Chapter 1:

Dark History

Ruler Of Sovereignty

Five teen years ago, World War III has started. But not to against terrorism, not even communism, now mankind facing a ferocious monster called Fluxter. Their normal size was like a racehorse, but their appearance is different depend on the class and regions of the world. Fluxter has a main core that located inside the head, it used to command all of the body just like a brain. Seraph type is the only Fluxter with intelligence, it usually leading a Fluxter colony. Not like other Fluxters, Seraph can metamorphose to stronger form called Varniant. The size and power are extremely enhanced, and obtain different ability depend on the evolution path.

Back to year 2020 when Great Global Warming last for 3 years, and keep getting worse every year because of fossil fuel pollution. Soon all vehicle changed to electrical engine to reduce damage and recover atmosphere. After started from vehicles, now everything changed to electric source. Fossil fuel slowly forgotten, then all nation officially destroyed fossil fuel in 2027. Appsylon was the main AI program that handle most of new electrical devices. A world with AI based tech everywhere, human technology improved so fast just like live in fiction story. Is life become better? Yes, for human perspective. But nature say other, this improvement just a trigger of greater disaster.

Year 2030, there is a strange phenomenon. It was red cloud that dropping green droplets such as acid rain, they call it Red Cumulus. After further investigation, it contains different substances than common acid rain. Scientist believe that Red Cumulus is a mutation of cloud caused by radiation and pollution that blended in broken atmosphere. For many cases, this cloud suddenly appeared and can’t be predicted.

It just the beginning, few days later a strange creature found. This creature was created by a stream of acids that gathered in one place, people call it Fluxter. People are afraid because they eat humans and animals, so they are considered as a threat and must be destroyed. Government use classic way by military force, but it was considered less effective to defeat them because too much loss either in terms of material or resources.

A company named Sovereignty pronounce a project to build a shelter to take cover from the acid rain of Red Cumulus and Fluxter that known as Dorm. Sovereignty also handling some research about Fluxter to find out their weakness. Four years later Anti Fluxter Weapon were developed using Fluxter’s core for the energy source combined with the high intelligence program Appsylon. As a program that handle powerful weapon, it will attack anything that marked as threat. That’s why Appsylon need someone to control it, even the refinement process lasted one year and cost many volunteers. Now an army to fight against Fluxter were formed. They are Herrscher, the Ruler of Sovereignty and the Fluxter Slayer.

July 27, 2045. Herrscher Academy, Dorm number 80.

“Alexa, please wake up your neighbor.” Said the instructor.

That girl shaking the shoulder of sleeping member beside her.

“Huh …?” that boy start to wake up even still sleepy.

“Classroom feel comfy than hostel, Cornelio?” Said the instructor.

The other Cadet laugh on low.

“A-ah, pardon me, Sir. I’m already awake, please continue the lesson.” Said that boy.

His name is Cornelio Halozy, top ranked member in his squad even he just 16 years old. He dislikes to talk with other Cadets for some reason.

“Seems our history sounds like a fairytale for you, how about explain to our new recruits about their job.” Said the instructor.

“Just kill Fluxter and extract their core.” Cornelio simply answer it.

“That’s it?” the instructor doesn’t like his answer.

“Oopsie, my bad. After passing the selection, the chosen one will get Herrscher Training for six months. Council will decide our path after graduated, and Sovereignty will support our life and our family as long participate in Herrscher Program.” Said Cornelio.

“That’s out of my question topic.” Said Samuel.

“Ah, right. Herrscher job is eliminating Fluxters and extract their core that used for 7S Gear, the Herrscher’s equipment. It contains of K-Suit, Plasma Blades, Rail Guns, and Encoded Weapon.”

“Encoded Weapon only given to Herrscher, now you still at Cadet so you need to masterize basic gear if you want to stand on Herrscher’s path.” The instructor adds some information based from Cornelio’s explanation.

“I just want to say that.” Said Cornelio.

“And here we are, the last week of your first month. Today is your first test to find out how much you’ve learned about to be Herrscher.” Said the instructor.

Then recess bell is ringing.

“Alright, Squad 105. Enjoy your lunch break, and see you at training room in 1 hour.”

All member started to preparing their stuff to go.

“Please keep your sight on lesson, Cornelio. I’m not here to carrying on you every time.” Said Alexa.

“Ahaha, sorry about that. Thanks for watching my back.” Cornelio appreciate her assist.

Alexa Ranfan, a kind girl who really cares about her friends. She is very rare to talk with Cornelio, but Alexa still considers him as her friend too.

“Let’s eat our meal together!” said a girl named Hazel.

“I’ll skip, I want to stay at library to read some books.” Noel refuse her invitation.

“Ah, ok then. Don’t forget to get some meals to, we’ll got simulation test.” Said Alexa.

“Understood, see you later.”

Noel is leaving them and goes to library.

“Let’s go, Alexa.” Said Hazel.

“Alright, no need to hurry.” Alexa leaving the class with her.

Hazel Quarin, a cheerful girl that always close to Alexa. Both of their personality is match to paired, but the other girl is a bit different. Noel Stellward, a graceful and quiet girl from Stellward family that known as family with smart and tough Herrscher in it.

“Let’s go to cafeteria! I’m very hungry.” Said another boy.

“I heard today we got extra dessert.”

“Really?! Then what are you waiting for?”

Nathan Valorem, an enthusiastic boy that trusted by other boys, except Cornelio. Then Lemirk Hermant, he was an innocent kid but sometimes he joined Nathan to do some pranks. And the last one is Dallas Frick, he has sharp sense because of his family bloodline was a great hunter before this disaster begin.

All Cadet leaving the classroom, except Cornelio that still in the class with their instructor that writing report.

“Still alone again? Seriously, it’s already one month. Why don’t you join them?” Said the instructor.

“How many times I should answer it.” Said Cornelio.

“You can’t be like this forever, you know?”

“Come on, Sam.”

“Watch your word, kid. Even your fate is destroying that beast, you need to respect the elders.”

“My ear is amused when I call you Sir Samuel, or Sir Sam? Look like a spell.”

“Haha, very funny.” But Samuel isn’t entertained at all.

Samuel Conwell, the Herrscher of old Squad 55. His squad was disabled after his members were eliminated when going on expedition to get rare Fluxter core. The survived Herrscher is maintained at Dorm to back up memberless squad, and or help other division. Just like Samuel, he is an instructor that teach new recruits and he also Cornelio’s mentor.

Cornelio was failed to join Herrscher Program before, but Samuel tried his best to give him second chance to join and he made it. Cornelio was live with Samuel for a while too, that’s why both of them are close as brother.

“They just care about their entire life, I bet they just think about what will they do for last day in their life before died when encounter strong enemy.” Said Cornelio.

He doesn’t see any chance to unite current members.

“These kids just enjoy their free time when already separated from their parents.” Said Cornelio.

“But they have potency, right?” Said Samuel.

“Hmph, really?” Cornelio keep disagree.

He doubted that.

“Listen, I want you to get close with them no matter what is your problem. They act like this because of they did not find their life purpose, just like you before.” Said Samuel.

As his mentor, Samuel wanted Cornelio to make good relationship with other Cadets.

After hearing that, Cornelio just pick his bag and stand up.

“I’m not like them, I have my purpose now.”

Cornelio just walk away after say that.

“Jeez … freaking teenagers.” Samuel resume to write his report.

Cornelio walk by himself to cafeteria every time, he is really doesn’t interested to interact with other Cadet.

“Hei, are you going to cafeteria?” ask Lemirk.

“Yeah.” Said Cornelio.

“Oh, they just out of stock, what take you so long?”

“Oh, is that so? I guess I’ll eat in other place.”

“You better hurry.”

“I know.”

“Alright, see you later.”

“See you later.”

Cornelio leaving him immediately.

“Hahaha! Look at his face when you say that!” said Nathan.

“Want to bet he will fight with growling stomach every time while in training room?” said Dallas.

“Hahaha! Now let’s eat his lunch!” said Nathan.

“Let’s go!” said Lemirk.

“Out of stock? What a bullshit …! This is why we are no match at all.” Cornelio talk to himself.

This is not the first time Cornelio face this prank, he knew if those boys did it but he just ignore it all time.

“Is that The Solo Hunter?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Why he keeps stay away from his squad?”

“I heard another member keep disturb him.”

“Oh, that’s make sense. Or actually he just hates them?”

“Damn! That’s pretty cool!”

“Then how did he defeat Fluxter alone?”

“That’s why he known as Solo Hunter!”

Cornelio is one of trending topic in Dorm 80. People keep talk about him even spreading rumor about him, but he just ignoring it just like the other.

When lunch break, he just needs a bottle of water and ration crackers. That is enough for him, he has trained to survive in any condition with low supply.

Cornelio going to top of the roof and watching the city in Dorm while enjoy his lunch.

“Another peaceful day, huh? Are you kidding? Even battlefield is better than this peaceful life.”

“Hmm? I mean those brats, how many times I should explain it?”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I just ignoring them like before, there is lot of chance for revenge.”

Cornelio talking to himself.

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