Chapter 488:

Chapter 488: The End of The End

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 488: The End of The End

Narrator: With Zenos defeated, everyone must pick up the pieces of all that was lost.

Zeth: (Narrating) With Zenos, Rayna, and Poleon all dead, the threat of dark matter ended. The dark matter was drained out of the areas covered with it.

*Kunasha, the altars, and the Palace of the God of Death are all places that do not have dark matter in them anymore*

*The God of Death sits on his throne with Mark standing before him*

Mark: I’m glad that’s over. After all, the matters we deal with are already dark.

*Mark laughs and the God of Death then chuckles*

God of Death: Oh Mark. No matter how serious things can get, you always bring the jokes.

Mark: What can I say, I have a real funny bone!

*Mark points at his bones and then laughs*

God of Death: You really are something. Never change, Mark, never change.


Narrator: Back in Zeth’s stepparents’ house.

*Jack is back to normal and gets off the floor. He scratches his head*

Jack: What happened?

Zeth: (Narrating) My stepdad returned to normal but many others were not as lucky. The dark matter incident not only left a huge dent in the population of Kunasha but also in the Eagle Clan as a whole. 37% of the city’s population was lost. Almost everyone lost at least one friend or family member. Mom felt so bad about what happened that she decided to go to them directly to offer her most sincere apologies.

*Harmona, Zothena, Zeth, Sasha, and some angels walk through the streets of Kunasha. Most of the people in the city gather for the occasion*

*Harmona and those with her face all of the people looking at them*

Harmona: People of Kunasha. I have come here to offer my official and sincerest apologies for what happened to your city and its people. Your losses hurt me but the pain I feel is nothing compared to the pain you feel. Every one of you must have questions about what happened. The official rules state that we shouldn’t get involved in mortal affairs…

*Harmona’s eyes start to tear up*

Harmona: …But this isn’t a mortal affair! This was done by a madman! A divine being who desired to bring dark matter everywhere! So I…

*Harmona gets on her knees and bows before the people looking at her*

Harmona: …So I ask for your forgiveness! It was a major failure on our part to not be able to prevent this!

*All of the people are amazed that the Light Goddess is bowing before them*

*Zothena, Zeth, and Sasha can only just stare with a sad expression*

Harmona: (Still bowing) I promise that we will help you rebuild Kunasha! We will also install a memorial wall with the names of all of the victims on it! We can’t replace those that were lost but we will honor them! They will not be forgotten!

*Harmona starts to hear applause. She looks up with a surprised look and sees all of the people clapping*

*A middle-aged man steps forward*

Man: We accept your apology and give you our forgiveness. I am the Eagle Clan president. You came here to deliver an apology yourself and even bowed before us. We would be stupid to hold some kind of grudge. You have shown why you are such a great Light Goddess. We accept any help you are willing to provide.

*Harmona and the others look relieved*

Zeth: Thank you for accepting it. It’s always nice to be reminded why I love this city and its people so much.

President: And you are still an official resident of this city, Zeth. Even if you aren’t here that often anymore.

*Zeth smiles*


Zeth: (Narrating) After that, I met with my stepdad to tell him everything.

Jack: I see. I always felt like there was something about Miranda that I didn’t know so it’s nice to get confirmation. I will definitely miss her but it’s nice to know she went out how she wanted to. Make her dream come true, Zeth. Make her proud.

Zeth: I definitely will. Now that she is gone, what will you do?

Jack: I will continue to live here. Don’t be a stranger. Even if it’s just me, make sure to stop by. You are always welcome here.

Zeth: Thanks, dad.


Zeth: (Narrating) The four that were under Rayna’s control were finally freed after her death. RAG returned to his home town, Flagron. Dom, Jane, and Sandy all went back to Shango Town. Kurt went with them to be with them longer before he had to return to Heaven. Easia also went with them.

*Easia looks at Kurt as if she wants to say something*

Kurt: I’ve been wondering why you came out this far? Is there something you wanted to tell me?

Easia: I still want to thank you for removing my cursed left arm all those years ago.

Kurt: You did thank me.

Easia: But I also want to pay you back.

Kurt: You don’t need to worry about that.

Easia: No, I must. I like you a lot. I would say I’ve even loved you since then.

*This information surprises Kurt*

Easia: I will make it up to you one day even if it kills me.


Zeth: (Narrating) Rayna’s daughter, Dayna, was detained in Heaven. She was highly resistant to telling us anything at first but she began to open up when we told her all of the details about what happened, including about her mother. We learned a lot more about the Crow Beak Divine Killers. Apparently, after Goma’s death, their forces began to condense rather than being spread out. She has no clue what they are doing or where they have gone in her absence. Mom is trying to decide if she should be released but that will be figured out at a later date. It definitely won’t happen until it’s confirmed that the Crow Beak Divine Killers organization is no more.


Zeth: (Narrating) The Dark Matter Clan has fulfilled their purpose but they have pledged their loyalty to assist Heaven in any conflict that they are needed in. Until then, their members have returned to their respective underworlds.


Zeth: (Narrating) Although mom knew about it since she was the one that granted permission to pass into the Dimension of Deities, many of us had learned that Zonbi had gone after the Deity of Undead and became the new Deity of Undead after killing him.

*Zonbi returns to the Undead Underworld and is greeted by her son, Sean (Author’s Note: Formerly known as the nameless one)*

Sean: Welcome back, mother. I like the new gemstone.

Zonbi: It sure looks nice on me. We will be ready to fight Hell.


Narrator: Back in Hell.

*In Hell, the members of the Council of Demons gather. Dakame is still recovering from her injuries by Zenos but she still leads the meeting*

Dakame: So the Deity of the Divide was real after all. It’s interesting that the passed down secret didn’t mention her. Even if I couldn’t take out Zenos, I’m glad it still worked out.

Hamura: In the end, they still needed our help. The meteor would have killed us all otherwise. I suppose maybe you would still be pleased since Harmona would be among the dead.

Dakame: No, it’s fine. I would rather that we take her and her forces out ourselves. Though, with the injuries I received from fighting Zenos, it will be awhile before we can carry out our war against Heaven. I hope they enjoy the time off because the clock is still ticking.

Narrator: And with that, the Deity of The End Arc and the Dark Matter Chronicles in general have come to an end! Is the final war with Hell coming soon?

Chapter 488 END

To be Continued in Chapter 489: Mystery of the Storm Lord


Arc Completed: April 8th, 2018