Chapter 486:

Chapter 486: That Time I Looked At The Sky

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 486: That Time I Looked At The Sky

Narrator: Sonzen arrives in the Dimension of Dark Matter by creating a dimensional tear of his own!

*Zenos is outraged*

Zenos: Sonzen!? What are you doing to my dimension!!?

Sonzen: After putting much thought into our last confrontation, I have come to the conclusion that your body now needs dark matter to maintain itself. I combined that thought with the fact that small amounts of dark matter were leaking out of that dimensional tear. So now I have created a large dimensional tear from one of the underworlds to drain the dark matter out of your dimension.

Zenos: Damn you, Sonzen!!!

*Zenos uses the staff to shoot a large combusting beam up at Sonzen*

*Sonzen tries to fly out of the way. He avoids the main beam but, like Miranda before him, the explosions coming off the beam damage him*

Zenos: I will destroy you!!

*Miranda takes the chance to dash towards Zenos and she prepares to slash the staff with her katana. She jumps for it and starts her slash but Zenos notices at the last second and raises his arm. His arm gets slashed with a lot of blood coming out. However, the blade of Miranda’s katana shatters in the process*

*A red ball of energy comes out of the katana*

Zenos: What is this?

*Miranda quickly grabs it*

Miranda: This is something important. I won’t let you have it.

*Miranda squeezes it in her hand and then it just vanishes*

*The dark matter continues to drain out of the dimension through the tear in the sky*

Sonzen: Your time is nearing its end. Once the dark matter is gone, there is nothing you can do.

*Zenos is extremely angered and frustrated*

Zenos: I’m going to kill you all and then make my way to the Dark Matter Underworld!!

*Zenos and Miranda start trying to rapidly punch each other. They each get their fair share of blows*

*The others are still watching but notice something*

Sasha: Wait, where did Zeth go?

Joe: He was here just a moment ago.

Zaydra: I didn’t even see him leave.

*Soon, Zenos slams Miranda down on the ground and then stomps on her. He starts charging up a magic attack*

Zenos: Once you’re dead, the others will fall quickly! I’m going to enjoy this!

*Suddenly, the staff on Zenos’s head is being punched by Zeth with a strong punch powered by magic*

*Zenos is shocked as the top half of the staff shatters. A white ball of energy comes out of it*

*Zeth confidently grins*

Zeth: Checkmate.

Zenos: I can’t believe I let my guard down that much!

*Thanks to the new distraction, Miranda escapes Zenos’s stomp and jumps up to grab the ball of energy*

Miranda: Sorry, but this one is also important so I won’t let you have it either.

*Miranda kicks Zenos back and then makes the ball of energy vanish*

Miranda: Thanks, Zeth. It was trouble trying to destroy that staff.

Zeth: No problem. I wanted to do something that could help.

Sonzen: Look out!!

*Miranda and Zeth look in the direction that Zenos was knocked back toward and see a strong blast of energy coming toward them*

*Miranda quickly pushes Zeth a good distance away from her as she takes the direct hit from the blast*

Zeth: No!!!

*The explosion clears. Miranda is still standing but she took a lot of damage*

*An angered Zenos is charging toward Miranda*

Zenos: Just die already!!

Miranda: I can’t hold onto my Soul Power for much longer…

*Her Soul Power starts to flicker*

*Sonzen charges up a magic beam in his mouth and then releases the orange beam at Zenos. The beam is a direct hit and explodes upon hitting Zenos*

Miranda: I can’t keep Soul Power any longer…

*Her Soul Power ends and she returns to normal*

*The smoke clears from Sonzen’s attack. Zenos received slight damage but is still in his hulking form*

Zenos: None of you can do anything to me!! I’m invincible!! No one outside of the Divine World could possibly beat me!!

Miranda: Without Soul Power, I can’t finish him when he is in that state.

Zeth: The dark matter is pretty much completely drained in this area. How can he maintain that form?

Miranda: Wait a moment. I don’t think he is maintaining it. Look.

*Parts of Zenos’s hulking body start to bubble. The dark matter starts to come off of him like gas which leads to his body returning to normal*

Zenos: No!!! That’s it! Rather than focusing on Miranda first, I’m just going to destroy all of you with one attack!!!

*Zenos launches high in the sky and starts to form a giant meteor*

Zenos: All of you will vanish!!!

*Miranda looks at the sky with a determined looked*

*Everyone else is becoming fearful*

*Zeth looks at Miranda*

Zeth: Do you have a plan?

Miranda: Yes. We can stop this meteor attack. But it will require everyone’s cooperation.

*Sonzen is still in the air and is charging another beam*

*Zenos looks annoyed at the attack as Sonzen releases it. Zenos uses his left arm to put out a Star Reflector and reflect the attack back at Sonzen*

*Sonzen tries to avoid it but is partially hit by it and flies down to the ground near Miranda and Zeth*

Miranda: We are going to need your help.

Sonzen: Wait, now that I get a good look at you… You are…!?

Miranda: Yes, I am the Deity of the Divide. I have a plan to stop the meteor and finish off Zenos for good.

Narrator: Zenos has been pushed to desperation! He plans to kill everyone with one attack! How does Miranda plan to stop Zenos and bring an end to his terror?

Chapter 486 END

To be Continued in Chapter 487: The Passage of Will