should I find companion to retake the kingdom? I’m in a state of dilemma, one side of me beg me to run away from all of these but my moral judges me to stand up and fight as the last survivor of the royal bloodline. If there’s someone who can regain this kingdom, it’s definitely me. I know that I’m naïve and it’s certainly impossible for me alone but Landrantzel was once the strongest kingdom who had thousands of great blessed warrior. Then, I commit myself into taking back my kingdom. I will hold unto this thin string of hope.

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