Chapter 9:

Chapter 8 – He wants my dick, but as long as I am allowed to live in his mansion it’s okay, I guess.

Reincarnated with an omniscient grimoire

“Ahh~”, I leaned back.Bookmark here

After an adventure the best thing to do would of course be taking a bath. It was quite hot but the high temperature was actually really comforting.Bookmark here

Then something touched my dick.Bookmark here

It was another dick.Bookmark here

Raven raised from the water and looked at me. He was horny, definitely.Bookmark here

“Seeing you this way, makes me really happy, Master Nathan.” He dangerously got near me.Bookmark here

“Stop calling me Master, dumbass.”, I scolded him.Bookmark here

“But master …”, he twisted in an exaggerated way. He was well built, slim but he had muscles.Bookmark here

“You’re now the owner of this mansion, and therefore I shall be your servant!”, he definitely was too excited about this fact.Bookmark here

“The spell Raven got hit with had to be a love charm.”, I remembered Aster saying this.Bookmark here

“That’s why he attacked his sister.”, Princess Abc figured. “He tried to protect you.”Bookmark here

At this time we had already reached the police station and Ebony got imprisoned. Shelly was still unconscious but thanks to some healers we were able to wake her up.Bookmark here

“Please don’t arrest me, I don’t want to get separated from my little Nathan!”, was what Raven said after Shelly woke up. I was neutral to this. I mean he was somewhat of a dangerous criminal but at the same time he would make a useful … subordinate. And since I was just merely about to understand this world it would be good to have someone fighting for me. That’s why I decided to put in a good word for him.Bookmark here

That’s how I ended up being the owner of Dementia Mansion.Bookmark here

It was located in the eastern part of the city. For some orientation: The police office was located in the central part of the city, while Ataraxia Academy took up the whole northern district.Bookmark here

The mansions property also involved a large Japanese style bathing house. You probably wouldn’t consider it Japanese in this world, but for me that’s the best way to describe it. It also contained a hot spring which we were bathing in right now. Since it was near the end of the seventh month, at least in my world (I still have to figure out, how time works here) it was warm outside, even at nearly midnight.Bookmark here

“Well, I guess I’m going back inside.”, I said.Bookmark here

“Whaat? I thought we could have some fun.”, Raven crossed his arms onto the edge of the spring and I could see him paddling with his feet a few feet away.Bookmark here

“Dude, I understand you need to … I don’t know, use my libido to get power, you’re an incubus after all, but I’d prefer to not get raped outside of battle. Also, I have to do some research.”Bookmark here

“What a shame. But in this case, I’m going in too.”, he lifted himself completely out of the water and followed me inside.Bookmark here

We quickly got ourselves dry and after putting some light clothing on, I went to the main hall. The mansion was too big, and I still haven’t discovered every single room in this giant piece of housing. Without the help of Raven I would be lost in here.Bookmark here

“You want to do some research?”, Raven asked me. His reddish hair was still wet, but he didn’t seem to mind it.Bookmark here

“Yes, do you have something like a library?”, I asked.Bookmark here

“Of course. Follow me.”Bookmark here

We remained in the first of three floors, as he guided me through a corridor, with a double door on the left side. He opened that door.Bookmark here

The library was high enough to cover all of the floors of this mansion. Books were everywhere, shelves only sometimes interrupted for stairs to lead to even more books.Bookmark here

“That’s … a bit too extravagant.”Bookmark here

“My sister loved books, not only grimoires. You know, when you’re alive for 500 years, you have lots of free time.”Bookmark here

“Where did she get the money from, though?”Bookmark here

“Umm, inheritance? That money, as well as the mansion was our parents, who got it from their parents. Though I really don’t know how it was enough for generations to pass.”Bookmark here

The reason I decided to visit the library, which is something I wouldn’t normally do, as I am not a great fan of books, was to do research on some things, that were weirdly off-putting.Bookmark here

“Humankind … went extinct.” I remembered Ebony saying that.Bookmark here

I was human, obviously, as that is, what the omniscient grimoire said. But in that case, what were the others? Well, of course I could ask my grimoire, not this time though, as Shelly decided to keep it as a piece of evidence for Ebony’s trial, and because she figured it would be way to dangerous in the hands of someone like me. It did not matter though, as I was sure to find all the information needed in this huge library. Although I planned on getting more information through the grimoire, as I doubted, the information here was complete.Bookmark here

“So, where do I start?”, I asked myself. The idea of reading through thousands of books was not very appealing to me.Bookmark here

“Just ask it, what you’re looking for.”Bookmark here

“Ask whom?”Bookmark here

“You know, the library. This one’s actually pretty nice, it’ll definitely help you out. I’ve stumbled upon some very … ill-mannered ones, over the past few years.”Bookmark here

I did not dare to question this weird remark.Bookmark here

“So, um, I’m searching for some information on … humanity? I guess?”Bookmark here

What did that mean, I guess? I’m pretty sure, I want this information!Bookmark here

After asking that, I was pretty sure, I heard some murmuring coming from somewhere in this room. After a few seconds, this weird background noise toned down, and with a weird hiccup sound, dozens of books were released from their respective shelves, and landed before me, in an unorganized mess.Bookmark here

“Um … thanks a lot.”Bookmark here

“Don’t blame him, he’s gotten pretty old.”Bookmark here

“Well, putting that aside, let’s have a look, at what we’ve got here.” I took a closer look at those books.Bookmark here

“Why is it, that you are so interested in humanity, I wonder?”Bookmark here

“Well, as your sister said, humankind appears to have gone extinct. But I am pretty sure to be human, so that’s why I’m perplexed.” The grimoire also confirmed it after all. I should have asked it directly, before it being taken away by the police, but it did not occur to me at that point.Bookmark here

I opened the first book. “You don’t happen to know anything, do you …” I asked Raven, just in case.Bookmark here

“Well, I know, that humankind did indeed exist, and that it doesn’t exist anymore but … I wasn’t that good at school, you know? Also, when you’re a couple of centuries old, you just happen to forget some things.”Bookmark here

“Well, as long as you have that body of yours, you won’t need education I suppose. Also, why the heck are you naked?”Bookmark here

“It’s in the middle of summer and pretty hot.”Bookmark here

“Could you please get yourself some clothes? You’re quite a distraction.”Bookmark here

“Sure master.”Bookmark here

He was without any doubt obedient, but god, he had some interesting quirks.Bookmark here

My research wasn’t really successful. I found out, that a race called humankind indeed existed in this world, but that was it. No information on their passing was to be found and also, I really wasn’t able to find any information on how I was different, compared to the others. Bookmark here

Come to think of it, what race would Princess Abc and Shelly be called? That would also hinder my research.Bookmark here

I could simply ask Raven about it or wait until I see my grimoire again. Although Raven probably would only tell me their name and that would be it.Bookmark here

I realized it was getting late. Tomorrow would definitely be a busy day, so I figured it would be good to catch some sleep. Raven already showed me, where I could sleep, when we arrived, so at least that room I knew exactly where to find.Bookmark here

“I wonder, if he will be making breakfast tomorrow.”, I spoke out loud, as I walked through the door of the library.Bookmark here

“I hope he’s as good at cooking as he is at … other things though …”Bookmark here

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