Chapter 4:

Chapter 1_3: Beginning of The End

Gifted Blessing upon Curses

We walk toward the door which is located just before my brother's corpse. Tears kept falling from my eyes as I'm powerless, not able to do anything. I will forever remember this pain, a piercing pain in my heart. Will he get a proper burial or left here for eternity and decomposing into maggot's food? Just thinking that, my tears become unstoppable. What did my ever done so that we deserve this suffering? Can everything return to normal in exchange for my life?

As we walk past my brother's corpse, I can see a couple of clean pierced area around his chest. There's no doubt anymore, she killed my brother with her rapier. I grip the door handle and open the door. We go outside the room and start walking in a dark straight corridor with cells stretching from one end to the other end. The pungent smell won't leave my nose and keeps getting sharp as we walk closer to the exit. There's blood marks around the place, which isn't present the last time I visited this prison.

We reach the end of the corridor and walk up the circular stair. I open the last door toward the castle courtyard inside the castle. While reaching my hands toward the handle, I feel a vibrating sensation in the air, then a loud noise and quakes follows afterward. I hesitate a little bit to open the door but I bury it deep inside me. My family are gone, I’m the last royalty which can bring this kingdom back on its feet, and I mustn’t hesitate. I opened the door and a pungent air blows my face. All I see is blood and corpse lying on the courtyard. Chaos is all over the place and I can hear explosion and sword clashing together vibrating through the heavy air. This is more terrible than I thought it would be.

“We’re going to the throne room”

She said that to me and poke my back with her rapier. We walk toward the castle while avoiding stepping on the castle guard corpse. While walking, a second loud noise vibrate through the air. The castle wall was broken through and a horde of army goes inside. I don’t recognize which group they are placed on but all of them are wearing a red cloak with chainmail as the inner layer protecting their body. They saw us and charge forward. The blonde girl who was standing behind me have already prepare a battle stance while chanting a spell. Calling upon the gods to bless her with magic. Her blue rapier starts to shine a blue aura and its intensity keep getting brighter. She dash forward leaving me behind and clash with the attacking army.

The intense slowly materialize into a sharp ice crytal shaped like a long diamond. Then, she release the projectile, it fly at a very fast speed, striking the attacking army. One of the soldier who is wielding a long sword appear to be a blessed warrior too and repel her attack with some kind of green opaque mirror from his sword aura.

I can hear the sound of a shattered ice and glass. They clash furiously, trying to kill each other. I use this moment to search around the corpse for a weapon I can use for defending myself and use my blessing too. This maybe my only chance to escape.

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