Chapter 487:

Chapter 487: The Passage of Will

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 487: The Passage of Will

Narrator: Zenos is readying to kill everyone with one giant meteor but Miranda has a plan to stop it.

*Zeth runs back over to the others as Zenos is finishing creating the giant meteor*

Zeth: Everyone! We can stop that meteor! We have to unleash as much power as we can and blast that meteor together!

Zenos: Here’s the end!!

*Zenos sends the giant meteor down toward everyone*

*Zeth, who is now in Raging Star Mode, releases a powerful Shooting Star up toward the meteor and it makes contact but does not slow it down*

Zeth: Everyone! Release your strongest ranged attacks!!

*Sasha turns into her humanoid dragon form and releases a powerful continuous beam from her mouth*

*Emily has a laser cannon out and charges it while channeling her magic into it. Joe adds his lightning to it to increase its power. The laser cannon shoots out a powerful laser beam*

*Joe releases his Derecho*

*Keith, who is in his demon form, releases a Demonic Burial Cannon*

*Kurt, who is in his Aura King mode, releases a very condensed Aura Tidal Wave that acts more like a beam*

*Harmona, Zothena, Zaydra, and Zenfaro are all in Raging Star Mode and each release a powerful Shooting Star just like Zeth*

*The meteor starts to slow down but is not stopped*

Zeth: We need more power!!

*Apollo, Raider, Easia, Kennedy, who is wearing a monstrous mask with a wide-open mouth, Gice, Alaina, and the six natives all release ranged attacks based on their respective abilities*

*Dom releases a ranged aura attack*

*RAG shoots out rockets*

*The meteor slows more but is still not stopped*

Zeth: It’s still not enough!!

*Jane and Sandy are not releasing anything*

Jane: I don’t have any of those kinds of ranged abilities.

Sandy: My Troll Magic isn’t either. I feel so useless.

*Everyone is still releasing their attacks trying to stop the meteor*

*Miranda gets on top of Sonzen*

Sonzen: Are you sure I shouldn’t help stop the meteor?

Miranda: You will but first I need you to help me deal the finishing blow to Zenos.

*Everyone else continues trying to stop the meteor*

Zeth: We need more power!!!!

*Suddenly, a dark beam hits the meteor from somewhere else*

Zeth: Huh!?

*He looks at where the beam is coming from and sees that Hamura has added to their attack*

Hamura: We must contribute to stopping this meteor. If we can’t stop it, we will all be wiped out.

*The Council of Demons members look at each other for a moment*

Hamura: Assist the forces of Heaven! That’s an order!

*The Council of Demons members with Hamura then join in and add to the attack. With their contributions, the meteor has slowed to a crawl*

Zenos: You can’t stop it!! Even all of you combined can’t possibly stop me!!!

*Zenos notices to the side that Sonzen with Miranda on top is flying toward him*

Miranda: This is the end, brother!!

Zenos: No, it’s the end for you!!!

Miranda: I’m going to jump off! Then you will go and deliver the final stop to this meteor!

Sonzen: Right!

*Sonzen flies closer to Zenos and then Miranda jumps off. Her left hand is heavily charged with magic*

*Zenos readies his own attack*

Miranda and Zenos: My finishing blow!!

*Miranda and Zenos each release their magic attacks from their hands*

*A massive explosion is the result of their point-blank attacks*

*Sonzen gets in position and releases an orange beam at the meteor. His beam hits the meteor and finally, with all the attacks hitting it, the meteor finally breaks apart and small pieces of the meteor fly throughout the sky in all directions as if they were shooting stars*

*Everyone has stopped releasing their attacks and looks at the sky in awe as the small meteor pieces shoot out through the red sky*

*Zeth and Sasha, who is no longer in her humanoid dragon form, stand side by side holding hands as they look at the sky*

Sasha: Is it over?

Zeth: I hope so.

*Suddenly, they notice two bodies falling from the sky. They are Miranda and Zenos*

Zeth: Look!

*Zeth and Sasha start running over to them as they fall to the ground. The others then follow them*

*Miranda and Zenos are both lying on their backs and both are very bloody*

Zeth: Mom!

Miranda: Don’t worry… everything is going to be okay now.

Zenos: I can’t believe it… I’ve been defeated and now I’m going to die…

Miranda: Maybe you have learned something from this.

Zenos: Maybe… But I believe you have doomed Heaven and Hell to an eternity of conflict… It will never end…

Miranda: You’re… wrong… Zeth and Sasha will change… everything for the better…

Zenos: I guess we’ll… find… out…... in….. 100,000 years……..

*Zenos’s eyes close and he dies. Everyone else looks happy or relieved*

Miranda: I will be joining him soon…

*That statement hits Zeth like a rock as his eyes open wide with shock and despair*

Zeth: No! You can’t!

Harmona: Is there anything you can do, Apollo?

Apollo: No. Between reverting Zothena and Zenfaro, healing Emily and Zeth, and outright reviving Sasha, I don’t have enough power to do another healing currently. Unless she can live for a few more days, there is nothing I can do for her.

Miranda: It’s alright… I’ve been on Earth and its dimensions for way too long so it’s time for me to go now that I’ve killed my brother…

*Miranda then looks at Zeth and Sasha*

Miranda: But I have some final things to say to the two of you… I’ve come out and revealed myself not just because of my brother, but because I believed it was time to pass on my will to the two of you… Both of you have shown me that you can reunite Heaven and Hell and bring a permanent end to their conflict… My best friend told me my fate was to bring peace or raise the one who would. I took on her will… Now I’m passing that will to the two of you. You will succeed where I failed…

*Zeth looks like he is trying to hold back the tears as he listens to Miranda*

Miranda: Zeth… The times I had while raising you brought me great joy. I will always cherish those memories… I look forward to seeing how you and Sasha do as the rulers of Heaven and Hell once I finish going through the Divine World Restoration process… But now, I have one last gift for both of you.

*Zeth is in tears by this point*

Zeth: A gift?

*Miranda holds both hands up. The white ball of power appears in her left hand and the red ball of power appears in her right hand*

Zeth: What are these?

Miranda: These came from the staff and katana that Zenos and I used. They are soul-powered and will allow both of you to access your own Soul Power. You saw me use my Soul Power against Zenos. The power itself is based on the soul of the one who uses it. Your soul is based on your blood. But it doesn’t have the kind of negatives that Blood Magic and Blood Form have. Here, take them…

*Zeth grabs the white ball while Sasha grabs the red ball*

*The white ball goes into Zeth’s body while the red ball goes into Sasha’s body*

Miranda: You both now have access to Soul Power. It’s now up to you to find how it suits each of your abilities…

*Zeth and Sasha each get on their knees bowing. They are both crying by this point*

Zeth: Thank you. Thank you so much!

Sasha: We are extremely grateful!

*Miranda smiles*

Miranda: Now, it’s time to wipe away those tears and walk forward on your path to becoming the new god and goddess of Heaven and Hell…

*Zeth and Sasha stop bowing and wipe away their tears but still try to hold them back as they have a determined expression*

Zeth: We promise to fulfill your wish.

Sasha: We will reunite Heaven and Hell.

Miranda: That’s better… Tell Jack that I’m sorry…… Goodbye……….

*She closes her eyes and dies with a smile on her face*

*Zeth and Sasha stand up and everyone still looks at Miranda’s body*

Zeth: Goodbye… Mom.

Narrator: With everyone’s cooperation, Zenos has been finally defeated! Miranda passes on but Zeth and Sasha are determined to carry on her will and reunite Heaven and Hell!

Chapter 487 END

To be Continued in Chapter 488: The End of The End