Chapter 0:


Ruler Of Sovereignty

When I was young, I’ve heard a story about Seven Deadly Sins. Everyone born in this world with seven twins that linked by sin, one soul for one sin. When someone is dead, the sin will passed to other twin until one person inherit all seven sins and become a Completed One. Why someone must live with that sin? I guess I know it now.

July 28, 2045. Sovereignty Dorm number 78.

There was emergency status after strange cloud showed up near the area.

“A Fluxter colony detected less than 1 km from outside wall and keep moving!”

“Seraph type is leading the colony with three types of Fluxter.”

“Everyone, get in position! Seal the main gate and start public evacuation!” said the Commander.

Gunnery officers please repot to your station as soon as possible! Gunnery officers please repot to your station as soon as possible!

Alarm Sirens be pronounced, all people start to panic and running to elevator of underground shelter.


“This way!”

“Hurry up!”

“Everyone, stay calm! Follow the order!”

Local security is helping the evacuation.

“Activate the Wall Defensive System! Kill every Fluxter that approaching the Dorm!” said the Commander.

“Yes, Sir!”

Ground-Turrets that hiding near the Dorm rising from the ground and other camouflaged form.

While Headquarters is busy preparing for incoming attack, Fluxter colony come closer every second.

“Report status.” Said the Commander.

“Public evacuation 48% completed.”

“Ground-Turret line has been passed! It doesn’t do lot of damage!”

“Rail-Turrets all standby, waiting for order!”

“Target approaching, 500 meters from outside wall.”

“All turrets open fire.” the Commander give an order to attack.

Yes, Sir.”

Rail-Turrets charging energy and release barrage of high-speed projectile that penetrate approaching Fluxters on the track.

“Rail-Turrets set to cooldown state.”

“Phase 1 succeeded, enemy defeated 18% and Seraph type still alive.”

“Public evacuation complete, everyone have been secured in underground shelter.”

“Continue to phase 2! Launch the air force and blow up their way.” Said the Commander.

One by one aircrafts are taken off and flight to sky.

“Fluxter is reacting! The Colony separated into two group!”

“Landcaster and Aerodactyl lead the way, they would like to broke the gate!”

“Fighters, take the Aerodactyl! Make sure they didn’t touch the Bombers, turret’s anti-air gun will assist.” Said the Commander.

Roger that.

Fighter series aircraft begin to shooting down Aerodactyls and lead Bomber aircraft to drop point.

“Three minutes remaining before Rail-Turrets are ready.”

“Prepare the Turret 2 to aim at group of Landcaster!” Said the Commander.

“Damn it! There is too much of them!”

One by one Fighters is defeated because they can’t handle most of them, the survived Aerodactyls start to attack.

“Turret 2 under attack!”

“Bombers, finish the mission and back to the base! Fighter series stay there and remove Aerodactyls from Turret 2!” Said the Commander.

Copy that, dropping the package.”

Bomber aircraft droping ton of bombs to the Fluxter colony caused large space of explosion.

“Radar isn’t working. Five second left before system rebooted.”

The explosion makes a bit distraction to radar signal.

“Turret 3 is damaged!”

But Fluxter launch another aerial attack to the turret.

“Now what?!” Said the Commander.

“It’s from Silver Quill!”

Lot of metal sticks stabbing the turret.

“Radar successfully rebooted, all function back to work.”

“Enemy status 72% remaining after bombardment.”

“Good, locate the Seraph right now.” Said the Commander.

“Seraph type is missing, Sir!”

“How can be?!” ask the Commander.

“Look like it can camouflage between other Fluxters.”

The Fluxters are attacking the main gate.

“Gate’s durability 92%! Lancasters and Aerodactyls keep striking the main gate!”

Fluxter colony are on Rail-Turret’s blind spot, they can’t use that gun to eliminate the enemy.

“Sir, we got incoming transmission. It from the Herrscher.”

“Finally …! Connect it right away.”

This is Squad 44, reporting for duties.” Said the Herrscher’s leader.

“What took you so long? Seraph is hiding, you must kill those monsters before pass through the Dorm.”

We got better plan, Sir.” Said the leader.

“What is it?” ask the Commander.

Let’s finish them inside here.

“Negative, too much Fluxter out there.” the Commander disagree with that.

There is no place to hide inside here, close the gate after all Fluxter pass through. When they regrouped, shoot the colony using Rail-Turrets and we’ll take them all.” Said the leader.

“Did you listen to me?” said the Commander.

“Gate’s durability 49% remaining!”

Trust me, we’ll get it done, dad.” Said the leader.

The Commander didn’t answer it for a while.

“Throw two WP-Smoke out of the gate, let the smoke screen last for 5 second then open the gate.” Said the Commander.

“Yes, Sir.”

WP-Smoke throwed and slowly create a smoke screen that disturbing the Fluxters on the ground.

“I don’t believe you would say that.” Said another Herrscher.

“I don’t want actually.” Said the leader.

The gate will open soon, lot of mad Fluxter will come to you.” Said the Commander.

“That’s the point.” Said the leader.

“Opening the Main Gate in 3 … 2 … 1! Open the gate!”

Main gate has been opened, all Fluxter roughly come inside the Dorm. Seven Herrscher members already wait them inside.

“Rail-Turret 1 and 4 is ready, Sir.”

“Seraph type detected! It leading the way in front of the colony!”

“Rail-Turret standby, wait my mark.” Said the leader.

How rude. That’s my word, kid. Don’t you dare to use it.” Said the Commander.

“Oh, come on. Let me use it for once.”

“You really know how to pissed him.” Said another Herrscher.

“Hell yeah!” the leader is really enjoying this.

All Fluxter have come inside, closing the main gate.”

“Alright, Herrchers! Switch to gun and load up the Fake Shoot bullet!”

They switch weapon to gun and use the specific bullet, Herrscher aiming to the Fluxter colony.

“Fake Shoot bullet loaded! Enemy distance 200 meters, all unit standby.” Said another Herrscher.

“Steady …!” the leader is waiting for perfect time.

Fluxter is coming closer.


All Herrscher start the attack.

Fake Shoot bullet used to screw up colony and make them stop in same point.

“Rail-Turrets, fire!” said the Commander

Yes, Sir.”

Rail-Turrets shooting a barrage of high-speed bullet from both sides. After shocked from Fake Shoot, they have no time to avoid it. A lot of Fluxter defeated than first barrage with four turrets.

“Turret attack succeed, 54% enemy remain including the Seraph.”

Alright, they are yours now. Don’t die, don’t act stupid, and good luck.

“Yes, Sir.” Said the leader.

The survived Fluxters are rise up following the Seraph’s order. All Herrscher switch to close range weapon.

“Light up the Plasma Blade, time to cut these monsters into pieces!” Said the leader.

Herrschers split to seven directions.

“Take down the other type! Stay away from Seraph and keep sight of each other!” Said the leader.

Yes!” Said all other member.

They start to cut down every Fluxter using their Plasma Blade.

“Yeeehaa! Come on! Come on! Come on!”

When Landcaster quickly decreased, Aerodactyl and Silver Quill begin to attack.

“Double Role formation! Back line go take cover! Front line, let’s go!”

Herrschers regrouping into 2 group contain of back line with 3 members using long ranged weapon, and front line with 4 members still using close range weapon.

Alright, execute them!” Said the leader.

They start attacking with different formation.

“They are amazing …!”

“If with this rate, we could be made it.”

Some staff are thought everything is on track, but nobody can predict what will happened.

“Seraph is reacting! It begins to attack the other Fluxters!”

The Fluxter are scared and going to run away, but Seraph is created strange branch from the ground and lock up the Fluxters to moving.

“What is this …?!”

Herrscher, Seraph is going to evolving.” Said the Commander.

“Regroup in back line!” said the leader.

All Herrscher retreat to back line while Seraph is attacking other Fluxters to eat their cores.

“Kyaaah! I’m stuck …! HELP!!”

One of Squad 44 member is trapped.

“…! Hold on! I’m coming!”

Another member is trying to help her.

“What are you doing?!”

“Let me go!”

“Don’t you see how much Aerodactyls flight up there?! It’s too dangerous!”

But another member doesn’t let her coming to help.

“Is that Cocoon of Evolution?” Said one of front line Herrscher.

“This is my first time see it.” Said one of back line Herrscher.

The remaining Aerodactyls flight near the cocoon.

Herrscher, where is your LST-class?” ask the Commander.

“…! One member missing!” said the Leader.

The Commander a bit shocked, he predicted if the missing member is inside the Cocoon of Evolution.

“It’s my fault, and this is my responsibility.” said the Leader.

Calm down, we still not sure if she is dead.” Said the Commander.

Fluxters voice can be heard outside of the cocoon screaming while eaten alive.

“Did she will be eaten with the trapped Fluxters …?”

She can’t hold her tears when think about it.

“What are you talking! She is a strong Herrscher just like us!”

“That’s right, we have trained for this situation and we’ll survive, together!”

They trying to cheer her up.

“Herrscher to the base, what kind of path is this?” Said the leader.

The operator is trying to figure out the evolution path.

“There is no match data in Fluxter Archive!”

What?!” Said the leader.

“Look like its new type.” Said the Commander.

“Then, what should we do …?!” ask the leader.

“Kill it immediately before destroy the Dorm.” said the Commander.


The leader a bit shocked because of facing unknown enemy.

“Don’t take the risk to extract the core, just kill it.” Said the Commander.

Yes, Sir.” Said the leader.

That moment, they have no choice and must move forward even encounter an unknown enemy.

“We didn’t see her dead body yet, so there is a chance if she is survived. Let’s save her!” said another member.

The remaining Squad 44 is risen up again to fight.

After taking the Fluxter’s core Seraph type is transformed to Varniant type.

“Activate Seven Sin Protocol! Release the Encoded Weapon and kill that beast!” Said the leader.

All Herrscher’s collar are shining blue bright and release different special weapon based on their class.

Varniant’s transformation is completed, it broken up the cocoon and walk out with its new body.

“Herrschers …! Time to harvest.” Said the leader.

Both Fluxter or Herrscher is screaming and rush to each other, the battle is just begin.