Chapter 8:

Chapter 7 – So, apparently I’ve got my grimoire back!

Reincarnated with an omniscient grimoire

As our lips parted, I realized: This was my first kiss.Bookmark here

I always wondered, whether my first kiss might happen to be with a guy, but actually I wouldn’t have thought it would be as good. But why did he have to do the tongue thing? Gross.Bookmark here

I was definitely blushing, especially, when he gave me his confident smile.Bookmark here

“Sorry, I had to lend some power.”, he said, looking into my eyes, which was really creepy after some seconds.Bookmark here

Next, he turned away from me, facing his sister. She was already preparing herself to be attacked. In the mean-time Aster got Shelly onto his shoulders. Everyone was wondering what would happen next. And no-one seemed to care about the machine. Too many minutes already have passed, and I don’t really want to know, what would happen if the machine overflowed. The controls were totally overboard.Bookmark here

As Raven jumped towards his sister, she hadn’t the time to do anything, since she got knocked out from behind. The sound of metal hitting the ground could be heard as a plate hit the ground. It was the one covering Princess Abc’s mitts.Bookmark here

“Shit.”Bookmark here

“Did you really just swear?”, I asked her.Bookmark here

“What? Of course I did. To attach those would cost … something.”Bookmark here

“Why did you do this?”, Raven suddenly infiltrated our conversation.Bookmark here

“Because we have something about to explode and having you two fight would definitely last too long. So, I seized my opportunity.”Bookmark here

“Soo- Are we running?”, I asked. And we did.Bookmark here

Well, at least I did. The Princess, Raven and Aster took themselves some time to pick up the unconscious. By that time, I’ve already reached the stairs.Bookmark here

Dust was falling down from the ceiling, as I climbed up the stairs. Though I was the first to run, I just managed to get out of the cave behind Raven and the Princess, followed by Aster, whose condition was maybe as bad as mine. Though, without the extra bodyweight of Shelly, he would’ve also been faster.Bookmark here

Probably.Bookmark here

I was touched by the warm summers sunlight as I left the cave. The others were already quite a few steps away from me. Though Princess Abc interestingly was coming back my direction. She ran in huge steps, before finally jumping of just a few inches in front of me. As she leapt over me, the sun was briefly covered by her panties. As I ran, my gaze followed her trajectory, which caused me to stumble and fall over, as I tried bending my neck to hard.Bookmark here

She smashed against the rocks behind me, and though I wasn’t really able to see anything, I could hear multiple hits. Then something crumbled. From her point of landing on dust and even rocks fell down, as she continued smashing the mountain. Probably with the help of her magic. She must have been really careful, as she also could have smashed that mountain in one go. After being on firm ground again, she leapt back, in order to not get smashed by the following rocks. Next, she crossed her open palms and took a few steps towards the fallen rocks, pushing them inside the cave, like a cork. Bookmark here

Then she ran away.Bookmark here

Taking me with her, we reached the others, who already were some meters away from the cave. The ride was really unpleasant, as I was hanging in her arms, being shaken the whole time. At least I managed to get some words out. “Pr-inc-ess … Care-less…”, I managed to say within a 100 meters of being shaken, although I highly doubt, my words reached her.Bookmark here

She let go of me, as she reached the group, and I was about to join the circle of the unconscious, when a weird sounding bang kept me awake. Followed by some weird colored light, the machine exploded, and due to the Princess’s improvised cork, the explosion didn’t manage to make any bigger damage.Bookmark here

“It’s over.”, I exhaled.Bookmark here

“Yes, it is.”Bookmark here

“Probably.”Bookmark here

“It seems so, yes.”Bookmark here

“Sooo, are we going back?”, I asked.Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

“Probably.”Bookmark here

“It seems so, yes.”Bookmark here

“Ah, good to know.”, I turned and attempted to follow the road.Bookmark here

“Wrong direction.”, Aster said, who was already going the other direction.Bookmark here

“Shit.”Bookmark here

We went for quite a while, and I decided to check, whether any changes happened to my grimoire. As I opened it, I was greeted by a sight I have already forgotten. My name written on the first page, my stats on the next. But then I realized, some of the letters were blurred, and moved around weirdly. And then …Bookmark here

[Level:] >>2<<Bookmark here

[HP:] >>105<<Bookmark here

[MP:] >>100<<Bookmark here

“What the-”, I accidentally spoke out loud.Bookmark here

[You have gained experience.]Bookmark here

[Your capability of taking damage has grown by 5 per cent.]Bookmark here

[You are now able to use spells.]Bookmark here

Spells?Bookmark here

I opened the next page.Bookmark here

On it I was presented a selection of skills.Bookmark here

[Choose one skill to learn.]Bookmark here

What but … the selection was ginormous. Anything from simple healing to mind control was listed. And I was free to choose.Bookmark here

[I contain all knowledge of this world.]Bookmark here

Yeah, you said that before, but …Bookmark here

[Please keep in mind, that you might not be able to use all skills available at the time.]Bookmark here

When I looked on the mind control spell, my head was flooded with information, from how this spell works, to what it costs. It would be 1000 MP.Bookmark here

Why does everything look like a video game?Bookmark here

[I figured this would be the easiest for you to understand in your language. Shall I translate it differently?]Bookmark here

No, actually it’s okay. Though somewhat irritating, considering this is a fantasy world.Bookmark here

I decided to postpone the choosing of a skill until later. The possibilities were to huge. I closed the book.Bookmark here

[I am a grimoire.]Bookmark here

Shut up.Bookmark here

[My apologies.]Bookmark here

Though my adventure didn’t turn out to go the way I imagined, I definitely couldn’t wait to explore this world more and more.Bookmark here

Growl.Bookmark here

But for now, the only thing I considered was the culinary delicacies this world would bring.Bookmark here

This is fine.Bookmark here

Gerry Hines
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